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Claudia Martínez tv novelas

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This presentation is part of the programme of the International Seminar "Social Protection, Entrepreneurship and Labour Market Activation: Evidence for Better Policies", organized by the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG/UNDP) together with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Colombian Think Tank Fedesarrollo held on September 10-11 at the Ipea Auditorium in Brasilia.

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Claudia Martínez tv novelas

  1. 1. TV Novelas
  2. 2. Summary • TV stories in rural Peru. • RCT – Unit of randomization: community – N=150 • Objective: increase savings
  3. 3. Tv Novelas • Financial Education: – What works? – Can we change culture? • Context – Juntos strategy – Penalty for savings • Results – Externalities • Power calculations • Looking forward fo the results!
  4. 4. Promoción del Ahorro en Familias Juntos
  5. 5. Summary • Project components: 1) Financial training,2)Support and 3) Savings incentives (raffle) • 17 rural districs in Peru. • Diff & Diff • Reported effects on financial knowledge, savings, empowerment
  6. 6. Promoción de Ahorro • Design and Analysis – Equations, ITT, controls – Sampling strategy, attrition – How controls were selected? Can this selection be used to correct biases? – Not clear how TOT is calculated – Multiple hypothesis
  7. 7. Promoción de Ahorro • Results: – Rename savings? – How are families increasing savings? • No decrease in food consumption • Other consumption? Increase in income? – Many components: mechanism?