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Freie Universität de Berlin - CSF

  1. 1. Freie Universität Berlin –Ciência sem FronteirasScholarship Opportunities for Students (Graduação Sanduíche)Foto:BerndWannenmacherLanguage RequirementsThe language of instruction in most of the study programs willbe German with some courses also held in English. Please lookat the study offer for details on language requirements.Tuition FeesFreie Universität Berlin does not charge tuition fees to CsFscholarship holders. Brazilian students will only have to paysocial fees (approx. 230€ per semester) in which free publictransportation throughout the semester is included.Application ProcedurePlease go to www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br for information onthe application procedure and application deadlines. The applica-tion and evaluation process for CsF candidates is handled by theCAPES, the CNPq and the DAAD.Further Information or Questions?For further information, please write an email to Ms. Ružica Pranjićat the International Office of Freie Universität Berlin:Ruzica.Pranjic@fu-berlin.de.Foto:DavidAusserhofer
  2. 2. Foto:PeterHimselFreie Universität Berlin – a Leading GermanResearch UniversityFounded in 1948 as a comprehensive university, Freie UniversitätBerlin rapidly became a major German research university and witha total of 32.000 students – including roughly 5.000 internationalstudents and more than 4.000 doctoral students – Freie Universitätalso is the biggest university in the German capital today.Four Nobel Prize laureates and 15 Leibniz winners – the Germannational science award – teach or have taught at Freie Universität.In a nation-wide competition for public universities initiated by thefederal government Freie Universität Berlin was awarded the labelExcellence University.Natural Sciences and Life SciencesNatural Sciences and Life Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin havean excellent reputation and they are closely linked with a numberof leading non-university research institutions, as for example withthe Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, HelmholtzZentrum Berlin, the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine,and the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacy.The Department of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the FreieUniversität Berlin offers a diverse range of outstanding opportuni-ties for study, advanced scientific education and research. The mainfields of research in the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistryare structural formation, function and chemical reactivity, stere-oselective and macromolecular synthesis, molecular and medicalbiochemistry and structural biochemistry.The Department of Physics traditionally focuses on basic research.Solid-state and cluster physics, biophysics, and theoretical physicsare among the department’s current areas of focus. This includesphysical surfaces and their structures, the study of biologicallyimportant molecules, investigating chemical reactions with fastlaser pulses, the application of mathematical models, and develop-ment of methods for many-body physics.The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science draws itsvigor from a unified view on abstract structures and on solutions forcomplex real life problems arising in science, engineering, industryand society. Research in Mathematics and Computer Science prof-its enormously from the close cooperation of Berlin’s three majoruniversities in this field.The Department of Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlinis one of five institutions in Germany offering veterinary training.It is a well-known center of both veterinary services and research inVeterinary Medicine.Cooperation with Ciência sem FronteirasFreie Universität Berlin is one of the leading internationaluniversities enrolled in the Ciência sem Fronteiras scholarshipprogram (CsF). The program is a joint effort of the BrazilianMinistry of Education (MEC) and the Brazilian Ministry of Sci-ence and Technology (MCT) through their respective fundingagencies – CAPES and CNPq. Its German partner is the GermanAcademic Exchange Service DAAD (Deutscher AkademischerAustauschdienst).The CsF program includes a scholarship scheme for ­undergraduatestudents: Undergraduate students studying in the area of life­sciences, natural sciences or creative industries can apply for asandwich scholarship and a study visit for up to one year. Thestudy programs offered by Freie Universität Berlin are tailoredto the needs of Brazilian undergraduate students and tutoringassistance is provided throughout the stay. A list and details of thecurrent study offers can be viewed at the platform of the programwww.csf-alemanha.de.Benefits for CsF Scholarship holdersThe main benefit is the opportunity to study at a leading Germanresearch university. In addition, Freie Universität is offering thefollowing benefits:• Support of the visa application process• Pick-up service at the airport• Support with arranging accommodation in Berlin• Support of registration as a student at Freie Universität Berlin• Participation in an orientation week in Berlin• German preparatory course at the beginning of the Berlin stay• Access to free German and English language courses• Tutoring ServiceStudy ProgramsThe study systems of Brazilian and German universities differin some ways. Therefore, Freie Universität tailors its study offersto the needs of Brazilian students where possible. In addition,Brazilian students can choose from Bachelor and Master coursesto fit their study plan.The Bachelor’s Degree is the new standard degree awarded byGerman and most European higher education institutions. Gradu-ates from programs in the sciences, economics, computer science,mathematics, and psychology are awarded the degree of Bachelorof Science (B.Sc.).Master’s Programs represent an in-depth academic supplementto the bachelor’s degree, allowing students to deepen and broadenthe knowledge and skills previously acquired. While the master’sdegree is a good start for any professional career, it can also be astep towards pursuing an academic career, because Ph.D. programsgenerally require master’s degrees.There is no single large final examination. All academic coursesare combined into modules, which are completed when a stu-dent takes a graded exam.List of Study OffersThe following table gives an overview of offers which are par-ticularly reserved for CsF candidates. Please go to the website atwww.csf-alemanha.de to get the latest list of places, and to thewebsite at www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br to get informationon application deadlines and the application procedure.Department/InstituteDegree Program Numberof PlacesChemistry Undergraduate Program 2Computer Science Master 4Computer Science Bachelor 4Mathematics Master 4Mathematics Bachelor 4Physics Master 4Physics Bachelor 4Veterinary Medicine Undergraduate Program 2


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