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No último //Build anunciamos a Microsoft Universal Apps, uma significativa evolução da PCL - Portable Class Library.
Com a Universal Apps passamos a reaproveitar não só código entre apps de Windows 8.1 e Windows Phone 8.1, mas também XAML / HTML. Isso mesmo, no Windows Phone 8.1 também é possível desenvolver com HTML5 e JS.

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  • Windows Phone 8.1 comes with a new improved Maps control. As before, there is good support for geolocation, but 8.1 brings support for geofencing. You can set up to 1000 circular geofences (a radius around a geolocation) and when the user passes through a geofence, a background task can be triggered allowing you to run some code to alert the user or perform other relevant processing.
  • The absence of video editing support is a major application gap on Windows Phone today. In WP 8.1 we are delivering a new APIs, Windows.Media.Editing with hardware transcoding support including support for:
    Quickly building a basic Video Trimming app (Windows XAML 8.1 and Windows Phone Silverlight 8.0 and 8.1)
    Complex tasks such as stitching clips. (Windows XAML 8.1)
    Adding Audio and Video Effects (Windows XAML 8.1)

    There is a new Background Audio API for Windows XAML 8.1
    Two process model
    New MediaPlayer API
    Start second process through AppX manifest
    Support for the new Windows 8.1 System Media Transport Controls
    Improved cross-process communication

    There is support for developing Microsoft Media Foundation applications for Windows Phone 8.1:
    Create MFTs (MSDN for modern apps usually calls these Media Extensions)
    Support for adding local codecs via software

  • << Missing from this example, is the user permission query where the user permits screen recording >>

    Replay assumes that the application keeps enough information to reconstruct the play sequence. Then screen capture can be enabled during replay. There are opportunities here for the game to add ‘special effects’ like super slo-mo to enhance the recording.
  • The Windows Phone Wallet:
    A single location for reward cards, tickets, deals, and payment cards
    A platform that lets you easily reach your users through engaging content

    Example scenario: Anna is on her way to catch a movie with friends. She bought her ticket via a mobile app on her phone and it saved her ticket to her Wallet. When she arrives at the theater, her ticket is ready to be scanned on her phone. She’s glad she doesn’t have to keep track of a physical ticket.

    New in 8.1:
    Introducing a “front of card” view for all types of cards
    Merchants and issuers can create full screen fully customizable cards
    Additional information can be included on the back of cards
    Cards can be linked to apps to provide merchant specific scenarios
    Making and distributing cards is easy:
    Cards can be distributed via email or from the web
    Issuers and Merchants can create cards without writing an app for Windows Phone
    If you have already launched a campaign with Apple passes, it’s easy to support Windows Phone as well. The Wallet can save Apple passes without modification.
  • Bluetooth LE is exploding! The ‘Internet of Things’ phenomena means that more and more smart objects are being equipped with sensors and Bluetooth LE radios. We have great APIs in Windows Phone 8.1 to connect to these devices, such as heart rate monitors and smart key fobs, including the ability to trigger background tasks when a connection id made or lost to a device.
    We also have good support for more legacy RFComm device services.
  • Microsoft has always been good at ‘enterprise’ though we heard from our customers that Windows Phone 8 did not have all the features they needed.
    In WP8.1, there is great support for the features enterprises need, including massively improved device management, support for client certificates when using SSL, availability of the full Windows Runtime cryptography libraries, enterprise Wi-Fi, app-triggered VPN support, S/MIME to encrypt email and enhanced facilities for enterprises to manage the apps installed on fully-managed devices.
  • There are great new APIs for authenticating users.
    There’s SSO (Single Sign-On) support for users against their Microsoft Account, making it easy to access resources such as files stored in the cloud in OneDrive.
    The Web Authentication Broker makes it easy to authenticate against social networks using OAUTH2.
    There’s also CredentialLocker which makes it easy to store credentials securely.

    Both WAB and CredntialLocker support roaming of stored credentials across devices.
  • For developers of mobile Websites or those building HTML/ JavaScript UI running in a WebBrowser control, we have Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1. This has industry-leading HTML5 support, and adds the ability to incorporate inline video display with adaptive streaming. It brings WebGL support and a host of other enhancements.
  • The tools on the SDK have had a major overhaul. The emulator now supports new tools such as a Push notification simulator which allows you to test your app by sending dummy notifications from the emulator additional tools rather then from the cloud.
    You can also emulate an SD card by mapping it to a local folder on your PC – useful for getting content onto the emulator.
  • We also have awesome tools such as:
    AppVerifier: great for finding resource leaks in C++ code
    Performance Monitor for monitoring memory and CPU usage while exercising your app
    Performance Recorder for capturing low level ETW (Event Tracing for Windows) data for later analysis.
  • And many, many more great features that you’ll learn about in this Jump Start.

  • Windows Store
    Super flexible terms to enable developers to make money – this is not a strength for apple, frankly
    70/30 split, but a low bar of $25K in revenue to accelerate that to 80/20 … apps that do well and achieve popularity with users create a path for the developer to make more money
    Use your own commerce platform … it goes to 100% - developers keep everything
    In-app purchasing is no problem
    3rd-party ad controls are no problem – you want to use Google for ads?  Totally fine
    The strategy is basically removal of friction and barriers that get in the way of developers making money because that is the singular driving force behind platform economics

    To be more successful, developers need marketplaces with flexible commerce options and a fast path to monetization. The Windows Store helps customers discover new apps, gives better payout percentages than comparable stores, enables third party commerce systems and advertising platforms, and facilitates in-app purchases.
    With our Ads in Apps program, we can help you help monetize your app, leveraging Microsoft’s relationships with top advertisers.

    [See optional Ads-in-Aps slide in the appendix]
  • Windows Universal Apps

    1. 1. Windows Universal Apps
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    3. 3. Hardware mais barato (support 8x26, Qualcomm Reference Design) Suporte a Dual-SIM (duplo Sim Card) Aplicativos para ajudar a utilizar melhor o seu plano de dados: DataSense 2.0, Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense, Battery Sense 3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. 6
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. 8 Windows 8.1 fornece para os desenvolvedores umq experiência compartilhada que entrega a experiência correta para o fabricante correto Projetado um vez; engaging everywhere • Plataforma de desenvolvimento convergida • Modelo de aplicaitvo convergido Aplicativos ganham vida no Windows • Melhoria no Live tile • Action Center para notificações inteligentes • Execução em Background + triggers • Bluetooth-LE suporte para wearables + beacons • Melhorias no Internet Explorer 11
    9. 9. 9 Windows Phone 7.5 Windows Phone 8.0 Convergência iniciou com IE • WP 7.5 entregue com IE9 • O mesmo IE codebase como no Windows • Mesmo engine JavaScript como no Windows Convergência no núcleo do SO • Mesmo NT kernel, file system e rede • Kernel mode driver • Boot Seguro & BitLocker Developer Platform • Convergência parcial de API (foco em sensores e IAP) • Native Code (C++) e DirectX • IE10 Converged Dev Platform • Reuso de seus conhecimentos • Mais reutilização de código • Experiências disruptivas Alinhamento das Lojas • Um registro duas lojas • Shared entitlement Common Core Platform • Frameworks de localização e proximidade • Segurança & identidade • Agendador de tarefas
    10. 10. 10 O Windows Runtime (WinRT) é runtime compartilhada e API utilizada por Apps entre as plataformas Windows (Phone e Client) Crescimento da Convergência no 8.1 • Objetivo é ter 100% de convergência para os cenários de desenvolvimento • No 8.0, tínhamos ~30% de convergência de API • Com o 8.1, estamos com 90%+ convergência
    11. 11. 11 | | Legend
    12. 12. 12
    13. 13. 14
    14. 14. • Utilizando um único template de projeto do Visual Studio ‘Universal app’ para sua App. • As mesmas ferramentas de desenvolvimento e teste entre as plataformas 15
    15. 15. 16
    16. 16. Fornece o mesmo sistema de coordenadas que extende o eixo X e Y para o infinito, permitindo que você escale 17 10” tablet 7” tablet 6” 5” 4.5” Canvas virtual infinito
    17. 17. 18 80% exact same XAML 20% custom Common SignatureOptimized DatePicker TimePicker CommandBar AppBar Button CheckBox RadioButton ProgressBar Slider ToggleSwitch Hub Pivot ListView GridView
    18. 18. 19 No Windows Phone 8.1 … e no Windows 8.1
    19. 19. 20
    20. 20. 21 Task TimeTrigger PUSH Notification LocationTrigger PushNotificationTrigger MaintenanceTrigger InternetAvailable NetworkStateChange TimeZoneChange
    21. 21. 22 Windows Notification Service (WNS) • Mesmo serviço de push para Windows + Phone • Melhora na fila para aumentar o limite de perda de notificações devido a problemas de conectividade Toasts + Tile templates • Mesmos templates de tile • Atualizações periódicas de tiles • Toasts
    22. 22. Action Center • Local para verificar as notificações perdidas • Aplicativos podem inteligentemente gerenciar notificações (adicionar silenciosamente, atualizar, e excluir notificações) 23
    23. 23. Device B WP 8.1 – PFN 12345 Roaming Local Local Cache Temp Device A WP 8.1 App Roaming Local Local Cache Temp Backup [Device A]
    24. 24. 25
    25. 25. 26
    26. 26. 30
    27. 27. 31
    28. 28. 32
    29. 29. 34
    30. 30. 35
    31. 31. 36
    32. 32. 116% Crescimento YoY apps $ 114% Crescimento YoY downloads diários 94% Crescimento YoY desenvolvedores registrados 197% Crescimento YoY Venda cruzada Parcerias com operadoras móveis no sistema de cobrança ajudaram aumentar o lucro mensal Destaques Recentes Expansão do ecossistema de aplicativos Windows
    33. 33. Grandes experiências de dispositivos… … potencializados por serviços na nuvem
    34. 34. Economia Crie novas experiências Alcance mais pessoas Utilize o que conhece
    35. 35.