Proposal scm 1ª atividade

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Proposal scm 1ª atividade

  1. 1. 3' É e; COLÉGIO A PLANALTO CAS Proposal L Student reference (proj. no. / year) / é coordinator reference (proj. no. / year) / e] Name *'77 ” ___ Q3043 No. › Class i Group *me wúuíímaá (W (rm Cla A/ (Z)~, <'AÃÇ: :'ÍMLÀC. cmi Ze_ r. «mm - a : gm (Ia / t/(Ê/ ÍJUÇÇÀÁJQ w r . . . ÁQPÊ** “pümíla cb mQ/ TCÉZCO( m” É @WWw033 Hà? ”- conímãcí, _ 2%: 20'? - ÊQQ Supervisor contact - PT › Makita +35f &uñgg lde5
  2. 2. í r___ WE 'T5 T6027 Tú¡ 4w%é¡ dmmã "Thu/ n (Rh: Cao/ numa 00/1 / rrwqK? 76x( Wàjwifwã rfmQOVQ/ z. Abstract (description of the activity) - ENG Aims - PT I ; voa/ FÉ «avacwu *cmkfãvcíx M/ (ñl »ina/ «é ; mim/ rá ? nm/ we / ÉucZà M “j wLww ITCOW/ -À Mía / áÍ/ ÍCq/ Aew#- Estimating the number of hours, and the starting and ending date - PT @oh 'Fnom ele? 23 “lg 403w! ” To 34 g °É g47zmíg” 2de5
  3. 3. Total number Component of hours Substantiation - PT Creativity MBR MK ; BCO (jyúêbw/ ÍÉYLMSÔ- Learning outcome L increased their awareness of their own strenghts and areas for growth Yes/ No? Proposal of evidence - ! NG Worked collaboratively with others Show perseverance and commitment in their activities Engaged with issues of Undertaken new jkzfbém” 6» challenges X Planned and iniciated activities ! global importance Considered the ethical implications of their actions Developed new skills 3de5
  4. 4. Possible obstacles or difficulties in performing the activity - PT . I F/ OJTrÍn/ Vtzfañ/ 13W ? Jam/ J l ÍEML* Required resources - PT n_ lzmz. Group or individual activity? - PT 040% r 4de5
  5. 5. Further remarks and information - PT Date of proposal / / CAS Advisor Coordinator comments - PT Date of approval / / CAS Coordinator 5de5