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Cisco Live Magazine ed. 9 (English)

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Cisco Live Magazine ed. 9 (English)

  1. 1. > 4th quarter 2012 | issue 9Cisco,Greenand yellowThe GlobalSalesPresidentkicks offa series ofinvestments inthe country Robert Lloyd, President of Global SalestSUPPORT BUSINESS CLIENT’S VOICETeams receive training in Cisco focuses on High performancekeeping communications SMBs using vertical networks connectoperating in disaster solutions and both new towers at theareas business strategy Palmeiras Soccer Club 1 CISCO PARTNERS GUIDE INCLUDED
  2. 2. Andeloce.com Soluções Cisco para Pequenas e Médias Empresas Produtos que possibilitam a melhor comunicação, conexão e segurança Telefones - IP SPA 525G2 Roteadores - RV180 Switches - SG500-52P Access Point - WAP121 A Cisco ajuda as empresas a enfrentar os desafios tecnológicos. Soluções de rede sem fio, infraestrutura de rede e comunicação unificada. Visite a página de Lançamento da Linha Cisco para Pequenas e Médias Empresas e saiba como podemos ajudá-lo a resolver sua crise tecnológica. www.cisco.com.br/desconectadosanonimos 2
  3. 3. 1EDITORIAL SUMMARY SHORT ARTICLES 04 Emergencies T he disaster response team keeps communications operating in disaster areas A STEP FORWARD 06 Metro Ethernetchallenges service providers A n event held in São Paulo, concludes that technology still I f there is a way to translate a company’s level of commitment with the ALLIANCES economy in which it is inserted, this interpretation must be based on the investments it makes. A step that made us very proud in 2012 and 08Channel Programstrength due to Cisco’s T he initiative gains growth in Brazil that culminated with Robert Lloyd’s visit, Cisco’s Vice President for Global Operations, to inaugurate the router production line. 10 Live!event reaffirms the brand’s presence in T he Mexico Latin America We are proud, not only about the investments announced, but also of the consistency of the growth plan designed by Cisco in Brazil. 12Majorjoinscreate competitive solutions C isco manufacturers united makers to major software and hardware The project, as announced, includes the manufacturing of equipment, investments BUSINESS in RD and in alliances with Brazilian companies, sustainability actions, such as the training of low-income young apprentices, besides other initiatives structured 16 Endurance E xecutives tackle the most difficult mountain bike challenges in the country with our partners nationwide. In an interview to LIVE Magazine, Lloyd guaranteed that this is not a spur of 18 Market andpresent their strategies towith D Share istributors maintain increase their business attract, the moment thing, but a long-term commitment and that we are ready to proceed resellers and contribute to the sustainable growth of the economy. Our focus will not be restricted to the major telecommunications corporations or service providers. 20 Showroom showroomssolutions more P artners use demonstrations to make and technical We are also making efforts to support small and medium-sized businesses, as appealing and increase the number of clients well as innovative initiatives and new technologies, whether they are headed by Cisco, its global partners or even by the local projects. 24 Small Businesshave up tobusiness with T he strategies to increase companies that 99 employees In terms of alliances, this issue contains the Cisco Partners’ Guide, a new idea from the Marketing department to help identify the companies working along 28 COVER Robert Lloyd,that Brazilglobal I NTERVIEW: Cisco’s with our brand. Vice President, believes will maintain its investments and will continue to The special section lists Cisco’s partners in the following categories: Distributors, grow even after the upcoming major sports events Business Partners, Training, Managed Services and Strategic Alliances. The guide can be found in this issue and also by electronic means, such as the 32 Cooperationrevenue with its partners C isco shares in order to stimulate the growth of unified Internet, tablets, and Smartphones. communications Another facilitator to our local business. Finally, on behalf of the entire Cisco Brazil team, I’d like to celebrate and share 34 Telemedicine service to all and T echnology improves speeds up processess this incredible year with our clients and partners and wish you all a new year with THE CLIENT’S VOICE even more achievements. 36 Unified Communications its platform T he Sicoob Trentocredi replaces analog telephones with the Cisco/Intelbras Enjoy your reading! 38 Highnew towers atnetworks will integrate H performance igh performance both the Palmeiras Soccer Marco Barcellos Club CONNECTIVITY 40 Retail C isco presents solutions for Varejo 2.0 42 Themarket test, in house, what they offer to I shoemaker’s children… ntegrators the CISCO LIVE MAGAZINE IS A PUBLICATION OF CISCO DO BRASIL INFRASTRUCTURE TEAM RESPONSIBLE Editorial Board Copywriting officer Art CISCO DO BRASIL President Rodrigo Abreu Adriana Bueno, Carolina Morawetz, Isabela Polito, Isabella Micali, Jackeline Carvalho, Kiki Gama, Mariana Fonseca, Monica Lau e Jackeline Carvalho Reporters Jackeline Carvalho Marcelo Vieira Marcelo Max Cover 46 2012presents solutions, discusses trends C isco FUTURECOM and announces partnerships Marco Barcellos Mayra Feitosa Glenn Douglas Engineering Officer 49 Datapartners team is dedicated to the UCS Marcelo Ehalt Production Review Desktop Publisher Center Comunicação Interativa Editora Comunicação Interativa Intergraf Channels Officer Press Service N ew Eduardo Almeida Journalist in Charge In Press Porter Novelli Jackeline Carvalho Prints Marketing PR Officer MTB 12456 Translator 5000 exemplares Marco Barcellos Amanda Dardes 3
  4. 4. 1 SHORT ARTICLES IN CASE OF Incident Response Teams (DIRT), which operate satellite-based easy- to-assemble network equipment, in EMERGENCIES ... addition to advanced technologies – such as 3G, switching and VoIP, among others – and Cisco ... the Cisco Brazil disaster response emergency vehicles (or NERVs). These volunteers, which are company team is ready to keep communications employees, are trained to provide operating in disaster areas assistance in disaster areas. In the US there are teams on the East and West Coasts. “Helping in incidents around the world with only two teams was difficult,” said Tiago Silva, a TacOps member and in charge of coordinating the DIRTs. “We then created an international expansion program in key areas of the world in order to meet the requirements faster, and also to facilitate matters from a cultural point of view.” The first international team was created in 2010 in China. Then, in December/2011, another two teams were created in Europe (United Kingdom and Russia). Earlier this year, Tiago Silva came to Brazil with the purpose of creating and training the South-American team, with headquarters in São Paulo. The Brazilian team will provide support DIRT volunteers from Brazil learn how to operate the emergency communication kits to incidents occurring in Brazil, in other South American countries and, W ith the arrival of Fundamental in establishing if required, in Central America. s ummer and the communications between the affected The required infrastructure was rainy season, certain areas and the rescue teams, services established at Cisco Brazil headquarters areas in Brazil have to such as internet and telephony, can so that the Brazilian team’s equipment keep an eye on the possibility of make the difference when it comes can be operated: four routers and two natural disasters, such as floods and to saving lives. With that in mind, in portable emergency communications landslides. Tragedies such as the one 2002 Cisco created TacOps (Tactical kits. Among the volunteers in Brazil that affected the mountain regions of Operations Support), a team of are employees from all departments, the state of Rio de Janeiro, in early volunteers that keep voice and data including directors and technicians. “It 2011, causing over 900 deaths, are communications operating during is important that people acknowledge responsible for a series of difficulties tragedies, even at the most remote and promote the existence of this group. not only to the population, but also areas on the planet. The next time a disaster occurs, the to those working in the rescue and The TacOps team is responsible organizations needing our assistance assistance to the victims. for managing Cisco’s Disaster • will be able to request it,” added Silva. 4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 1 SHORT ARTICLES METRO ETHERNET STILL CHALLENGING SERVICE To Cisco, telecom companies must plan their migration observing the quality of the new services being providedD uring MEF (Metro Ethernet both services. “However, the scenarios Forum), held in October in are challenging and different; Wi-Fi, for São Paulo, Cisco, Calix and example, makes use of a non-exclusive DragonWave executives, frequency, therefore, you tend to suffer among other market leaders in the more with interferences,” he added. Carrier Ethernet market, presented In terms of migration from traditional the technology trends to the service networks (TDM) to the Metro Ethernet, providers and, among the technical Moura affirms that operators need to invest issues, presented the challenges to C in networks and provide quality services. manufacturers, telecommunications “The TDM networks are easy to operate, M providers and professionals. always responding well to the services and Y According to Emerson Moura, one to performance management issues. So, CM of the MEF leaders and Cisco solution when providers start looking at the Carrier “In 2016, the Metro MY architect, the Carrier Ethernet provides Ethernet world, they need to think about the • CY billionaire opportunities. “In 2016, the Ethernet market may delivery of a quality services,” he observed. CMY reach US$ 48 billion K in technological and service sales” — EMERSON MOURA, FROM CISCO market may reach US$ 48 billion in revenue, not only in terms of technology, but also in services. This is an area that grows with the increase of data traffic,” he pointed out. In terms of the technological scenario, Marcelo Sena, pre-sales manager at Calix and Fabiano Chagas, product line manager at DragonWave, highlighted the use of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and networking trends such as Wi- Fi and Small Cells. Sena considers that “Wi-Fi uses a non-exclusive the 2.0 mode “adds services, such as “Metro Ethernet is agnostic frequency; therefore, granularity for mobile backhaul,” and technology, which adds that Metro Ethernet is agnostic allows several means you tend to suffer more technology, which allows several with interferences” means of interconnection. Chagas of interconnection” —FABIANO CHAGAS, FROM DRAGON WAVE affirmed that there’s a user demand for —MARCELO SENA, FROM CALIX 6
  7. 7. A Fundamentos desenvolve e implementa projetos sob medida no formato de“Turn Key”. Realizamos todos os serviços ligados as áreas de: Infraestrutura Sistemas de Monitoramento Rede Elétrica Vídeo Conferência Rede de Telecomunicações Construção e Normatização de Data Center Cabeamento Estruturado Metálico Projeto de TI/Telecom Cabeamento Óptico Sistema de Detecção e Combate a Incêndio Wireless Indoor e Outdoor Equipe d Técnicos Residentes Controle de Acesso LAN Switching Telefonia IP Outsourcing Entre em contato conosco: (12) 2139-6600 Endereço: Av. Francisco José Longo, 1612/1614 fundamentos@fundamentos.com.br Vila Bethânia - S. José dos Campos - SP www.fundamentos.com.br
  8. 8. 1 ALLIANCES A PASSPORT TO CISCO’S WORLD Channel program gains strength with the growth of the company in Brazil; evolution must prioritize emerging technologies A t a time of increased business is, the greater is the incentive profitability is even higher. “Actually, investments in the Brazilian offered to make the sale, according to what we do is encourage the partner to and its market share, Almeida. add value and knowledge to the offer,” one of Cisco’s pillars of One example: if the partner sells a explained the executive. performance in the country is of even switch, he receives a certain percentage greater importance: the channels. After as an incentive. If the sale, besides the Partners all, it is one of the few companies switch, includes security or video Currently, approximately 3,500 whose market model is fully based on resources and collaboration, his partners are in business with Cisco. channels; the manufacturer’s business Our profile is quite broad, ranging model is totally oriented towards from resellers and distributors to partnerships. system integrators, ISVs (Independent Within this perspective, the incentive Software Vendors, who sell programs emerge as tools that applications integrated to the network’s provide the business partner with an infrastructure) and datacenters, besides opportunity to increase its profitability. companies that use technology as a Cisco preserves the channel’s margin, secondary business. offers recognition and uses financial In the latter group, we find factors as its means for building loyalty. constructors, for example, which “Our channel partnerships play a along with Cisco, are able to integrate fundamental role, since Cisco’s business technologies for smart buildings, model is based on indirect sales,” industrial automation, among other explained Eduardo Almeida, channels applications.. director of Cisco Brazil. “The financial There are also specific programs for health and profitability of our partners distributors, which are not focused on are fundamental to us. Our partners the direct sale to the client. In these need to profit while conducting “The financial health cases, the recognition takes place by business with Cisco,” he added. and profitability of means of the number and size of the Cisco’s recognition program divides resellers served, besides the frequency the channels by the generation of our partners are in which inventory is replacement and business and sales with added value. fundamental to us” the increase in the number of new The more complex our partner’s — EDUARDO ALMEIDA, FROM CISCO clients, among other parameters.. 8
  9. 9. Almeida explains that there are to also provide good service to thedifferent performance indexes, but end customer. We wish to be well 6 THREE LEVELSthat “we also recognize the distributor, represented. Our clients are quitedifferentiating and providing funds and selective; therefore, our partner needsbusiness advantages so that they can to be consistent,” the executive added. The business relationshipfeel motivated to work with Cisco”. categories with Cisco: HorizonsCertifications “The pillar for Cisco’s channel ASSOCIATES Certifications, in Cisco’s opinion, are program does not change,” Almeida When generating a newfundamental elements in its relationship replied, when asked about the future of business, the partnerwith the channels. “They differentiate partnerships. “Our target is profitability, receives credit over thean opportunistic partnership from a to help our partners to earn more.” value transactionstrategic one,” pondered Almeida. According to this logic, and as the“With certification, the partner products are sold by the company SALES WITH ADDED VALUEestablishes a closer relationship with and the manner in which they are The partner who worksCisco.” used by the client evolves, the along with Cisco’s teams The executive explained that it is programs will become more focused in the design of strategicessential that the specialized partner on emerging technologies, including plans, pre-sale actions,obtain certification, acquiring the cloud computing, consumerization, the implementationprivilege of selling certain products. etc. “Encouraging our partner to play of solutions, etcThe VIP, for example, offers conditions a more relevant role in this evolution isof up to 20% in compensation, a quite interesting,” affirmed Almeida. VIPpercentage that can only be achieved “Channel programs in business Associated to the saleswith certain levels of certification in applications, in which the partner of complex solutionsthe sold architecture. would have greater profitability by and architectures, with “This is one of Cisco’s concerns: adding knowledge to the level of a longer sales cycle application and to the network layer. and higher investments Evolution takes place in this fashion.” • made by the partner 9
  10. 10. 1 ALLIANCES LIVE! MEXICO EXHIBITS CISCO’S STRENGTH IN LATIN AMERICA The event was in his debut as Latin America leader, 6,300 through partnerships – besides visited by over did a great job in allowing relevant debates with clients and partners, 25 offices. • to continue positioning Cisco as 3,300 people; the leader in the region, allowing for the focus was on the transformation of the experience 6 NUMBERS of countries, governments, clients services rendered and citizens in partnership with our CISCO LIVE! MEXICO to sectors such as ecosystem,” declared Cisco’s Latin NUMBERS America marketing officer, Javier health, education Camacho, emphasizing the success 05 Verticals were the target of and government of the event. lectures and trainings This attention that Cisco dedicatesC ancun, a Mexican tropical to Latin America has a clear purpose. 125 Cisco executives paradise, was the City After all, with the economic attended the Symposium chosen to host the 2012 uncertainties in Europe and the Cisco Live! Mexico. The weak recovery in the United States, 130 Sessions event, held in early November, the region became the company’s received more than 3,300 visitors focus of growth, with Brazil as the 225 Decision-making from 32 countries to discuss how the spearhead. The company recently executives took part in the company’s technologies – including announced investments in the management program routing, switching, collaboration, sum of R$ 1 billion over the next video, BYOD and others – can make four years in the country. Over 60 Cisco product and solution sectors such as health, education, 30 thousand professionals linked demonstrations government, manufacturing and to the company in Latin America – finances more efficient in Latin America. These five verticals were the theme for debates during the symposium, in which more than 125 company executives attended, in more than 130 sessions. A training program was also offered for IT managers, which included the participation of 225 decision-making executives. 60 Cisco product and solution demonstrations were presented, with the clear purpose of increasing companies’ earnings and productivitys. “Rogelio Velasco, as VP host of Cisco Live! Mexico, and Jordi Botifoll, Cisco Live! Mexico gathered 3,300 visitors in the City of Cancun, Mexico 10
  11. 11. 1 ALLIANCES CISCO AND PARTNERS: A BOUNTIFUL HARVEST VMware, Panduit, EMC, Verint, Furukawa and Fluke Networks are some of Cisco’s strategic alliances. Together, the companies have led areas and conquered new trends in the global marketM obility, convergence and presence in this segment due to its virtual environments have activities with plant floor devices and changed the dynamics in robots, which require an IP port – our the corporate sector in the DNA,” affirmed Almeida. world and, according to a research According to Carlos Gustavo Werner, carried out by Gartner, up to 2015 it will Cisco’s datacenter business development “When we see become priority matters to the CIOs. manager, the focus, besides relying Eduardo Almeida, Cisco’s channels on partnerships, is to build strategic opportunities the in officer, reveals that, keeping an eye in alliances, such as the VCE joint Brazil, such as demand this process, the company has been venture (VMware, Cisco and EMC). “I for infrastructure, ready for market changes for decades, believe that the concept sold by these time invested in alliances with players companies, both in virtualization, cloud public safety and from different segments to conquer computing and solution development, major events, we bring leadership in new performance areas. benefit the market,” added Werner, the partnerships that “In During the fiscal year of 2012, when mentioning the Vblock solution. our presence in the area of automation, “This product synthesizes our alliance, can help the most in for example, was higher than 80%. This since it integrates cloud computing, solving “problems” and result reflects the strategic investment networking and servers in the same provide opportunities” in alliances made with companies such package.” — EDUARDO ALMEIDA, DA CISCO as Fluke Networks, which has great Almeida also added that the 12
  12. 12. Reduza o tempo de Inatividade etenha maior visibilidade e controle desua infraestrutura com soluções PanduitAs soluções Panduit para Gerenciamento da Infraestrutura em DataCenters (DCIM) possibilitam que sua empresa gerencie visualmente aconectividade da rede em tempo real e rastreie os ativos de TI eminstalações e escritórios remotos em qualquer lugar do mundo. Amaior visibilidade das informações relevantes da rede ajuda a minimizarriscos, reduzir o tempo de inatividade e obter vantagens operacionaisAs soluções de hardware inteligente PViQ™ potencializam a soluçãoao incluir gerenciamento remoto de mudanças e ampliações eao rastrear todos os enlaces e equipamentos da rede.Minimize o Risco de Tempos de Inatividade • Resolva problemas de conectividade da rede, de forma 80% mais rápida em relação aos sistemas não gerenciáveis, utilizando o software PIM™ para Gerenciamento da Infraestrutura • Identifique a localização física exata de um acesso não autorizado à rede com agilidade até 90% maior se comparada à ausência de um sistema IPLMReduza Custos • Realize mudanças e ampliações com precisão e rapidez superior em 75% do que nos sistemas não gerenciáveis • Consolide as soluções de gerenciamento para camada física, energia e gerenciamento ambiental na plataforma única do software PIM™Melhore a Capacidade da Rede e a Colaboração • Melhore a colaboração entre pessoas, processos e sistemas, através de interconectividade confiável e de alta performance entre os sistemas de gerenciamento de rede e as aplicações • Gerenciamento baseado na web para acesso local e remoto via um navegador web Faça o download do folheto sobre o Software PIM™ em http://ittybitty.bz/PIM1 Para mais informações: Visite o site www.panduit.com/software, envie um e-mail para info@panduit.com.br ou ligue 55-11-3613-2353
  13. 13. 1 ALLIANCES partnerships take place in different can help the most in solving “problems” strategic and a proof of this is our joint manners, such as with the injection and provide opportunities,” concluded venture, which became a company. In 2009, of capital or the joint development of Werner. the concept of converging infrastructure solutions. “We understand the strength Performance with partners was developed. We decided that it would be of the company, which comprises Cisco’s portfolio is broad regarding worthwhile to enter this market, and then, Cisco’s solution and its importance to its global partnerships, and with some VCE was created,” the executive explained. the client, and we combine them,” he companies the partnership dates back The Panduit strategic alliance manager, said. more than 10 years, which is the case Mark Hwang, said that the relationship The channel area, in the executive’s of Panduit, EMC, Fluke Networks between the companies included opinion, is strategic in this composition, and Verint, which act, strategically, cooperation from the engineering and since it is responsible for the alliance in several areas with and for Cisco, strategic departments. “Panduit and between partners to act in sectors of complementing solutions, services and Cisco develop solutions for physical high demand, such as infrastructure even architectures. infrastructure and architecture for the and major events. “When we see “The main incentive to invest in these implementation of Cisco’s technologies. opportunities, such as demand for alliances is the market’s dynamics, We have cooperated in the launch of the infrastructure, public safety and major which purchases and is filled with Catalyst and Nexus platforms and we are events, we bring the partnerships that solutions that make business evolve. In sponsors of the Networking Academy, the case of strategic partnerships, such which trains students to design, build as VMware, EMC, Furukawa, Panduit, and perform network maintenance. among others, each company intends to With this, we gain further knowledge supplement the offer to better serve our on the applications and technologies clients,” reports the channels officer. that our clients implement in their IT For Jim Daves, sales’ officer in Latin environments and our know-how in the America for Fluke Networks, the application layer, in network platforms, performance in partnership exercises processing and storage, provide better two strengths: partner and integrator. solutions for the physical infrastructure “We are partners in the development and architectures.” and build testing equipment that Our partnership with Verint began communicate with Cisco’s devices, but in 1998, when the company manufactured we also train Cisco partners, a long-lasting its first voice recorder and started installing relationship that has helped us perform the systems for Cisco’s clients, acting as a certification work of the copper, fiber and technology partner. Currently, Verint is wireless facilities and has benefited Cisco a member of Cisco Developer Network “In 2009, when the with the physical layer – infrastructure (CDN). “Due to the investments in the concept of converging that, if not placed in good hands, partnership, we not only make sure that degrades the equipment’s performance,” our technologies interoperate as our infrastructure was he reported clients expect, but we also cooperate created, we decided With EMC, the relationship is also by providing new resources that would that entering this market long lasting and Welson Barbosa, cloud not be possible if the companies would be worthwhile and business director in Latin America, continued working individually,” the so VCE was created” affirms that Cisco is one of the most company declares through its press strategic partners. relations departmentes through its — WELSON BARBOSA, FROM EMC “Cisco’s development of solutions is press relations. • 14
  14. 14. 1 BUSINESS FROM WORK The Cisco ABR Comstor team was formed by Cisco Brazil’s director of operations, Marcos Yamamoto, TO SPORTS Cisco Capital’s accounts manager, Caio Raymundo, and Cisco Brazil’s president, Rodrigo Abreu. The team’s main goal was to do something good: Cisco Brazil executives face one of the most the company donated computer difficult mountain bike tests in the country and equipment to the schools in the region. But of course this was not the only thrill give a lesson in teamwork during the competition. “After months of training and T he greatest mountain bike Diamantina, in Bahia. During one week expectation, it is now time to ride the challenge ever held in the in September, teams of two (formed trails using individual skills and qualities, Brazil: this is how the Brazil by the relay between three members always keeping in mind that we are a team,” Ride organizers define the of each team) compete, the 2012 issue Yamamoto wrote in the daily journals 600 km competition of mountain, of Brazil Ride had a corporate category during the competition. “Brazil Ride, valley and river trails at Chapada for the first time. as well as in most of the projects in our lives, no one can succeed on his own – team members must complete each stage together.” To Cisco executives, participation in the endurance test, during which they had to face extremely dry weather and temperatures, is also an incentive in search of finding the balance between work and one’s private life, and to show how projects of this nature can help communities that need assistance; and also the obvious “endurance” component. “Better than describing the several ups, downs, sand and stones, I repeat Awards ceremony for the 2012 Brazil Ride winners, in Bahia what the Portuguese magazine Bike Magazine wrote: ‘This (stage) is one ofFabio Piva the most difficult things to do on top of a bike,” Yamamoto wrote, referring to the second day of competition, consisting of a 144-km stage. Perseverance was the word used by the executive to summarize the experience after the seven hard days of competition. Even so, what counted the most, were the moments of solidarity during the competition, being in touch with the local community and with nature. “And, we have already registered for the 2013 Brazil Ride,” wrote Yamamoto. Caio Raymundo and Marcos Yamamoto “We’ll see you there!” • 16
  15. 15. Garanta eficiênciae confiabilidade ao seu negócio. Para obter vantagens competitivas e excelência no atendimento e relacionamento é essencial poder contar com sistemas de comunicações atualizados e eficientes que contemplem recursos como convergência, colaboração e mobilidade. Combine os melhores recursos ao expertise da Wittel em atendimento, consultoria, planejamento e integração e obtenha o melhores resultados. Consulte a Wittel. Conheça as nossas soluções em Colaboração e Comunicações Unificadas, sob medida para o seu segmento. wittel.com • Consultoria de Apoio à Decisão e ao Relacionamento com o Cliente • Collaboration Center • Unified Communications• Gestão de Relacionamento e Eficiência • Qualidade e Produtividade • Convergência • Gestão de Projetos • Serviços Profissionais • Customer Feedback • Soluções de Operações Financeiras • Conference Call
  16. 16. 1 BUSINESSTHE ICT PIONEERSDistributorspresent theirstrategies toattract, maintainand increasebusiness withresellersL ocated in South America, Brazil has a territorial extension of over 8 million km², the fifth largest on the planet, with an economic ranking between 6th and 7th. During this decade, regions that weren’t as developed economically saw change with an increase in consumption by the new lower middle class, which also changed the pace of business, in 2012 and the demanding from companies a higher opportunities investment in ICT (information and already foreseen,” communication technologies). the exec utive An economic behavior that directly emphasized. “our plan is to triple impacts the distribution chain of A member of our turnover, products, since it is necessary for the Westcon Group, and also being them to be available as soon as Comstor, which calls itself the acknowledged possible in different parts of the leader in the distribution of Cisco by Cisco and country; and, distributors specialized products, is about to consolidate a by resellers for in Cisco equipment, are not only fully double digit growth in 2012 and plans our operational excellence and as a acquainted with this demand, but have to continue expanding next year, but partner that adds value to the business,” also established differentiated strategies at a more conservative pace due to affirmed Renato Lovisi, responsible for to attract, maintain and increase their the economy’s behavior, according to the company’s Network Business Unit. business with resellers. Humberto Menezes, general director of The owner of a portfolio with 9,000 Carlos Tirich, Alcatéia’s business Comstor in Brazil. “We continue with a resellers, Ingram Micro accumulated and marketing director, said that perspective of growth, but Brazil’s GDP a 35% growth increase over the last the company intends to practically will probably present a 1% growth, two years. double the 10-member team, directly despite the country being involved in Ingram Micro Brazil’s strategy with responsible for the marketing of Cisco major sporting events,” said Menezes. Cisco’s products for 2013 will be solutions in 2013, precisely due to the In the same fashion, Ingram marked by the expansion of the small new opportunities. “Cisco is one of Micro Brazil, another one of Cisco’s and medium-sized client base, focused Alcatéia’s main investments during distribution partners, is optimistic mainly on the safety and collaboration the following year, due to the growth towards the future of the business: segments, which is similar to what 18
  17. 17. Alcatéia is planning. “In 2013, we are considering nearly According to Tirich, the market 50 actions,” affirmed the businessaccepts Cisco products quite well, and director when reporting that thethe distributor has assumed the role as events include road shows, eventspioneer in the small and medium-sized with sales executives, training, amongbusinesses market (SBM). Another other actions.factor that has worked to increasebusiness in 2012 was the fact that BenefitsAlcatéia enhanced Cisco’s solution In addition to the campaigns for theportfolio. “We gained access to 100% partners, biannual campaigns, targetof the products,” celebrated Tirich. promotions with the offer of benefits “The distributor’s project Therefore, the distributor, according for the company or entertainment for is to promote theto Tirich, has invested both to move the professionals, Alcatéia maintains expansion of the channelforward in the market as well as for a channel program called Inovar,its work to be appreciated by Cisco; with 120 registered resellers, with to technology verticalspromoting, besides the pre-sale support, biannual goals with bonuses for that are in evidence,nearly 15 events oriented to the value the funds that may be used in the such as big data andsegment with the brand’s products. hiring or training of professionals. “In 2013, the resellers at Inovar will cloud computing” also have access to Cisco products,” — HUMBERTO MENEZES, FROM COMSTOR Tirich emphasized. The rendering of services to resellers will be one of the highlights of Comstor, the business to the area of borderless network branch created by Westcon Group architecture, which gathers routers, specifically to operate the Cisco switches and security platforms. brand. “We want our partners to In order to speed up the business, benefit from a services rendering Comstor launched Comstor strategy designed for them,” affirmed Express, an e-commerce service Menezes, when pointing out the that simplifies price quoting, the importance of distributors. “The consultation of inventories and the channel and Cisco are our clients,” he follow-up of online orders. The added. service is available over the Internet Comstor’s project is to promote the and will soon be launched for the“Cisco is among the expansion of the channel to technology iPhone (there are already trial users),three main Alcatéia verticals that are in evidence, such as Smartphones and, consequently, for big data and cloud computing, along tablets.investments for the with the datacenter and virtualization. “This support convenience andfollowing year, due to the According to Comstor’s President, reseller qualification representsgrowth in 2012 and the the company is investing heavily in a differential,” emphasizesforeseen opportunities” these markets and is already obtaining Menezes. Comstor currently good results, already achieving the maintains approximately 60 people— CARLOS TIRICH, FROM ALCATÉIA same results with the collaboration, focused on Cisco, including marketing telepresence, IP telephony, in addition and engineering. • 19
  18. 18. 1 BUSINESS SHOWROOM Integrators invest in showrooms and technical demonstrations to make solutions more appealing and to increase the number of clients PromonLogicalis Innovation Center: demonstration and relationship areaN owadays, it is perfectly possible and is being adopted by integrators and The permanent area is located at the to buy a car over the Internet. ICT solution providers. One of these company’s headquarters, in the district The process is simple, fast and companies is PromonLogicalis, which of Itaim Bibi, in São Paulo. It is a big customized: all information has been investing in such an area since meeting room, in which solutions are required is found on the website, usually 2011, when its Innovation Center was displayed so that the clients may test filled with beautiful images and an opened. them. Cisco is the main partner in the alluring language, created to convince In the cutting-edge technological construction of the Innovation Center, the potential buyer. However, one may e n v i ro n m e n t c re a te d by therein we display wireless access think that few customers prefer to visit a PromonLogicalis, and by partners such control solutions (ISE), cooperation dealership personally and feel the smell as Cisco, clients have the opportunity and unified communication solutions, of the new seats, the softness of the to familiarize themselves with the among others. steering-wheel and hear the roar of the products that meet their business needs. The company is also one of Apple’s engine. These solutions are part of the unified corporate partners in Brazil for The test drive made by the majority communication and collaboration, corporate sales, and this condition is of those purchasing cars is therefore videoconference, IP telephony, demonstrated in the Innovation Center: very similar to showrooms. The concept corporate networks, cloud, security, the concept of mobile collaboration has been long used by companies in wireless networks, mobility (BYOD) is demonstrated in iOS devices the real-estate and construction sectors, and managed service portfolios. interconnected to the corporate 20
  19. 19. network and accessing tools such as PromonLogicalis made the strategic the Cisco Jabber. These are some of the decision to operate in the large company permanent demonstrations, however market. Up till then, the company’s“depending on the need, we are also focus had been telecommunication able to put temporary exhibits together,” service providers in Brazil, about a explained the PromonLogicalis dozen companies, and with a direct, business and partnership manager well-structured relationship focused for Latin America, Ricardo de Abreu on the clients. Sofiatti. “When we decided to go after the According to the executive, the large companies, we needed a more solutions are usually assembled for efficient way to communicate and “NEC’s showroom does one year at least, and updated at the demonstrate what we were doing, not have the role of only whenever the developer does the same. because PromonLogicalis, the IT and attracting new clients, The advantage of this system is readiness, telecom integrator branch of Promon in other words, at any time the client Group, wasn’t well known at the time, but it is also an area that may visit the area and all features will by the corporate world,” explained states the role of the be ready to be demonstrated. “If the Sofiatti. Thus, the showroom was company in society” client requires a specific demonstration, a perfect fit to the company, which — ANDRÉ ELETÉRIO, FROM NEC we are able to modify the laboratory. As needed to demonstrate its solutions technology evolves, we bring in new and become a well-known brand with resources to the Innovation Center and the target public. also new devices as they are created.” Since 2011, when it was opened, a video automatically popping-up, approximately 50 clients have visited besides being able to share the computerThe concept the area, nearly the number initially screen with another person in the same The concept for the Innovation expected by PromonLogicalis meeting. Testing these resources inCenter was created approximately and a considerable proportion of person makes for a richer experience,”two years before its launch, when approximately one third of the he stated. company’s 160 active clients. Most The expansion of the Innovation of the current invitations to visit the Center’s physical space is not center are made to companies already PromonLogicalis’ current intention; working with the integrator. The goal however, increasing the number of is, of course, to assemble new solutions. demonstrations and features is a However, the area also has the purpose constant goal, as new investments from of attracting new buyers. “When there the partners increase. “We want to use is a new client, we take the opportunity the area more and more as a relationship to perform a corporate presentation center,” Sofiatti said. about the company, and then moving on to the demonstration,” explained the From the East PromonLogicalis executive. Another initiative under operation Sofiatti believes that the Innovation in Brazil was developed by NEC. In Center’s main benefit is “being able to fact, every showroom created by the abandon PowerPoint presentations,” company’s global branches is inspired in other words, making technology on Innovation World, located in“The main benefit from more evident, going beyond the simple Japan. The Brazilian center followsthe Innovation Center is graphic presentations in the attempt the template from headquarters, withbeing able to abandon to convince the client. “Another thing a few characteristics adapted to LatinPowerPoint presentations” is to pick-up the telephone, call from America business the Japanese and— RICARDO SOFIATTI, FROM one extension to the other and observe Brazilian company product and servicePROMON LOGICALIS 21
  20. 20. 1 BUSINESS portfolios are different and aligned to equipment, including media gateways showrooms, the integrator takes those each market. and network core routers, most of them who are interested to the datacenter NEC’s showroom exists since the manufactured by Cisco. that supports one of its main products: company moved to the capital of São Over the last few years however, the CaaS, a unified communication and Paulo and started acting as solutions structure has not been much used for collaboration managed service. integrator. It is 500m² of area, in which business purposes. “Usually we invite “The only difference to the HCS it is displayed IP telephony solutions, clients when it is necessary to perform (Hosted Collaboration Solution) is individual videophones, cameras, tests or to demonstrate a particular that, at CaaS, Cisco itself assembled the projectors, displays, customized rooms, feature,” explained Soares. Over datacenter, and not Damovo,” explained collaboration tools and management the last few years, the company has the CaaS business unit manager of the software. worked closely with one of the major integrator, Carlos Elias. Damovo goes to “The showroom does not have the role Brazilian service providers, a relationship the client, builds the network and does only of attracting new clients, which that demands greater technical use of the all the necessary integration. Finally, it in fact occurs, but it is also an area laboratory, and that explains the decrease connects to the Cisco datacenter,” he that states NEC’s role in society and in its use for business purposes for the explained. reinforces the brand locally,” explained obtainment of new clients. “The team is The CaaS goal is to provide simpler and André Eletério, the company’s certainly interested in increasing its use, cheaper collaboration and communication marketing manager. in other words, if it creates benefits for tools, with which the client acquires In mid-2012, the company performed new businesses and new clients,” said the resource per user. Available since a major remodeling of the showroom, Soares. May/2012, the infrastructure supporting updating the layout to make it more the service is distributed between two appealing. The idea was that, as Data center processing centers, in Barueri (SP) and the company’s and the partners’ Another company, which invests in in Uberlândia (MG). technologies change and evolve, the the contact between the potential client “Every client that has closed a deal arrangement and permanence of the and the solution before closing the deal, with us wanted to visit the datacenter,” solutions are renewed. “It is an area is Damovo. However, unlike traditional Elias affirmed. “This is where we in constant change,” explained the demonstrate every kind of redundancy, executive. the safety measures and availability. It is a way to demonstrate that the solution is Laboratory reliable and, in general, the client leaves “Demonstrating to the client that a the center feeling extremely secure.” concept is feasible is essential,” stated Besides the visits to the datacenter, the Italtel technology director, Rafael Damovo has, at its headquarters in São Soares. The Italian company has a Paulo, terminals connected to CaaS, which laboratory in the capital city of São are used in demonstrations to potential Paulo focused on IP telephony solutions buyers. Calls are made from the company, focused on telecommunication service in particular video calls, and through the providers. “It is not a traditional datacenter support service. The system showroom, such as the demonstration is also demonstrated on mobile devices. center. It is a laboratory where the client “It is still a very simple demonstration. can, whenever necessary, make or watch In the future we intend to present demonstrations.” telepresence resources. We want to The laboratory exists since 2001, “In general the client call every branch through CaaS, and when the company started its activities have clients at the Rio de Janeiro and leaves the center feeling in Brazil, and it had the purpose to São Paulo branches hosting video calls allow tests to be conducted by clients. extremely secure” between them,” reported the Damovo It has, in particular, infrastructure — CARLOS ELIAS, FROM DAMOVO executive. • 22
  21. 21. Cisco Web SecurityAppliance. Segurança paravocê e seu cliente.Certeza de segurança para o seu cliente.Certeza de rentabilidade para a sua revenda.Prepare-se para lucrar mais: sua empresa vai aumentar as oportunidadesde negócios com uma solução acessível, com a solidez da marca Cisco e osuporte da Ingram Micro.Cisco Web Security Appliance• Segurança na web para todo tipo de organização;• Controle granular sobre microaplicativos;• Permite restrição a funções específicas de sites, sem a necessidade de bloquear todo o acesso;• Integração com dispositivos móveis através do AnyConnect Security Mobility Center.Por que comprar Cisco Web Security Appliancena Ingram Micro?A Ingram Micro é o maior distribuidor de valoragregado do mundo no segmento de TI.Aqui, sua revenda ganha benefícios exclusivos nacompra das soluções Cisco:• Limites de crédito pré-aprovados;• Atendimento exclusivo;• Logística e entrega com prazos diferenciados;• Outros benefícios exclusivos.A Ingram Micro está à sua disposição. Fale conosco – e lucremais. Fale com um especialista Cisco na Ingram Micro e solicite uma solução Televendas (11) 2078-4300 Cisco personalizada e sem compromisso para seu cliente: • cisco@ingrammicro.com.br www.ingrammicro.com.br
  22. 22. 1 BUSINESS SIZE DOES METTER HERE S mall and medium-sized Focused on these organizations, Cisco develops a businesses represent the Cisco developed a special strategy, strategy to serve largest employers in several which started with the hiring business countries. These businesses director, Ms. Plihal, to head the SMB companies with up are also those that need specific area; including the new product area to 99 employees technology service and solutions and finally, business models that the most, in formats adjusted to their are differentiated and compatible and relies on its budgets, size and payment capacity. with the client’s profile; all including partners, in Just so you can have an idea, in Brazil, international support from the micro and small businesses (SMBs) Worldwide Development and Sales particular the generated approximately 70.2% of the President, Robert Lloyd (see more on distributors, to registered jobs in April/2012, pursuant to numbers of the General Registry of page 28). According to Ana Claudia, the increase business Employed and Unemployed Workers decision of reinforcing the specific (Caged) of the Ministry of Labor and area to business with SMBs comes Social Affairs (MTE). from a general observation of the 24
  23. 23. entire business structure that Cisco from the “boutique” template, designedhad, observation that demonstratedthe difficulty of acting in a macro level for major corporations, and moves toward mass access to technology, exploring the 6 SMB PORTFOLIOalong with a segment that requires a best practices already implementedmore advisory service. around the world. The new solution provides: According to Ms. Plihal, the decision In other words, Cisco wants, into reinforce the specific area for the long run, to serve as the base • An access pointbusiness with SMBs comes from a of the pyramid, preserving the • Manageable and stackable switchgeneral observation of the entire Cisco major contracts kept with the apex. • VPN Routerbusiness structure, an observation that Therefore, Cisco announced, in late • IP Telephonydemonstrated the difficulty of acting November, along with the creation of the • IP Video Surveillanceat a macro level, along with a segment SMB strategy, a portfolio of specific • UC Managerthat requires a more advisory service. products for this public. “Looking at the current structure, “This new client has the benefit ofCisco’s business area is huge, ranging motion and of reducing physical space,from major corporations to the challenge but requires a connection and needs to performance, something that cloud-of providing products to companies with access voicemail, make telephone calls based solutions fully meet,” Ms. Plihal2 to 99 employees – a small business and send and receive videos with high pointed out.under Cisco’s classification,” observed The new solution offers access points,Ms. Plihal. a manageable and stackable switch, a VPN router, unified communicationsBusiness reorganization manager (UC) and IP telephony with Using this observation as starting specific functionality and architecturepoint, Cisco initiated a process of for the SMBs. Everything integratedorganizing the service for SMBs, oriented to analog adaptors and enabling theby the most prominent characteristics in implementation of IP-based videothis market segment: it requires mobility; surveillance.it has high employment rates; presents For Cisco partners, supported by thelow technology-friendly rates; chronic distributors in which the company relies toproductivity and flexibility problems increase business; the solution is already offeredand fast response to demand. with a set of good practices for pre-sale, sale and “Another point is that most of the implementation. “The line is appropriatesmall and medium-sized businesses for the market sector that requires analready explore the e-commerce and internet access link, safety control andsocial networking benefits,” stated connectivity,” stated Ms. Plihal.Ms. Plihal, when concluding that it is “This is the area Cisco’s goals for this small and medium-a segment that demands increasingly sized business area (SMB) are very presenting higher growthtechnological solutions, in particular ambitious and will change the market’sregarding connectivity. in Cisco’s business” configuration over the next 3 years, she Thus, the new Cisco business area is far — ANA CLAUDIA PLIHAL, FROM CISCO said. • 25
  24. 24. 1 COVER CISCO, GREEN AND YELLOW Robbert Lloyd, Cisco’s President for global sales, reveals the company’s belief in Brazil, he also comments on the European economic crisis and its impacts on the global economy, and makes the authorities in order sporting events as a company’s to build the way to support the resources infrastructure economy’s growth available to required not only to and the new Brazilian host the major market demands 28
  25. 25. A mong those recommended for the position as Cisco’s global CEO, Robert Lloyd, the current President forglobal sales inaugurated, in Septem-ber, the production of Cisco routersin Brazil. During his visit, Mr. Lloydspoke to Live Magazine about localmanufacturing, the plans regarding thelaunch of new technologies and thecompany’s growth in the country. Hepointed out the good image that theBrazilian subsidiary and the countryhave in the global operation of thecompany and stated that, among theactions, which have already been de-fined, there will be an increase in theproduction of equipment, the con-solidation of partnerships and stronginvestment in the relationship with “There is no doubt that Brazil plays an importantstate and federal governments, with role and is one of the Cisco’s long-term investmenttelephone service providers and cor- plan. We have plans for local manufacturing,porations. Follow the main points ofthe interview. innovation, server excellence, and my expectation is that this market will grow faster than expected” LIVE MAGAZINE: What have —ROBERT LLOYD, CISCO’S GLOBAL SALES PRESIDENTbeen the investments made by Cis-co in Brazil so far, and what are yourfuture plans? ROBERT LLOYD: Brazil has always in Rio de Janeiro, where we will be able th Africa, Beijing and London. Un-been a focus point to Cisco. Recently, to demonstrate the innovations in the questionably, we have the capacity ofwe dedicated a specific investments fields of health, education, urban de- providing the best infrastructure. Wepackage to expand our local presence velopment, sports and entertainment have more experience than any otherand stimulate national development. and public security; investments in a company, and we will do a better jobWe have already made large invest- venture capital fund focused on IT, di- than we did in London; since, by 2016,ments in the training of our teams; we gital communications and economy, in the complexity will be greater and wehave reinforced our relationship with the expansion of local production – as will have more videos and content. Wepartners and clients; and we are inves- mentioned before – and on intellectual want to bring professionals with expe-ting in infrastructure. With regards property agreements with Brazilian rience and know-how in events suchto local production, we have already entities for the joint development of as these to help Cisco’s team in Brazil.manufacture setup boxes and we are innovations to better serve the market.about to begin manufacturing of one We are very optimistic. CLM: In which way do these spor-of our main product lines, routers. We ting events orient the company’s in-will soon provide for the manufactu- CLM: Has Cisco been working on vestmentss?ring of switches locally. any project for the World Cup and ROBERT LLOYD: We We consider The main four pillars on which our the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games? these huge events as great opportuni-investments are based over the next ROBERT LLOYD: When we talk ties to influence the Brazil’s develop-few years revolve around the inaugu- about these sporting events, we always ment; however, I do not think that theyration of the Cisco innovation center bring the experience we had in Sou- are orienting our investments per se. 29