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  • AutoCAD messaging theme: Take Design FurtherThere are four primary “messaging pillars” (or components) to the product-level message:DocumentCommunicateExploreCustomize
  • Exploring ideas – often called conceptual design – has traditionally been difficult to do in digital form. But with the 2012 release of AutoCAD, you have access to intuitive tools to explore and evolve design ideas. By simply pushing/pulling faces, molding and sculpting models, you can now create almost any shape imaginable quickly and easily.Free-form DesignYou now have the power to design ideas in any form you can imagine. Simply push/ pull faces, edges, and vertices to model complex shapes, add smooth surfaces, and much more. Solid and Surface Modeling Shape your ideas in 3D just like you have in 2D. With an easy-to-learn environment for creating both solids and surfaces, you can now create and edit 3D shapes with the familiarity of 2D tools.Point Cloud SupportBring your 3D scans to life, streamlining time-consuming renovation & restoration projects . Supporting up to 2 billion points, you can quickly visualize and snap to the surface of your scanned objects directly within your modeling workspace.Autodesk Inventor FusionAdds to the 3D conceptual design capabilities of AutoCAD and sets a new standard for professional 3D modeling ease of use.  It enables you to flexibly edit and validate models from almost any source, helping you further experience the benefits of easy-to-use 3D in the native DWG format. Autodesk Inventor Fusion is delivered on the disk with AutoCAD 2012.VisualizationVisualize your ideas like never before. Choose from over 300 materials, apply photometric lighting, and control the display to create highly accurate, photo-realistic rendered images.  3D NavigationWalk or fly through a model with the click of a button. Quickly rotate and orient any solid or surface model with the Autodesk ViewCube or pan, center, and zoom on any object with the AutodeskSteeringWheels.
  • Documentation will always be a critical component of our customer design workflows. AutoCAD has been leading the way over the past 26 years, bringing new drafting and documentation tools to users. The documentation capabilities in AutoCAD helpyou to create your designs more intuitively, more efficiently, and faster than ever before.When we talk about documentation, some of the key features we focus on are:<just focus on a few of these> Parametric DrawingDramatically s Slash your design revision time with parametric drawing. By defining persistent relationships between objects, parallel lines remain parallel and concentric circles remain centered, all automatically. Sheet SetsOrganization isn’t a luxury. The AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager helps organizes your drawing sheets, reduces steps to publish, automatically creates layout views, links sheet set information into title blocks and plot stamps, and performs tasks across a sheet set so everything is in one convenient place.  Annotation ScalingSpend less time creating and managing multiple items across multiple layers. With annotation scaling tools, you can create a single annotative-type object that automatically resizes to reflect the current viewport or model-space scale.  Text EditingNow you can easily manipulate text more easily by viewing, sizing, and positioning text as you type. Adjust the text’s appearance as needed using familiar tools common in text-editing applications, including paragraph and column tools to achieve professional-quality formatting.  Multiple Leaders With multileader tools, creating and editing leaders iscan be a breeze. Define multileader styles to ensure consistency across leaders, add multiple leader lines to a single leader object, and even include bubbles or blocks as leader content. TablesIncrease your productivity by automating the tedious task of creating and maintaining tables. You can define table styles to easily apply consistent table formatting including fonts, colors, borders, and much more.  Data ExtractionQuickly and easily e Extract property data from objects in drawings (including blocks and attributes) and drawing information more quickly and easily with the Data Extraction wizard. The extracted data can then be automatically output to a table or an external file. Data LinkingEasily Link Excel data to your AutoCAD designs for consistency and efficiency. Data links can be updated in both directions, eliminating the need to update tables or external spreadsheets independently. All linked information can easily be kept current and in sync automatically. Dynamic BlocksSave time and standardize drawings with ease. With Dynamic Blocks, you no longer have to redraw repetitive standard components, and you can reduce your cumbersome block libraries in the process. Dynamic Blocks make individual block geometry editable and eliminate the need to define a new block for every variation of shape and size.   Layer Management Create and edit layer properties faster, and reduce errors at the same time. With the Layer Dialog box, changes are instantly reflected in the drawing as they are made in the dialog.  Prompts and EditingFocus on the design, not the tools. Dynamic Input displays a command line type of prompt right at the cursor so you can launch commands, view dimensions, and enter values without even having to look at the command line. With t The Quick Properties menu helps you can dramatically save time by viewing and modifying relevant object properties right at your cursor. Efficient User InterfaceWorking with several files doesn’t have to be painful anymore. The Quick View feature uses thumbnails in addition to file names, so you can visually find and open the correct drawing file and layout even faster than before. Within the Menu Browser you can also quickly browse files, examine thumbnail images, and get detailed information about file size and file creator.
  • Every good design workflow requires clear, accurate communication with clients, partners, colleagues, and suppliers. With AutoCAD, our customers are able to securely, efficiently, and accurately share their critical design information. With native support for the DWG format, AutoCAD speaks the language our users speak.But in addition to DWG, there are other critical aspects of communication:AutoCAD WSWith access direct from the AutoCAD 2012 ribbon interface, AutoCAD WS allows you to stay connected to your designs over the web or from your mobile device.PDF IntegrationSharing and reusing designs has never been easier thanks to a long list of upgrades made in the name of streamlined communication. Publish PDF files directly from AutoCAD drawings and attach and snap to PDF files as underlays.  Autodesk Design ReviewWith built-in tools to publish and import DWF files within AutoCAD, collaborating on projects is more seamless than ever. Autodesk® Design Review software is the free, integrated, digital solution for clients or vendors to view, print, and mark up designs without needing the original software.  Autodesk Impression 3 (Available to subscription customers only)Supercharge your design presentations with a hand-drawn look. Autodesk Impression lets you create compelling presentation-ready graphics directly from your DWG and DWF files.  Photo-realistic RenderingWith the latest in rendering technology, you can create stunning models in less time. Capabilities include a slider control that graphically displays the trade-off between time and rendering quality. 3D PrintingDo more than just visualize your designs—make them real. Whatever you’re designing can now sit in the palm of your hand with your 3D printer or through a connected service provider.  
  • Make AutoCAD work for you in ways you never thought possible. Extend the software, add on applications to meet your unique needs. Programming InterfaceTake advantage of our flexible development platform to boost your productivity. With direct access to database structures, the graphics system, and native command definitions, you can specialize design and drafting applications to perfectly fit your needs.  Action RecorderSave time and increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks without requiring the assistance of a CAD manager. Now you can record tasks, add text messages, and request user input, then quickly select and play back recorded macros. Autodesk Partner Products and ServicesGet the most out of thousands of Autodesk’s software partners from around the world. These partners can further enhance your software with a broad range of fully integrated and interoperable solutions no matter what you’re designing. Autodesk Developer NetworkIf you’re creating innovative software built on AutoCAD, you’ll want to join the Autodesk® Developer Network. Training and support help you integrate your software or plug-in with your workflow with the latest AutoCAD release. User InterfacePump up overall drafting productivity with the enhanced user interface. The user interface is customizable and expandable so that it can be optimized for each user and can meet each company’s standards.  
  • AutoCAD, one of the world’s leading design and professional drafting platforms, extends the power of Building Information Modeling –helping you to fully leverage your investment in Autodesk software. Integrated with almost all Autodesk AEC software, AutoCAD helps designers easily explore conceptual design ideas, and accurately document & share insights gained from your BIM process.   Explore: AutoCAD delivers powerful new free-form 3D design functionality in a familiar CAD environment that can easily be shared with Autodesk Revit-based products for BIM workflows. Civil engineers often start their conceptual designs in 2D – AutoCAD software’s 2D tools and integration with AutoCAD Civil 3D software support this workflowDocument: AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT help you document designs intuitively and efficiently.  As one of the world’s most popular drafting platform, AutoCAD helpsyou to take full advantage of the skills and expertise of the 2D drafting team.  And because of AutoCAD software’s interoperability with Revit-based products and AutoCAD Civil 3D software, greater fidelity can be achieved throughout the documentation process.Communicate: With native DWG support, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT help enable seamless communication and collaboration with clients, partners, and suppliers that rely on DWG data.
  • Autodesk® Subscription allows customers to extend the value of their software investment with access to the latest releases and web services that can help improve design workflows. Additional benefits that enhance productivity include expedited technical support and flexible licensing options.New web services help customers compete more effectively by using the power of cloud computing technology for design analysis and optimization. Flexible licensing enables design teams to allocate and distribute previous and current versions of software releases across multiple territories or for home use. Technical support responses delivered by Autodesk resources provide a high-quality service experience.
  • Auto cad 2012 sales

    1. 1. AutoCAD® 2012<br />Leve o Design MaisLonge<br />Paulo Russel<br />TécnicoEspecialista<br />Grapho – Caxias do sul<br />
    2. 2. AutoCAD EntregaInovaçãoContínua<br />2010<br />2008<br />2009<br />2011<br />2012<br />2007<br />3D Básico<br />- Modelagem<br />- Criação de Superfícies<br />Produtividade<br />- Escalonamento de Anotações<br />- MúltiplosLeaders<br />Design 3D<br />- Design porFormas<br />Livres<br />- DesenhoParamétrico<br />Usabilidade<br />- Interface Atualizada<br />- Ferramentas de Navegação 3D<br />Design Conceitual<br />- Modelagem de Superfícies<br />- Documentation Productivity<br />Design & Documentação<br />- Documentação do Modelo<br />- Array Associativo<br />
    3. 3. AutoCAD: Leve o Design MaisLonge<br />Para as pessoasquedão forma a todas as coisas à nossavolta, AutoCAD®fornece o poder e a flexibilidadeparalevar a documentação e o design maislonges.<br />Comunique<br />Com o AutoCAD, comunicação é umaoperaçãosemproblemas.<br />Explore<br />AutoCAD dá a você o poder de explorarsuasidéias de praticamentequalquer forma imaginável.<br />Documente<br />Acelere o tempo de conclusão com ferramentas de documentação e detalhamentoreconhecidasmundialmente.<br />Personalize<br />Personalize e configure o AutoCAD comovocênuncapensouserpossível.<br />
    4. 4. Explore suasIdéias de Design<br />Explore suasidéias de design tantoem 2D comoem 3D, e transformeseusconceitosemrealidade.<br /> <br />ComponentesPrincipais<br /><ul><li>Design porformaslivres
    5. 5. Modelagem de malhas
    6. 6. Modelagem de sólidos
    7. 7. Modelagem de superfícies
    8. 8. Suporte a nuvem de pontos
    9. 9. Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion
    10. 10. Visualização
    11. 11. Navegação 3D</li></li></ul><li>Acelere a Documentação<br />Movaprojetos do conceito à conclusão.<br />ComponentesPrincipais<br /><ul><li>Ferramentas de desenhoparamétrico
    12. 12. Array associativo
    13. 13. Conjunto de folhas de desenho
    14. 14. Blocosdinâmicos
    15. 15. Anotações
    16. 16. Gerenciamento de layers
    17. 17. Extração de dados
    18. 18. Edição de texto
    19. 19. Tabelas
    20. 20. Linking de dados</li></li></ul><li>O Melhor da Comunicação<br />Comuniquesemproblemas com o uso de um dos formatos de dados de design maispopulares do mundo.<br />ComponentesPrincipais<br /><ul><li>Suportenativoao DWGTM
    21. 21. Suportepara o AutoCAD® WS
    22. 22. DWFTM/Autodesk® Design Review
    23. 23. Integração com PDF
    24. 24. Impressão 3D
    25. 25. Autodesk®Impression*
    26. 26. Renderização/materiaisfotorealistas</li></ul>*Disponívelapenasparaclientes com Autodesk® Subscription<br />
    27. 27. Personalize Como VocêNuncaPensouSerPossível<br />Configure ouestenda o software paraquesuasnecessidadesúnicassejamantendidas.<br />ComponentesPrincipais<br /><ul><li>Ferramentas de migraçãomelhoradas
    28. 28. Action Recorder
    29. 29. APIs
    30. 30. Interface melhorada
    31. 31. Developer network
    32. 32. Parceriaprodutos/serviços</li></li></ul><li>AutoCAD 2012<br />NovasCapacidades<br />
    33. 33. AutoCAD 2012: Design e Documentação<br />Exploresuasidéiasmaiscompletamente com ferramentas de superfícies, malhas e modelagem de sólidos. <br />Criedesenhos de umavariedade de aplicações de design maisrapidamente com as ferramentas de documentação de modelos.<br />Capture e importeinformaçõescomoforamfeitasparaacelerarseuprocesso de design.<br />
    34. 34. AutoCAD 2012: NovasFerramentas<br />Ferramentas de documentação de modelos<br />Array associativoemcaminho<br />Ferramentaparacopiar array<br />Ferramenta de harmonização<br />Delete objetosduplicados<br />Melhorias no MLeader<br />Grips multifuncionais<br />Controles do viewport natela<br />Ferramentas de migraçãosimplificadas<br />Modelagem de superfícies<br />Suporte a nuvem de pontos<br />Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion<br />Array associativo 3D<br />AutoCAD® WS<br />Conversão DWG®<br />MelhoriasnaLinha de Comandos<br />Autodesk® Content ExplorerTM<br />Autodesk® Exchange<br />para o AutoCAD®<br />
    35. 35. Veja a DiferençaExplorandoIdéias de Design em 3D<br />ANTES<br />Funcionalidade 3D limitada, difícil e demorada<br />Muitosperfisrequeridosparadefinirformascriativas e fluidas<br />Mudar o design requeriaque o modelo 3D fosse apagado e recriado com osperfisatualizados<br />AGORA<br />Designs 3D conceituaismaisfáceis de criar e editar, esculpindodigitalmentesuasidéiaspormeio de ferramentas de modelagem de malhas, superfícies e sólidos<br />Ferramentas de modelagem 3D intuitivas—se vocêpodecriar designs em 2D, vocêpodeem 3D<br />O novo Autodesk Inventor Fusion ajudavocê a editar e validarmodelosvindos de muitasfontes.<br />
    36. 36. Veja a DiferençaDocumentando e Comunicando Designs<br />ANTES<br />Algumastarefasrequeriamsoluçõescomplicadas e demoradas<br />Revisões de Design frequentementerequeriamapagar e recriargeometrias<br />Nãohaviamodofácil de se utiliza o formato PDF<br />AGORA<br />Diversasnovasferramentas de produtividadereduzem o tempo gasto com desenho, detalhamento e revisão de design<br />Ferramentas de desenhoparamétricoautomaticamentedefinemrelaçõespersistentes entre objetos<br />Funcionalidade de array associativoestendidaparapermitir a criação de arrays de objetosseguindocaminhos<br />Melhoriasnapublicação e importação de arquivos PDF ajudamvocê a se comunicarclaramente com clientes<br />
    37. 37. CUSTOMER<br />IDEATION<br />MFG<br />AutoCAD: Estendendo o Poder da Prototipagem Digital<br />Documente e compartilheidéias de Prototipagem Digital com maisprecisão<br />Integrado com quasetodosossoftwares MFG da Autodesk<br />Documente<br />Com o AutoCADvocêpodeusartodas as vantagens das habilidades e experiência do time de desenho 2D. Novasferramentasgeramdocumentaçãointeligenteparamodelos do Autodesk® Inventor® (e outros) maisrapidamente.<br />Comunique<br />Comunique-se claramente com seusclientes, parceiros e fornecedoresquedependem de dadosDWG.<br />
    38. 38. AutoCAD: Estendendo o Poder do BIM<br />Explore idéias de designs conceituaisem 2D e 3D<br />Documente e compartilheInformações de Modelagem de Prédios(BIM) com maisprecisão<br />Integrado com quasetodosossoftwares AEC da Autodesk<br />Explore<br />AutoCAD entregapoderosafuncionalidadepara design conceitual 3D, permitindoquevocê explore suasidéias antes de compartilhá-las com produtosabseados no Autodesk® Revit®.<br />Documente<br />Com o AutoCAD, vocêpodeusartoda a vantagem das habilidades e experiência do time de desenho 2D.  <br />Comunique<br />Comunique-se claramente com seusclientes, parceiros e fornecedoresquedependem de dadosDWG.<br />
    39. 39. ClienteemDestaque: Tait TowersAutoCAD AuxilianaCriação da Magia do Concerto<br />“Trabalharem 3D com o AutoCAD e o 3ds Max Design nospermitiufazermaisemmenos tempo. Ajudou-nos a transformaridéiasvisionáriasempalcos de concerto quesupreendem o público.”<br />Benefícios com o AutoCAD e o Autodesk 3ds Max Design:<br /><ul><li>Criação de rederizaçõesrealistassemproblemas
    40. 40. Aceleração de revisões de design em 50 por cento
    41. 41. Coordenação de grande times de projeto</li></li></ul><li>AutoCAD e AutoCAD LTComparação dos Produtos<br />
    42. 42. AutoCAD: Otimizaçãopara o Windows 7<br />Otimizaçõesutilizamnovasfuncionalidades do Windows® 7.<br />Requisitos de<br />LivroBranco de alto níveldisponí<br />
    43. 43. Autodesk SubscriptionDescubra a Vantagem da Subscription<br />Autodesk® Subscription permiteaosclientesestender o valor de seusinvestimentosem software com acessoaosúltimoslançamentos, poderososserviços web e rápidosuportetécnico.<br />
    44. 44. Benefícios da Subscription para o AutoCAD <br />Sua taxa anualprovê:<br />Autodesk® Impression—Ganhelicençasgratuitasparausar o Autodesk Impression, queajudavocê a criarapresentaçõesconvincentesdireto de seusarquivos CAD.<br />Pacotes de bônus e atualizações—Acesseatualizações e pacotes de bônuslançadospara o AutoCAD durante o prazo da Subscription pormeio de download.<br />Termos de licençaexclusivos—Consigatermos de licençaflexíveis, comouso de versõesanteriores e o usopessoal do AutoCAD. <br />Treinamento—Acesserecursos de aprendizadopara o AutoCAD incluindocursos e-Learning interativos de passo-a-passo com exercícios hands-on e ferramentas de avaliação de conhecimentos. <br />Suportetécnico—Ganhecomunicaçãodireta e individual com especialistas de suporteem AutoCAD via web. <br />
    45. 45. PróximosPassos<br /><ul><li>Para maisinformaçõessobre o AutoCAD 2012,
    46. 46. Para baixar um versão de avaliação de 30 dias do AutoCAD,
    47. 47. Para maisinformaçõessobre a otimização do seuinvestimento AutoCAD,</li></li></ul><li>Autodesk, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, DWF, DWG, Inventor e Revit sãomarcasregistradasoumarcas da Autodesk, Inc., e/ousuassubsidiárias e/ouafiliadasnos EUA e/ou outros países. Todosos outros nomes de empresas, produtosoumarcaspertencemaosseusrespectivosproprietários.A Autodesk se reservaaodireito de alteraroferecimentos de produtos e serviços, especificações e preços a qualquermomentosemavisoprévio, e não se responsabilizaporerrostipográficos, gráficosou outros quepodemestarpresentesnestedocumento.<br />© 2011 Autodesk, Inc. Todososdireitosreservados.<br />