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Fitness apps users habits around the world

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Fitness apps users habits around the world

  3. 3. The objective of this study is to discover the profile of the users of fitness apps; what they talk about, their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle according to the data they share on Twitter. OBJETIVES As we are building these consumer profiles, we are also going to be looking at patterns that these consumers might show that will give us insights on how to reach them more efficiently using marketing strategies . 03
  5. 5. Consumer-centered Monitoring is a new way to analyze social media data where we build consumer profiles of users through their activities and descriptions shared on Facebook and Twitter We developed this new product based on questions that traditional social media monitoring couldn’t answer due to the fact that this kind of monitoring was always brand focused. In this new type of monitoring we created, we focus on the consumer. METHODOLOGY 1 billion bits of data 50 million users Segmentation and cross-checking Daily updates 05
  6. 6. METHODOLOGY 01 STEP Selection of a certain group of people on Twitter that meets our criteria. We looked for 3000 random users that tweeted about using one of main fitness mobile apps on the market during the last three months. Using buzzmonitor we searched for these terms on twitter posted through the following apps (terms in english, Spanish, and portuguese): 1) FitBit • (my AND fitbit AND fitstats) OR • (meu AND fitbit AND fitstats) OR • (mi AND fitbit AND fitstats) 2) Nike+ • (“I just ran" AND "nike+") OR • ("acabei de correr" AND "nike+") OR • (“acabo de correr” AND “nike+”) 3) Runtastic • ("just finished" AND runtastic AND app) OR • ("he terminado" AND runtastic AND app ) OR • (“acabei” AND runtastic AND app) 4) Fitstar (fitstar AND session) 5) mapmyrun • ("iIran" AND mapmyrun) OR • ("Corri" AND mapmyrun) 6) runkeeper • ("just completed" AND runkeeper) OR • ("he completado" AND runkeeper) OR • ("completei" AND runkeeper) 7) couchto5k • (completed AND change4life AND "couch to 5k app") 8) Adidas miCoach • (completado AND "adidasmicoach") OR • (completed AND “adidasmicoach) OR • (record AND "adidasmicoach") OR • (acabei AND "adidasmicoach") 9) myfinesspal • (burned AND myfitnesspal) OR • (completed AND myfitnesspal) 10) strava • ("check out my run" AND strava) OR • (“corrida” AND strava) 06
  7. 7. METHODOLOGY Buzzmonitor collected the last 200 tweets of our 3,000 selected users. By doing this we created a database of 600,000 tweets for our study. Using Buzzmonitors’ functions, we crossed insights obtained through their tweets and twitter bios to find out their habits and interests. By looking at this data we were able to build the profile of the general fitness app user. 02 STEP 03 STEP 04 STEP 07
  9. 9. PROFILING Most fitness apps users are men according to their name on Twitter. 71% of the users in our sample that had their gender detected by a name dictionary were men while only 29% were women. Also, when we compared the relationship status that they shared on their profiles, we found out that most of them are married. From a total of 258 users that mentioned their relationship status, 274 mentioned being husbands or wives. * Base 2,007 users whose genders were detected by the name dictionary **993 users genders were not detected by the name dictionary GENDER (unique users) WOMEN MEN 29% - 585 71% - 1422 MARRIED SINGLE 247 11 *Base: 258 users that mentioned their relationship status on their Twitter Bios Relationship status (unique users) 9% of the users mentioned their relationship status on Twitter 09
  10. 10. PROFILING 16% of the users mentioned being parents on Twitter. 10% of them mentioned being a dad, while 6% mentioned being mothers. We also monitored the social networks they mentioned on their tweets. The social network that was mentioned by most users was YouTube. The popular video platform was mentioned by 19% of our users. Facebook was the second most mentioned social media platform with 16% of the users mentioning it, with Instagram coming in third place with 8% of the users mentioning it on their tweets. Family WOMEN 6% - 585 MARRIED 10% - 291 * Users that mentioned being mothers or fathers on their bios or tweets. **Preferred social networks by users. *** Base 3,000 users Social Networks 117 (4%)242 (8%)100 (3%)484 (16%)576 (19%) 178 (6%) YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: WHATSAPP: INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: PERISCOPE: 10
  11. 11. PROFILING Looking at the users Twitter bios we found that most of them mentioned being coaches or instructors. 70 users mentioned this occupation on their short biography on their profile. We also searched their tweets to find out which sport they mention the most on this platform. American football was the sport that had the most users mentioning it. 19% of the 3000 users in our study mentioned this sport on their tweets at least once. Soccer came in second place, and was mentioned by 13% of the users. Occupation (Unique users on twitter bio) PROFESSOR / TEACHER 2% - 51 COACH STUDENT 2% - 70 2% - 49 PHOTOGRAPHER 1% - 47 BUSINESS /ENTREPRENEUR ENGINEER 1% - 42 1% - 41 Sports mentioned (unique users that mentlaned the sport on their tweets) 85 96 137 160 180 385 548 Tennis Hockey Basketball Boxing-Martial Arts Baseball Soccer Football * Occupations mentioned on Twitter bios by fitness apps users ** Base 3,000 users 11
  12. 12. PROFILING Looking the cities and states of origin of our profiles, we noticed that London was the city with the most users with 3%. On the other hand the country that had the most cities and states appear in our Top locations graphic was the United States. New York, L.A., Pennsylvannia, Chicago, Texas, Atlanta, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and California all appeared in our graphic featuring the locations with the most users. This tells us that most fitness apps users are from the U.S.A. Adding up all of these cities, we know that at least 9.5% of the users were from the United States. 82 54 37 29 22 20 20 20 18 17 15 15 14 13 13 Lon… New… Sao… Los… Tor… Pen… Chic… Texas Atla… Ohio Flori… Mic… Jaka… Calif… Bog… *918 users did not mention their location * Base 3,000 users City/State MOST FITNESS APPS USERS WERE FROM LONDON, ENGLAND (3%) 12
  14. 14. 49493 26559 6189 3011 2744 623 357 165 145 40 0.2% 0.2% APP COMPARISON The app that had the the most users during October 2015 was the Nike+ app. It completely dominated the other apps being used by 56% of the fitness apps users during this month as we can see in our graphic: 56% 30% 7% 3% 2% 1% 0.5% 0.1% *Total: 88,619 users during the month of October 2015 14
  16. 16. APP COMPARISON Because app that had the generated the most tweets during October 2015 was the Nike+ app, we decided to monitor the time of the day where most of the tweets mentioning a workout run were automatically posted on Twitter, from the two cities in the world with the highest volume of tweets: New York and London 502 users tweeted from London 1,031 users tweeted from New York A total of 49,493 users tweeted using the Nike+ app during the month of October 16
  17. 17. TIME OF DAY THEY RUN NEW YORK: Most tweets were posted at 10:00 am. 226 tweets from people using the app were posted around this time in the morning. The second hour of the day that generated the most tweets was 6:00 pm. 213 tweets were made by users in New York who were working out around this time of the day. Time of the day by amount of tweets posted using the nike+ app *TIMEZONE: Eastern Time (GMT -5) 17
  18. 18. TIME OF DAY THEY RUN LONDON: In London, both times of the day with the highest volume of posts were during the afternoon. Most of the tweets from users who were working out were posted during 5:00pm and 6:00pm. Time of the day by amount of tweets posted using the nike+ app *TIMEZONE: Western Europe Time (GMT) 18
  19. 19. PRODUCTS
  20. 20. PRODUCTS Most of these users mention food on their tweets. 35% of them mentioned food at least once in their timelines. This was closely followed by phones mentioned by 30% of the users. From this, we can say that most users are looking to buy a phone or accessories for them. They also tweet about activities they’re doing through their phones. What products do they mention on their tweets? PHONE 30% - 891 FOOD BOOKS 35% - 1044 24% - 731 SHOES 13% - 396 CLOTHES TICKETS 10% - 304 10% - 302 CAMERA 8% - 253 COMPUTER AND LAPTOPS TABLET 9% - 266 8% - 242 *Unique users 20
  21. 21. PRODUCTS Cheese and dairy were the food terms mentioned the most by fitness app users. 16% of them mentioned them at least once on their timelines. They mainly mentioned recipes and plates they enjoyed that had cheese or butter as ingredients. Cake was also something else that moved the users taste buds. 15% of them mentioned this desert on their tweets. What kinds food do they mention? CAKE 15% -449 CHEESE/DAIRY PIZZA 16% - 483 13% - 389 FRUITS AND VEGGIES 11% - 346 CHOCOLATE BURGUER 8% - 231 8% - 231 *Unique users SALADS 5% -144 21
  22. 22. PRODUCTS In the drinks category, most users mentioned coffee at least once on their tweets. 25% of the users mentioned drinking the hot beverage or having a craving to drink one. What drinks do they mention? BEER 15% -441 COFFEE WINE 25% - 757 10% - 291 08% - 251 JUICE VODKA 5% - 148 2% - 61 *Unique users MILK 22
  23. 23. LEISURE
  24. 24. LEISURE These users mainly spend their free time at parties. 23% of these users mentions going to a party or being at one on their tweets. In second place came movies. 17% of users mentioned watching movies or going to the movie theater in their spare time. What free time activities do they mention on their tweets? MOVIES 17% - 499 PARTY SHOPPING 23% - 698 9% - 262 7% - 219 TRAVELLING 5% - 157 *Unique users CONCERTS 24
  25. 25. TV
  26. 26. TV We searched for the terms watching or going to watch in the users tweets to discover what most of them like to watch on TV. Most of them mentioned using their TVs to watch Netflix or a TV series on cable. The second thing mentioned the most by them were sports games, followed by movies and news. What do they mention watching on TV? SPORTS GAME 119 NETFLIX/SERIES 153 45 NEWS 18 *Number of Unique users MOVIES 26
  27. 27. PLACES
  28. 28. PLACES A total of 328 users checked in ate different places using Twitter. We analyzed these check ins to see the places that had the most users checking in. Most users checked in at restaurants with a total of 74. In a close second came coffee shops. 66 users checked in at cafés. Where did they check in? COFFEE 66 RESTAURANT PARK 74 43 30 AIRPORT BEACH 29 22 HOTEL *Number of Unique users **328 total users checked in using Twitter 28
  29. 29. TOP PLATFORM
  30. 30. TOP PLATFORM The platform used the most by the fitness apps users was iOS. 52% of the users tweeted using iPhones or iPads at least once. 42% of the users used a desktop or laptop computer to tweet at least once on their timelines, and only 26% used an Android Device at least once to send their tweets. Which platform did they tweet from? *Base: 3,000 Unique users IOS 52% - 1547 DESKTOP 42% - 1246 ANDROID 26% - 775 30
  32. 32.  Users that use fitness apps are mostly men who are married.  Besides Twitter, they also use YouTube and Facebook as their main social media platforms.  Most of these users’ occupations are in the education sector. Many of them are teachers, coaches, professors, and a lot of them even claim to be students.  Their favorite sports are American football and soccer.  Most of these users are located in the United States, although there is a large concentration of them in the UK as well. The cities with the most fitness apps users are New York and London.  Users in New York usually workout during the morning or late in the afternoon. Meanwhile, London fitness apps users prefer to exercise in the afternoon. MAINFINDINGS 32
  33. 33.  Nike + is the most used fitness app according to the data shared by fitness apps users on Twitter.  These users talk mainly about food in their tweets. Healthy recipes, healthy ingredients, nutrition tips, or even good restaurants are all common topics on tweets they share.  They prefer to drink coffee over other beverages and frequently go to coffee shops.  They like to spend their free time mainly at parties, and reunions with friends and family, as well as watching movies.  They mainly watch Netflix and Sports events on TV.  Most of them use an apple device, which tells us that these users have high consumer buying power. MAINFINDINGS 33
  34. 34. www.elife.com.br Telefone: 11-2339-4928 Endereço: Rua Pamplona, 518 - 4° andar CEP 01.405-000 São Paulo, Brasil