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Apresentação que faço em alguns clientes sobre o que é inovação

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  • Hi, My name is <Name>. I am excited to talk to you today about the great value Windows 8 can offer to business customers and how businesses should plan for it.
  • Timing: 1 minute Key Points:Social technology is growing at an exponential rate.Today’s workforce and customers have high expectations of social technology. Script:There’s a lot of buzz about social media these days, but there’s nothing new about being social. Social is natural and human. It has always been part of how we work and live together and do business. What is new is the way that technology is enabling us to engage one another socially in new ways and on a scale that’s literally unprecedented in human history.And this effect is accelerating. If you look at how long it took various media to reach 50 million users, you can see a clear trend. Radio, for example, reached 50 million users 38 years after it was introduced. With television, it only took 13 years, and the Internet took 4 years. Now, as the world is more and more connected, the pace is even faster. The iPod had 50 million users after 3 years, and Facebook had 100 million after less than 9 months.Social technology may be relatively new from a business perspective, but it’s already a normal part of day to day life for tens of millions of people. Those people are your employees, your partners, and your customers. Through services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, they’re accustomed to easily sharing the things they are interested about. They keep up on their friends and neighbors and public figures. They discuss a broad variety of topics. They expect to be able to contribute to the discussion and have their contributions respected.Additional Information:Qualman, Erik. “Social Media Revolution.” May 5, 2010.
  • Windows Azure lets developers choose the framework and tools they want, with first-class support of .NET, Java, PHP and Node.js. Windows Azure consists of a set of foundational services - let’s take a quick tour, starting with 3 core services: Compute, Data Management and Networking.Compute:Windows Azure offers highly-available Compute capacity that enables you to run application code in the cloud and allows you to quickly scale your applications up or down to meet your customer needs. Each Compute instance is a virtual machine that isolates your application from other customers. Once Compute resources are assigned to your application, Windows Azure automatically handles network load balancing and failover to provide continuous availability.Cloud Services(PaaS): Capture the full benefits of the cloud that quickly scale up or down. Infrastructure management is all done by Microsoft, so you can focus your resources on building the best app.Virtual Machines (IaaS): Instantly run your existing applications and infrastructure in a VHD image. You retain full control to configure and maintain the image. Web Sites: Quickly and easily deploy sites to the cloud with support for multiple frameworks and popular open source applications including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and Umbraco.Data management:StorageThe design point is for the cloud is availability of storage, there are 3 replicas of data, and we implement guaranteed consistency. In the future there will be some transaction support and this is why we use guaranteed consistency.There are 4 types of storageTables = Key value storeQueues = a simple queuing mechanismBlobs = Binary file storage in the cloudDrives = A mechanism that allows a VHD in a blob to be mounted as an NTFS drive into a Compute roleAuthenticated access and triple replication to help keep your data safe Easy access to data with simple REST interfaces, available remotely and from the data centerDatabase:Simple to provision- create a logical server in the Portal, execute a create DB Command to create a new databaseCan add and remove DBs easily from application to scale up and downNo need to install or patch software or other physical administrationAutomatic high availability and fault toleranceSupport for T-SQL based familiar relational database modelNetworkingWindows Azure offers multiple levels of connectivity through Windows Azure Connect and Virtual Networks ConnectWindows Azure connect is a Windows Azure feature that enables Azure services to connect to on-premise resources in a manner that is secure, quick to setup, and easy to manage. Target audience: developersBest for simple, scoped connectivityEasy agent-based installation, set up within minutesWorks through firewallGranular control over connectivity – “machine to machine”Virtual NetworksVirtual Network allows enterprises to securely extend their on-premise networks into Windows Azure with complete control over network topology: Target audience: IT & network adminsProvides control, set up and configuration similar to traditional VPNAllows to bring your IP addresses, DNS etc. to the CloudCurrently, the IPSec tunnel is through internetScalable “Site to site” connectivityTraffic ManagerImproves app performance and resiliency by automatically routing traffic to the nearest deployed datacenter and provides seem less failover in the event of a failoverBeyond these 3 core services, Windows Azure offers a growing set of additional services to help you bring your application, and your business, to the next level.CDN:The Windows Azure CDN provides edge nodes around the world, providing better performance and user experience for users who are farther from the source of the content stored in the Windows Azure Blob service. Windows Azure Customers have control over how long data is cached.Windows Azure CDN has 20 locations globally (United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America) and continues to expandCaching: Windows Azure In Memory Caching serviceprovides high speed access to data that is kept in-memory, instead of relying on slower disk based storage or database.Allows applications to be architected for easy scale-out scenariosProvides easy scale up or scale down by allowing you to dynamically increase or decrease the cache size Integration:complete message based infrastructure supporting multiple messaging patterns to connect applications and systems in real-time both on Windows Azure as well as between Windows Azure and on-premise systems.Business AnalyticsSQL Server Reporting provided as a service Reports authored using existing tools (BIDS) Reports can include rich Data Visualizations (Maps, Charts, Tablix) and exported to variety of formats Microsoft ‘Big data’ solution comprises of large scale analytics on less structured data like log files, images, video, sensor or device output, and public data via Hadoop services on Windows Azure.IdentityWindows Azure Active Directory is a modern cloud service providing identity management and access control capabilities to cloud applications, whether those are Windows Azure applications, Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, Windows Intune or other 3rd party cloud services.Easily integrate Live ID, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, & Active Directory for application single sign-on.MediaMedia Services enables content companies and solution providers to build end to end media workflows on Windows Azure. Enhancing existing solutions or creating new workflows, you can easily combine and manage Media Services to create custom workflows that fit every need be it Encoding, Format Conversion, Content Protection, Live Streaming or on demand Streaming.HPCYou can easily build, deploy and manage scalable, fault-tolerant and high-performing applications seamlessly across on-premise clusters and the Windows Azure. CommerceReach millions of buyers by selling your products and services in Microsoft storesMake your products and services available within Microsoft in-product experiencesBenefit from Microsoft marketing and merchandisingDeveloper Languages and SDKEasy to quickly develop cloud applications with a unified SDK experience, with services and APIs that follow consistent design guidelines across features and capabilities.Support for client libraries for .Net, Java, php, node .JS and Python
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    1. 1. Inovação @daibert Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Brasil
    2. 2. Adoção da Implementação Tornar a ideia usávelCriação de um novo conceito Ideia Implementação Infusão
    3. 3. Id Im In Id Im In Id Im In Id Im In Id Im In Id Im Id Im In In Id Im In Id Im In
    4. 4. Criar valor de negócios para Usuários de TI Nova tecnologia Ideia de Tec. Implementação Infusão Criador de TI ValorIdeia de Neg. Implementação Infusão Usuário de TI
    5. 5. 12source:
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    7. 7. Melhor Experiência de Usuário… Comunicações Apps Internet
    8. 8. Windows Phone 8 e Windows 8 Better together
    9. 9. TEMPO CAPACIDADEDATI Carga Atual Alocação de capacidades “Desperdício“ de capacidades “Falta“ de capacidades Custo fixo das capacidades contratadas Previsão de Carga Custo Inicial de Hardware Capacidade osciosa com a redução da carga on-premise
    10. 10. Carga Atual Alocação de capacidades Redução dos investimentos iniciais Redução do “excesso de TI“ Sem “falta“ de capacidades Redução das capacidades nos momentos de redução da carga TEMPO CAPACIDADEDATI Previsão de Carga provisionamento dinâmico
    11. 11. 25 Software-as-a-Service consumir “SaaS”Platform-as-a-Service construir “PaaS”Infrastructure-as-a-Service hospedar “IaaS”
    12. 12. = Gerenciado Para Você Servidores Standalone IaaS PaaS SaaS Aplicações Runtimes Database Sistema Operacional Virtualização Servidor Armazenamento Rede
    13. 13. Negócio: fazer processamento batch periódico. Cenário: Análise de risco de crédito feito mensalmente Exemplo: Análise de Risco, Simulações de Monte Carlo Negócio: demanda crescente de usuários e requisições Cenário: Sindicalização digital, startups, eCommerce, etc. Exemplo: Associated Press Breaking News API Average Usage Compute Time “Rapid Growing” Compute Time “On / Off” UsageAverage Inactivity Period
    14. 14. Negócio: tratar de forma segura picos de demanda em seu negócio. Cenário: campanhas de marketing, vendas de tickets, situações de emergência. Exemplo: Negócio: responder a picos de uso dentro do ciclo de negócio previsto. Cenário: sistemas de eCommerce, portal interno de pagto, websites corporativos Exemplo: Compute Time “Unpredictable Bursting” Average Usage Compute Time “Predictable Bursting” Average Usage
    15. 15. Diversos Data Centers distribuídos globalmente. Quincy, WA Chicago, IL San Antonio, TX Dublin, Ireland Generation 4 DCs
    16. 16. Datacentersde última geração Quincy, WA
    17. 17. Datacentersde última geração
    18. 18. Subindo na Vertical
    19. 19. Time spent online 2000 2.7 h/week 2010 18 h/week Active Blogs 2000 12,000 2010 141 million Daily e-mails 2000 12 billion 2010 247 billion Daily SMS messages 2000 400,000 2010 4.5 billion Daily web searches 2000 100 million 2010 2 billion Storage cost 2000 $10/Gb 2010 6¢/Gb
    20. 20. Edifícios modernos Proliferação de sensores Looxcie
    21. 21. Pico-projetores Treinamento orientado por TI CVIS
    22. 22. Nekomimi (Ears of Cats) Chips em Cassinos de Las Vegas Utopy Speech Analyzer
    23. 23. Divulgação de dados de saúde em redes sociais HealthVault
    24. 24. Braço robótico “Luke” Mindwave
    25. 25. Frently – Aluguel de pessoas Eat With Me Modelos de Câmera X Atratividade
    26. 26. LiveLike TFLN
    27. 27. Ou podemos criar a primeira sociedade planetária na história da humanidade Podemos facilmente destruir o planeta – e a nossa civilização – se quisermos Nenhuma outra geração teve tanto poder e responsabilidade
    28. 28. @daibert Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Brasil