Account Planning

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Some thoughts about planning. Lecture made to first year college students.

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Account Planning

  2. 2. 1964 – Stephen King – Target Plan Stephen King created the new area in JWT London combining research with insights for creative teams. 1968 – Stanley Pollit – Voice of Consumers Stanley Pollit developed the planning department in BMP believing that consumer’s voice should have a central role in advertising. A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY
  3. 3. Russell Davies “Is to think before do.” Richard Huntington “Make advertising work – not more or less than that.” John Robson “Give an incisive, straight and pure vision of the brand.” Janet Grimes “Planners have a critic sense to understand the difference between stimulus and response, and knows which stimulus is needed to provoke the desired answer.” John Griffiths “Planning has a function that aggregates value to the team work.” WHAT IS PLANNING? In the vision of planners
  5. 5. What is the most precious gift of an ad agency ?
  6. 6. idea
  7. 7. And what is the role of planning in the middle of all process ?
  8. 8. To get to the best IDEA posible
  9. 9. idea Strategic Conceptual Aligned with the brand Relevant for consumers Fundamented Precise
  10. 10. Pra quem? What? Who? How? When?
  11. 11. How to do that? PEOPLE’S KNOWLEDGE: target knowledge, research analysis, relationship with colleagues from diverse departments and mindsets. STRATEGY AND CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: analysis, study and think in all businness factors of influence to suggest the best strategic path. CREATIVITY: identification of insights, idea discussions, creative lines, make ideas grow. VERSATILIDADE: different capabilities and mindsets. KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS IDEAS AND VISIONS OF THE WORLD.
  12. 12. Strategy People Market Intuition Research References Trends
  13. 13. A planner should be...
  14. 14. Strategic? Rational? Logic? Objective? Creative? Intuitive? Free? Subjective?
  15. 15. Strategic! Rational! Logic! Objective! Creative! Intuitive! Free! Subjective!
  16. 16. ACCOUNT PLANNING Planners should be octopus. A planning department should be made of octopus. Each one with diverse characteristics and expertises. Each job will demand the use and dig deeper and some of these characteristics and expertises.
  17. 17. Websites and books for inspiration: APPRECIATE WITH MODERATION: “Lot of people in advertising consume as information more advertising than real life. Doing that they naturally put more advertising than real life in their projects. Washington Olivetto
  18. 18. Thanks for your time.