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  • Innovate Ahead of the Curve Create the innovative designs consumers want—faster than your competition. Autodesk® Alias® software powers your creative design process with advanced sketching, modeling, and visualization tools that help you bring your ideas to reality in less time.Unleash Creativity Combine creativity and craftsmanship to capture inspirational ideas and forms using the powerful tools in Autodesk Alias software. By addressing the unique creative requirements of the industrial design workflow, Alias software enables designers to rapidly iterate concepts and develop inspiring, ergonomic shapes that also meet your functional requirements.Perfect Your Designs Style, form, and function all influence a consumer’s choice of products. Alias helps you sculpt 3D models to achieve the perfect union of aesthetics and engineering. With industry-leading curve-based and direct modeling tools in a single software environment, Alias offers the tools you need to sculpt 3D models, refine winning details, and create high-quality production surfaces with speed and control.Communicate Your Vision Tell the story of your products and help team members and customers understand your design intent. With real-time 3D visualization tools and reliable data exchange with engineering CAD software, Alias software helps design and engineering teams collaborate effectively. Communicate concepts and validate Class-A surface data, so engineering teams don’t need to recreate your designs. The visualization and data exchange tools in Alias software help you maintain design integrity throughout the product development process, so design review decisions can be made quickly and projects can progress smoothly.Specialized Design Tools Alias software offers a full set of industrial design capabilities to meet your requirements for:Concept exploration Design modelingPrecision surfacingReverse-engineeringVisualization and communicationCollaboration and interoperability
  •  Purpose-built for industrial designers and creative professionals, digital modelers, and automotive/transportation designers, the Autodesk® Alias® product line ― Autodesk® Alias® Sketch, Autodesk® Alias® Design, Autodesk® Alias® Surface and Autodesk® Alias® Automotive ―provides a complete set of tools for the creative design process. The scalable product line provides industry-leading surfacing capabilities supported by best-in-class sketching, modeling and visualization tools that let you capture and communicate design intent. Part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, the Alias product line enable designers to capture their ideas digitally and then share them with engineering teams, ensuring that designs address both aesthetic and functional requirements. Innovate ahead of the curve with Autodesk Alias software.
  • Autodesk Alias Design Autodesk® Alias® Design, part of the Autodesk® solution for Digital Prototyping, is 3D product design software for industrial designers who control the entire creative process, from ideation to the final surfaces that are passed to engineering. Designers can create production-quality geometry and easily share it with engineering CAD applications, enabling collaborative product development. Alias® Design provides industry-leading sketching, modeling, and visualization tools that help you create the innovative designs consumers want— faster than your competition.
  • Autodesk Alias SurfaceAutodesk® Alias® Surface software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, offers a full set of dynamic 3D modeling capabilities that enable virtual modelers to evolve concept models into high-quality production surfaces for consumer product design and Class-A surfaces for automotive design and styling. Alias Surface software enables designers to efficiently handle large amounts of scan data and create such high-quality surfaces that engineering teams don’t need to recreate them.
  • Autodesk Alias AutomotiveAutodesk® Alias® Automotive software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, is an industry-leading application for automotive design and styling. The choice of leading automotive styling studios throughout the world, Alias Automotive software provides a comprehensive set of modeling, visualization, and analysis tools for the entire car design process, from concept sketches through Class-A surfacing. With an advanced workflow, the software helps automotive companies produce design iterations quickly, reduce rework and bring cars to market faster.
  • Ease of useEnhancements in Autodesk Alias 2012 software make it easier than ever to create accurate models with the Class A surfaces your designs demand. In addition to improved concept modeling tools, Alias 2012 software offers multiple improvements to fine-tuning processes that are key to technical surfacing and automotive design, such as aligning surfaces, CV modification, and fillet creation.ProductivityAutodesk Alias 2012 software offers numerous ease-of-use enhancements for the quick iteration of multiple design variations. Tools for fast draft surface creation, easy edge selection and trimming, and easier organization of large and complex models have significantly reduced the number of picks and clicks required in these everyday workflows.Interoperability
  • Industrial Design work is with freeform surfacing components as well as with detailing components that are done in a solid modeling package. The combination of both can be experienced using Alias Design for Fusion.This combination is an substantial answer to the use of SolidWorks in Industrial Design.Industrial designers create products to be manufactured. But the designer’s original intent can easily get lost in translation. Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2012 software bridges concept design and manufacturing, helping to preserve your design integrity. With improved sharing of your design data, Inventor® Fusion* expands the capabilities of Autodesk® Alias® software, making it easy to validate, repair, and get your models CAD-ready for engineering.  The powerful data exchange capabilities of Inventor Fusion enable you to open .wire files directly from Alias software. Within Inventor Fusion you can quickly “stitch” together all your surfaces into a solid body with one simple command. Validating the integrity of your surfaces is practically automatic. If any surface is not within your tolerance range, Inventor Fusion will alert you. With your surfaces converted into solids, creating additional design details and parts is fast and intuitive. The solid modeling tools in Fusion employ the principle of direct manipulation. With the direct input and dynamic marking menus, it’s easy to add fillets, create shells, and split the body of your model into functional components. Assigning textures and materials to the components is also simple. And you can easily bring your CAD-ready model back into Alias to visualize your product in context with realistic lighting and shading. Inventor Fusion helps to maintain your design intent throughout the manufacturing process. So the product on the store shelf is exactly the product you envisioned.
  • Snapping of extension handles
  • The Goal was to reduce steps. Trimming of objects like front grills or vents can be a very time consuming work. Here an workflow improvement that saves a few clicks is essential.This improvement was on many customer requirement lists.Another significant boost to your everyday productivity is made possible by the newly improved methods for selecting trimming edges. Previously, you would have had to select each edge individually. Now, you can select all of these edges in one operation. This can be a major timesaver when you need to trim a lot of surfaces on a complex object. “I do love the selection box for trimming multiple surfaces/regions” - David Nikel , Hyndai USA
  • The Object Lister is the core tool for data management in Alias. We worked on Consolidating data organization functions, reduce dependency on horizontal layer bar.Improvements to the Object Lister tool in Alias 2012 help you to work more efficiently without the endless scrolling and clicking previously required when organizing large projects. Visual enhancements to the display make it easier to find and identify objects and layers properties. The Object Lister window can now be embedded in the side bar, freeing up your work area while still granting quick and easy access to the tool. Add, delete, and move objects in your layers faster than ever before. With drag-and-drop functionality, layer organization is fast and easy – even when working on large, complex designs. These enhancements also allow you to smoothly cycle through multiple design variations without interruption, which is especially helpful for reviews and presentations.
  • Users can do a design review with evaluation tools and the realistic environment without leaving Alias.Tell the story of your product design in context with real time, interactive 3D product visualizations. Autodesk Alias 2012 software features new geometric environments with built-in high dynamic range image-based lighting and reflections, making it easier than ever to create stunning product visualizations in realistic settings. Simply drag one of the new geometric environments onto an existing shader, and immediately a 360 degree scene appears around your model, giving you complete freedom to view your design from any angle in context. A simple interface allows you to adjust the scale and rotation of the scene, as well as the placement of your model in the scene. You can even automatically snap your model to the ground plane of the environment for fast scene setup.Notice that the surrounding environment is automatically reflected in the body and windshield of the car. Each of the included geometric environments comes with a matching HDR image that generates the lighting and reflections. This makes setup and rendering fast and easy. Because the lighting, reflections and shadows are separate from the background image, and fully customizable, you retain complete control of your scene.Four new geometric environments and associated HDR lighting imagery have been provided in Alias 2012. But it’s also easy to create your own environments. The multi-lister tool makes it easy to adjust scene properties, and the background and lighting images can be made directly from your own jpg, tif, or png image files. With Alias 2012 you can now view your model in the context that best suits your design.
  • Built to enhance the creative process, Autodesk SketchBook Designer 2012 is powerful software for design professionals and illustrators of all levels. Offering a new approach to digital illustration, SketchBook Designer boasts a unique hybrid paint and vector platform that Alias customers can use to quickly transform ideas into compelling designs. With powerful tools for exploring shape variations, symmetric design, color variations, and compositions, SketchBook Designer offers maximum creative freedom. It includes an advanced illustration toolset geared for tasks from freehand sketches and tight technical linework to compositing images for graphic communication.The hybrid paint and vector workflow offers designers a high degree of both control and flexibility. The paint tools give you the freedom to quickly capture your design concepts while the underlying vectors help you to edit your curves with precision and control. But the life of your concept sketch doesn’t have to end in 2D. Using real DWG format, you can export vector artwork from SketchBook Designer 2012 and bring it into Alias software as curve data. With Alias 2012 software, you now have the power to transform your 2D concept sketches directly into 3D product designs.*Autodesk® SketchBook® Designer 2012 is included with a license of Autodesk® Alias® Design 2012 and Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012 software.
  • This integration lets Autodesk offer a digital prototyping solution using two of Autodesk software components.Alias user know can use the advanced software rendering capabilities in 3D S Max and as initially planned, their polygon modeling capabilities.
  • Everyone who wants to establish a collaborative workflow between Alias and Photoshop and be able to import and save Photoshop layers within an Alias wire file will profit from this enhancement.
  • The Revolve surface tool in Alias 2012 now allows for complete control over the surface structure, making it possible to achieve A Class quality quickly. You can now create and use vectors, giving you a higher level of control over surfaces. An improved construction history makes it easy to switch between axis choices – this is especially useful when building 3D geometry to match an underlying concept sketch. Finally, the ability to chain select and box select significantly speeds up the modeling workflow in Alias 2012. Control Window with interactive modification of options Vectors as axis input with history updateCreate vector from current manipulator to provide repeatabilityLocal and globalGeometry options for periodic and non-periodicControl for number of segments with continuity check – no need to break surface at spansAutomatic grouping of output – easier editing of multiple revolve sectionsUndo for modifying inputsHistory when opening in 2011
  • Support Rotate, Scale, NonPropScale, Move Pivot and PropMod toolsCV modification is the basic tool to create organic shapes in freeform NURBS modeling. A professional user needs those tools a thousand times a day.In v2012 the Alias team re-designed that workflow using the proved hot spot technology. With this a significant time saving will be possible.The hotspots now offer in one hotspot tools that where in previous version available in three different locations.Alias 2012 makes fundamental improvements to the technical surfacing process with dramatically easier to use, easier to learn modeling tools. Direct modification of Control Vertices offers an uninterrupted workflow, that not only helps to accelerate design, but also fosters greater creativity. With context-sensitive CV modification, you control the operation right at the point where you are affecting the geometry. With fewer distracting dialog boxes and less mouse travel, you can enjoy a faster, more intuitive design experience. And with proportional weighting of your CV modifications, you’ll master complex designs with speed and precision.
  • Undo, Next, Selection from within toolOptional Flange IntersectionG0 Corner conditionsSelection mask (for Curve, COS, Isoparm, trimmed edge)History when opening in 2011You can also use drag box selection to grab multiple edges and quickly create draft surfaces across your entire selection set. With a few simple clicks, you can change draft directions, vary the length, and even switch between modes without having to start over. In addition to saving you time, these enhancements can even help you to rapidly generate multiple design iterations and freely experiment with your design styling.
  • New tool for symmetrical filletMaintain consistent fillet shape with Tangent Offset/Center Radius/Form Factor
  • With this enhancements we provide flexibility for geometry output and repeatability for axis definition. Align is the “Ubertool” in Technical surfacing. This tool must be the best in the world.
  • The goal was to provide improved feedback, and to allow a planarization of multiple hulls across patches. Surface models often have many patches – the need to model each individually is the basic weakness of NURBS modeling. Alias 2012 offers more NURBS tools for working across multiple surfaces.When developing technical surfaces of Class A quality, it is necessary to avoid zig-zags between control points. In the past, creating planarized hulls was a time consuming and difficult task. Alias 2012 software maximizes your ability to control the flow of hull lines and fine-tune your surfaces… you can even work on the flow of hulls across multiple surfaces. With the maximum deviation and the original hull line geometry displayed directly on the model, it’s easier than ever to clearly understand the outcome of your changes. So you’ll be able to make better design decisions faster.
  • Life-cycle Assessment on WikiHelp Information on life-cycle assessment methodologies and techniques, accessed from a “Sustainable Design” tab in AliasStrategic partner, Sustainable Minds is providing content on sustainable design to enrich the ideation process for the industrial designers that use Alias Speaker Notes: Industrial designers are increasingly concerned about the environmental footprint of the products they create, and often think about sustainability as they are ideating about how to solve a customer need most sustainably. For example, they are determining not what kind of plastic they will use in the vacuum cleaner handle—they are determining whether to design a broom, a cleaning service, or a vacuum cleaner. At this crucial time in the design process, information about life-cycle assessment techniques and a link to a free trial of a screening level life-cycle assessment tool is a great first step at addressing this user group’s need for sustainable design information.
  • Ease of useEnhancements in Autodesk Alias 2012 software make it easier than ever to create accurate models with the Class A surfaces your designs demand. In addition to improved concept modeling tools, Alias 2012 software offers multiple improvements to fine-tuning processes that are key to technical surfacing and automotive design, such as aligning surfaces, CV modification, and fillet creation.ProductivityAutodesk Alias 2012 software offers numerous ease-of-use enhancements for the quick iteration of multiple design variations. Tools for fast draft surface creation, easy edge selection and trimming, and easier organization of large and complex models have significantly reduced the number of picks and clicks required in these everyday workflows.Interoperability
  • Alias 2012 sales

    1. 1. Autodesk AliasSucessoMovidopelo Design<br />Paulo Russel<br />TécnicoEspecialista<br />Imagem de cortesia da AutoHorizons Foundation and Delineate <br />
    2. 2. Autodesk Alias 2012<br />SucessoMovidopelo Design<br />
    3. 3. Inovação à Frente da Curva<br />Autodesk® Alias®move seuprocesso de design industrial com as melhoresferramentasnacategoriaparaesboçar, modelar e visualizar. Ferramentasqueajudarãovocê a criar design inovadores — antes da concorrência. <br />Aliasentrega um conjuntocompleto de ferramentaspara:<br /><ul><li>Exploração de conceito
    4. 4. Modelagem de Design
    5. 5. Superfíciesprecisas
    6. 6. Engenhariareversa
    7. 7. Visualizaçãoavançada
    8. 8. Colaboração com a engenharia</li></li></ul><li>Desafios do Design Industrial<br />
    9. 9. Fluxo de Trabalho do AliasConceitoaoProduto – Antes da Concorrência<br />Concepção<br />Desenvolvimento do Conceito<br />Refinamento<br />Visualização& Comunicação<br />
    10. 10. DesafioInovandoConsistentemente<br />“Hámuitacompetiçãonaindústria de tacos de golfe com o aumentonavelocidade de introdução de novosprodutos. Design se tornou a chavepara a vantagemcompetitivae nosso time de especialistasutilizando o Alias estãonosajudando a manter a liderança.”<br />Alan Hocknell <br />VP Innovation and Advanced Design<br />Callaway Golf <br />Callaway Golf<br />EstadosUnidos<br />Desafio<br />Vencer a competiçãopormeio do desenvolvimentorápido de designs inovadoresparaprodutos.<br />
    11. 11. Fluxo de Trabalho do AliasInovandoConsistentemente<br />Concepção<br />Desenvolvimento do Conceito<br />Refinamento<br />Visualização & Comunicação<br />
    12. 12. ConcepçãoExploração do Conceito<br />Explore soluçõesinovadorasparaosdesafios no seu design<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br />Testeidéias<br />Rapidamenteiteremúltiplassoluções<br />Mais designs emmenos tempo<br />
    13. 13. ConcepçãoEsboçosAvançadosem 2D e 3D<br />Capture idéias e comuniqueseuprocesso de design<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br /> Sketch sobre dados 3D<br />Projete sketches emmodelos<br /> Explore alternativas de cor<br />Desenhosimétrico<br />
    14. 14. ConcepçãoAutodesk SketchBook Designer<br />Rapidamentetransformeesboços de conceitos 2D em designs 3D de produtos<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br />Aplicativodedicadoparailustração<br />Fluxo de trabalhohíbridovetor-pintura<br />Importepara o Alias como curve data<br />Transformeesboços 2D emmodelos 3D<br />*Autodesk® SketchBook® Designer estáincluso com o Autodesk® Alias® Design e Autodesk® Alias® Automotive.<br />
    15. 15. DesafioMantendo a Intenção do Design<br />“Se vocêperder a característicaou o sentidoqueestavamnosesboçosoriginaisdodesign, vocêestáperdido. Usar o Alias paraosestágiosconceituaisnospermiteterprecisão e liberdadeaomesmo tempo.”<br />Tim Doherty<br />Senior Designer<br />Magna Steyr Design<br />Magna Steyr Design <br />Áustria<br />Desafio<br />Transformar um conceitomuitoavançadoemrealidadesemperdernada da intenção original do design.<br />
    16. 16. Fluxo de Trabalho do AliasMantendo a Intenção do Design<br />Concepção<br />Desenvolvimento do Conceito<br />Refinamento<br />Visualização & Comunicação<br />
    17. 17. Desenvolvimento do ConceitoModelagempara Design Rápida e Flexível<br />Rapidamente explore aspectos com as ferramentas de modelagemdinâmicade formas<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br />Teste com formasemqualquerestágio do processo de design<br />Técnicasflexíveis de modelagembaseadaemcurvas e direta<br />Muitas das tarefascomuns de modelagemautomatizadas<br />
    18. 18. Desenvolvimento do ConceitoDesign Simultâneo<br />Mantenha a intenção do design trabalhandoemconjunto com a engenharia<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br />Referencie dados CAD paraverificar a viabilidade do conceito<br />Satisfaçatantorequisitostécnicoscomoestéticos<br />Prototipagemrápida com suporte a impressão 3D<br />
    19. 19. DesafioAperfeiçoandoRapidamenteos Designs<br />“Autodesk Alias é a melhorferramenta de design automotivo– semexceções. Alias Surface ajudounosso time a criar designs de qualidadeincrivelmentealtaemperíodosmuitocurtosde tempo.<br />Franz von Holzhausen<br />Chief Designer<br />Tesla Motors<br />Tesla Motors<br />EstadosUnidos<br />Desafio<br />Para aperfeiçoar o carroelétrico, a Tesla Motors precisougerarsuperfíciesprecisasrapidamente.<br />
    20. 20. Fluxo de Trabalho do AliasAperfeiçoandoRapidamenteos Designs<br />Concepção<br />Desenvolvimento do Conceito<br />Refinamento<br />Visualização & Comunicação<br />
    21. 21. RefinamentoPrecision Surface Modeling<br />Criesuperfícies com nível de produção de altaqualidade com velocidade e controle<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br />Refine ganhandodetalhes<br />Superfícies de produção com altaqualidade<br />Ferramentasavançadaspara a criação de superfícies<br />Alinhamento de superfícies com continuidade G3<br />
    22. 22. RefinamentoEngenhariaReversa<br />Desloque-se facilmente entre osmundosanalógico e digital<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br />Incorpore dados de escaneamento de modelosfísicos<br />Extraiainformações de dados de escaneamento<br />Reconstrução de superfícies<br />Preenchimento e suavizaçãoautomáticos de furos<br />
    23. 23. RefinamentoRevisão do Design<br />Rapidamenteavalie as opções de design e acelere o processo de revisão<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br />Tome decisõesprecisasrapidamente<br />Revisão de design emtelacheia com favoritos<br />Anotações e marcaçõesfáceis<br />
    24. 24. DesafioColaborandoEfetivamente<br />“Nossosprotótiposdigitaisdão a todos um melhorentendimento de como as coisas se encaixam. Usando o Alias e o Inventor nósestamosreduzindomuitonossos tempos de respostaemprojetos, o quenosajuda a atingir o mercadomaisrapidamente.” <br />Kurt Bender<br />CAD Manager, Design and Engineering<br />Viking Yacht Company<br />Viking Yacht Company<br />EstadosUnidos<br />Desafio<br />Chegaraomercadomaisrápidoreduzindo as distâncias entre design, engenharia e manufatura.<br />
    25. 25. Fluxo de Trabalho do AliasColaborandoEfetivamente<br />Concepção<br />Desenvolvimento do Conceito<br />Refinamento<br />Visualização & Comunicação<br />
    26. 26. Visualização & ComunicaçãoRenderizaçãoFoto-realista<br />Comunique a intenção de seu design paraclientes e colaboradores<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br /><ul><li>Feedback visual imediatoem tempo real
    27. 27. Renderizeimagensemaltaresoluçãoparaimpressão e vídeos
    28. 28. Ambientes, iluminação e reflexosembutidos</li></li></ul><li>Visualização & ComunicaçãoAvaliação e Análise<br />Atendaosrequesitos de manufaturausandoferramentas de visualizaçãodiagnóstica<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br />Verifique a qualidade da superfície com mapas de curvatura, listras de zebra e ângulos de destacamento<br />Feedback numérico e gráficoinstantâneo<br />Análise de proteção do pedestre<br />
    29. 29. Visualização & ComunicaçãoAutodesk Inventor Fusion<br />Criemodelosprontos CAD prontospara a engenharia<br />PrincipaisCapacidades<br /><ul><li>Faz a ponte entre conceito de design e manufatura
    30. 30. Teste, valide e reparegeometriascriadas no Alias
    31. 31. Adicionedetalhes e partes com a modelagemdireta</li></ul>* Incluso com o Autodesk® Alias® Design e Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012<br />
    32. 32. Visualização & ComunicaçãoColaboração com a Engenharia<br />Compartilhe dados de superfície de altaqualidade e colaboreefetivamente<br />Interoperabilidade Autodesk<br />Lê/escreve DWG<br />AutoCAD<br />Autodesk Inventor<br />Autodesk 3ds Max<br />TradutoresDirectConnect<br />CATIA V4/V5<br />SolidWorks Import<br />Pro/ENGINEER<br />JT import<br />UG NX<br />
    33. 33. Design Move o Sucesso<br />Família de Produtos 2012 Autodesk Alias<br />
    34. 34. Autodesk® Alias® Design 2012<br />Alias Design provêferramentaslíderesnaindústriapara a criação de esboços, modelageme visualizaçãoqueajudam designers industriais a criarprodutosinovadores.<br /><ul><li>IncluiAutodesk®SketchBook ®Designer 2012 e Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion 2012.</li></li></ul><li>Autodesk® Alias® Surface 2012<br />Alias Surface permitemodeladoresvirtuaistransformaremmodelosconceituaisemsuperfícies de altaqualidadeparaprodutos de consumo e manufaturaautomotiva.<br />
    35. 35. Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012<br />Alias Automotive provê um abrangenteconjunto de ferramentas de modelagem, visualização e análiseparatodo o processo de design automotivo. <br /><ul><li>Inclui Autodesk®SketchBook ®Designer 2012 e Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion 2012.</li></li></ul><li>
    36. 36. Autodesk Alias 2012O quehá de Novo<br />Nome do Apresentador<br />Cargo do Apresentador<br />Imagem de cortesia de AutoHorizons Foundation and Delineate <br />
    37. 37. Família de Produtos Autodesk Alias 2012<br />Autodesk® Alias® Surface<br />Lídernaindústriaemsuperfíciestécnicas, modelagem NURBS e BEZIER<br />Autodesk® Alias®Automotive<br />Soluçãocompletapara o design automotivo, do primeiroesboço a construção de superfíciestécnicas e a visualização<br />Autodesk® Alias® Design<br />Soluçãopara design industrial e de produtospara o processocriativo de design<br />
    38. 38. Autodesk Alias 2012Flexibilidade & Produtividade no Design<br />* Incluso com o Autodesk® Alias® Design e o Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012<br />** Disponívelapenas com no Autodesk® Alias®Surface e no Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012<br />
    39. 39. Facilidade de UsoAutodesk® Inventor® Fusion<br />Melhorintegração entre design industrial e engenharia<br />O quehá de Novo<br />Combinadetalhes de engenharia com design conceitual<br />Modelagem de formaslivres no ambiente do Fusion<br />Valide, reparee criesuperfíciesconceituaisprontaspara CAD<br />*Incluso com o Autodesk® Alias® Design e o Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012<br />
    40. 40. Facilidade de UsoPanel Gap<br />Crieautomaticamentecomplexasintersecções e vãos entre painéis<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Suporte a hem-to-hem, hem-to- flange e flange-to-flange
    41. 41. Agrupamentoautomático de fillets, flanges, ecloseouts
    42. 42. Vetores de múltiplasprojeções de paredes
    43. 43. Vãosvariáveis
    44. 44. COS eauto-trimming</li></ul>*Disponívelapenas no Autodesk® Alias® Surface e no Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012 <br />
    45. 45. Facilidade de UsoCorte de Superfície<br />Fluxo de trabalhosimplificadoparamúltiplasregiões<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Selecionemúltiplassuperfíciesemumaúnicaoperação
    46. 46. Grande economia de tempo paracortarsuperfíciesemobjetoscomplexos
    47. 47. Aplicação de indicadores de regiãobaseadana vista
    48. 48. Intersecção com múltiplosobjetos
    49. 49. Reset de indicadores de corte</li></li></ul><li>Facilidade de UsoObject Lister<br />Gerenciamentomuitomaisfácil de layers e objetos<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Consistência entre listagens de Objetos e Layers
    50. 50. Melhorasnaexibiçãoparafácilidentificação da propriedade
    51. 51. Suporte a Drag and Drop
    52. 52. Menus adicionaisparaDeletar e Criar Layers
    53. 53. Status de visibilidade das categoriasmantido</li></li></ul><li>Facilidade de UsoAmbientesEsféricos<br />Apresenteseus designs com facilidadeem um ambientefoto-realista<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Renderizaçãoem tempo real diretamente no Alias
    54. 54. Imagens HDRI, usadasparageração de luzes e reflexões, inclusas
    55. 55. Criefacilmentefundos e iluminaçõespersonalizadas</li></li></ul><li>InteroperabilidadeAutodesk®SketchBook® Designer<br />Uma nova abordagem à criação de esboçose ilustrações<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Fluxo de trabalhohíbrido de pintura-vetor
    56. 56. Combines freehand sketching with tight technical line-work
    57. 57. Provêflexibilidade e controle
    58. 58. Facilmenteedite e modifique linework
    59. 59. Importecomo dados de cruvapara o Alias </li></ul>*Included with Autodesk® Alias® Design and Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012 software<br />
    60. 60. InteroperabilidadeAutodesk® 3ds Max®<br />Mova dados entre Alias e 3ds Max com facilidade<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Design e visualizaçãoconceituaismaisrápidos
    61. 61. Dados de egenhariaexportados do Alias pormeio do DWG
    62. 62. Modelagempoligonal no 3DSMax exportadapara o Alias
    63. 63. Avaliação e integraçãovoltandoao Alias</li></li></ul><li>InteroperabilidadeAdobe® Photoshop®<br />Colaborefacilmente com usuários de Photoshop<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Importearquivos PSD comotelas do Alias
    64. 64. Exportetelas do Alias comoarquivos PSD
    65. 65. Mantémos layers do PSD</li></ul>Adobe product box shot reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated<br />
    66. 66. ProdutividadeRevolução de Superfícies<br />Fluxo de trabalhosimplificadoparacontrolecompleto da estrutura da superficie<br />O quehá de Novo<br />Alcancealtaqualidademaisrápido<br />Manipuladores In-Canvas atadosaohistórico de construção<br />Use vetoresparaaumentar a precisão<br />Maiorflexibilidadeparaestruturas de superfícies<br />Periódica<br />Single Span<br />Composite Groups<br />
    67. 67. ProdutividadeModificação de CV (Vértices de Controle)<br />Muitomelhorfluxo de trabalho com os CVs workflow leveraging hotspots<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Manipulaçãodireta dos CVs com distribuição de pesos proporcional
    68. 68. ‘Hotspot’ sensívelaocontextoparaalteração de ferramentas e modos
    69. 69. Fluxo de trabalho com menoscaixas de diálogo
    70. 70. Suportamovimentobaseadoem vista</li></li></ul><li>ProdutividadeDraft de MúltiplasSuperfícies<br />Combinatodas as opçõesemumaúnicaferramentaparaaumentar a produtividade<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Grande economia de tempo permiterápidaiteração de design
    71. 71. Interseçãoopcional de flange
    72. 72. Condições G0 de cantos
    73. 73. Desfazer, Próximo, Seleçãodentro da ferramenta
    74. 74. Máscara de seleção</li></li></ul><li>ProdutividadeFillet de Superfície<br />Rapidamentecrie fillets de superfíciecomplexas e mantenha a consistência da forma do fillet<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Avaliação de raiomínimo
    75. 75. Ferramenta de harmonizaçãosimétrica
    76. 76. Offset/Centro TangenteFatorRaio/Forma</li></li></ul><li>ProdutividadeAlign Tool<br />Flexibilidadedefinitivaparageometriasprecisas<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Opção Normal paraalinhamento de aresta
    77. 77. Manipuladoresdisponíveispara a modificação de controlesem G1 ou G2
    78. 78. Reconstruçãonãodestrói o layout dos controles
    79. 79. Posição0 de influêncianãomodificamais a posição dos controles</li></li></ul><li>ProdutividadePlanarize Hull<br />Feedback melhorado e a habilidade de controlar o fluxo das linhas de retalhos de superfíciepormúltiplassuperfícies<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Ajustefino do fluxo de retalhospormúltiplassuperfícies
    80. 80. Mudançaparaadicionarcascos à opção de melhorajuste
    81. 81. O proxy display permiteaousuáriovisualizar o antes e o depois dos efeitos
    82. 82. Divergênciasequencialmostradadiretamente no modelo</li></li></ul><li>ProdutividadeAprendizado e Treinamento<br />Centro de Suporte do ProdutoReestruturado<br />Novo Alias Wiki<br />48<br />© 2010 Autodesk <br />
    83. 83. ProdutividadeSustainable Minds<br />Enriqueçaseusconceitos com informações de sustentabilidade do design<br />O quehá de Novo<br /><ul><li>Parceriaestratégica com a Sustainable Minds
    84. 84. A aba Sustainable Design ofereceacessodiretoàsinformações de sustentabilidade
    85. 85. Aprendamaissobre o impactoambiental dos seus designs de produtos</li></li></ul><li>Autodesk Alias 2012Flexibilidade & Produtividade no Design<br />* Incluso com o Autodesk® Alias® Design e o Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012<br />** Disponívelapenas com no Autodesk® Alias® Surface e no Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2012<br />
    86. 86. Imagemde cortesia de AutoHorizons Foundation and Delineate <br />