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A reunião anual de 2015 da Rede Global Biodiversity Heritage Library será realizada no Brasil e abordará o estado de desenvolvimento da Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) e sistemas de informação em Biodiversidade.

Organizada pelos Programas SciELO e BIOTA da FAPESP, a reunião está dirigida para pesquisadores e profissionais relacionados com biodiversidade e informação científica. O programa científico contará com autoridades e especialistas nacionais e internacionais.

A Rede Global da BHL (gBHL) conta com a participação da África do Sul, Austrália, Brasil, China, Egito, Estados Unidos e Europa. A BHL trabalha de forma colaborativa em prol do acesso aberto à literatura em biodiversidade como parte da comunidade de biodiversidade global.

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  • Image from Louis Agassiz’s Thayer Expedition to Brazil 1865-1866, Jacques Burkhardt
  • Gibbon Musei Leveriani explicatio, anglica et latina [London] :Impensis Jacobi Parkinson,1792-1796.
    Kanga: Il gabinetto del giovane naturalista /.Milano :Presso Omobono Manini,1825-1826..
    Thylacine: Atlas of zoologie

    BHL Exibition tool, Portal interface collab with BHL Australia

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    BHL is an EXTENSIVE and growing repository of biodiversity literature. The content includes literature dating back to the 15th century, current copyrighted material and open access links to born digital content that cannot currently be ingested (SciELO, Pensoft Press, RJB))

    BHL is fully open access under creative commons license.

    BHL has global coverage and is a global virtual organization

    BHL links to other regional and global initiatives some are illustrated on the slide also Cetaf/GBIF. First funded through grants received by the Encyclopedia of Life. From the beginning we have Partner with the Internet Archive for storage and scanning.

    The original driver for setting up BHL was to support predominantly scientists and researchers studying the diversity of life and assist in resolving the taxonomic impediment.

  • RECENTly joined
  • … and Europeana
  • We put the records into other discovery methods, like DPLA…DPLA harvests BHL metadata
  • South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity: 753 pages
    South African National Biodiversity Instiitute 472 pages
    Nature Kenya, East African Natural History Society 332 pages, 607 article

    Awarded to SANBI, this new grant will grow BHLA through assessment, collaboration, and digitization, resulting in a wealth of collections unique to African institutions being added to BHL. This new JRS support will allow BHLA to:
    Conduct outreach to expand active BHLA participation through engagement with current members and recruitment of new participants 
    Improve communications and host workshops and trainings for 13 BHLA member institutions 
    Analyze the existing capacity for participation and content aggregation 
    Stabilize the governance of the organization and infrastructure through sustainability planning 
    In order to accomplish these objectives, Anne-Lise Fourie, Assistant Director of SANBI Libraries, Chair of BHLA and PI on the JRS Africa project, plans to survey current members and potential partners and conduct site visits to Kenya and Uganda to establish capacities and collection profiles. This information will help inform future trainings regarding identification of unique content for inclusion in BHL and the selection of digitization service providers.

    We are also pleased to announce that BHL Africa has joined BHL as an Affiliate, following the example of BHL Singapore and BHL Mexico, which participate in BHL both as autonomous regional nodes and Members of the BHL. As an Affiliate, BHLA may participate in BHL committees, task forces, and working groups and will collaborate more extensively within the global BHL community. See a list of current BHL Members and Affiliates here.

  • Digitized books deposited to BH; L

    As of May 1, 2015 498 vols, 129,842 pages (Museum Vic: 78,045; 326)
  • 996 volumes

    As of May 1, 2015
  • Serve some bhl data through DAR
  • EU BON: European Biodiversity Observation Network (citizen science)
    CETAF: Consortium of European Taxonomic facilities
    Australia now and Smithsonian previously for

    Contributions to morphometrics / Edited by Leslie F. Marcus, Elisa Bello, Antonio Garcia-Valdecasas. 1993
  • Based in conabio

    Ensayo ornitologico de los troquilideos ó colibries de Mexico..
    Mexico,I Escalante,1875

    Arachnida Araneidea. In Biologia Centrali Americana Vol I by Octavius Pickard-Cambridge. 1895.

  • March: Content: 17,684 articles plus 8533 pages of books
    May on slide
  • 27 volumes (march 2015)
    Update 48 vol as of May 1, 2015
  • March 31-Apr 30, 2015
    Total: 181,353

    1. US: 46,985 sessions
    2. UK: 10,635
    3.Germany: 10,446
    4. Brazil: 8,518
    7. Australia: 5,852
    9. Mexico: 4,965
    16. China: 2,450
    21. Czech Republic: 1,782

    ANNUAL: China #15, South Africa #26, Czech Republic #24, Singapore #38,
    ANNUAL Total: 1,565,405; US, UK, Germany, India, Brazil, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, China #15, South Africa #26, Czech Republic #24, Singapore #38

  • Note that several European countries are in the top 35, if you add them all up, BHL Europe: 394,745
    Australia: 47,965
    Mexico: 39,122
    China 23,034
    CR: 13,098
    South Africa: 11,054
    Singapore: 6,961
    Egypt: 3,954
  • A Biblioteca Global de Patrimônio da Biodiversidade: BHL Day - Constance Rinaldo

    1. 1. A Biblioteca Global de Patrimônio da Biodiversidade: BHL Day
    2. 2. Por se global? • Biodiversity is global • The literature is global – Repatriation – Accessibility of local information • “The BHL works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world” • Leverage global talent, resources & content • Collaborations on funding & technological advancements • Developing standards
    3. 3. Europe, China, Brasil, Australia, Egypt, Sub-Saharan Africa, Singapore, & Mexico
    4. 4. Parcerias e Colaboração Internet Archive • Extensive • Open • Global • Linked
    5. 5. Global Biodiversity Information Facility • BHL joined as Associate Participant • GBIF provides open data infrastructure for sharing biodiversity data • GBIF now links to BHL bibliographies • This association allows sharing of expertise, collaboration with new & similar communities
    6. 6. GBIF Links to BHL
    7. 7. BHL Africa • $150,000 Award from JRS Biodiversity Foundation to facilitate the growth of BHL Africa: content, training & outreach • Joined BHL as Affiliate • Content: 1557 pages A plan for phylogenetic studies of Southern African reptiles : proceedings of a workshop held at Kirstenbosch, February 2006. By Bill Branch. SANBI, Pretoria Ichthyological papers 1931-1943 by J.L.B. Smith. 1969. Rhodes University
    8. 8. BHL Australia • Host of 2014 Annual Global meeting • Google Cultural Index Exhibits: The Art of Science 1700-1850 & more • Content: >130,000 pages The Birds of Australia by Gracius Broinowski. 1890-91. Stuart & Co. Melbourne
    9. 9. BHL China • Content: 324,315 pages an hui sheng ye sheng zhi wu zong he li yong wei yuan hui bian Some Chinese vertebrates. 1912. Glover Allen et al. Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, v. 40 (4).
    10. 10. BHL Egypt • Working on BHL Egypt portal • New logo in draft form • Have a partial copy of BHL data
    11. 11. BHL Europe • Content harmonization with Internet Archive in process –574 pages • CETAF/EU BON funding opportunities; promotion • Draft strategy under review • Training in Exhibition Tool
    12. 12. BHL Mexico • Newest dual global node & BHL member! • Preparing content for BHL • 10 new collaborations for BHL Mexico
    13. 13. BHL SciELO • Host of Annual 2015 Global meeting: May 6-8 • Content: 17,866 articles plus 11,526 pages of books A defesa contra o ophidismo by Vital Brazil 1911 A natural history of spiders and others curious insects by Eleazar Albin. 1736. GB: John Tilly
    14. 14. BHL Singapore • Extensive guidance on MOU/ by-laws • Global node & BHL Member • Content: 15,467 pages The Malay Archipelago, the land of the orang-utan and the bird of paradise : a narrative of travel, with studies of man and nature by Alfred Russel Wallace 1874 Malayan fishes by Charleton Maxwell. 1921. Singapore Methodist Pub. House
    15. 15. 8518 (#4) 46,985 10,635 Google Analytics: Most recent month accesses by country. (225 countries total) 5852 (#7) 1165 430 744 4965 2450
    16. 16. Google Analytics: BHL Sessions • US/UK (#1 & #2): 385,684/99,629 • Germany: 93,161 • Brazil (#5): 73,224 • France, Australia (# 7), Canada, Italy, Spain, Mexico (#11), Japan, Netherlands, Russia, China (#15), South Africa (#26), Czech Republic (#24), Singapore (#38) • Total Annual Use: 1,565,405
    17. 17. Why Not Be Global?
    18. 18. Questions? • http://blog.biodiversitylibrary.org/search?q=JRS • http://jrsbiodiversity.org/grant/south-african- national-biodiversity-institute-2014-2/ • http://blog.biodiversitylibrary.org/2014/12/new- online-exhibitions-notable-women.html • http://blog.biodiversitylibrary.org/search?q=GBIF