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FGV Brazil - Infographic

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This infographic summarizes the structure of FGV; top think tank in Latin America and one of the top higher education institutions in the world.

* Updated in 2015.

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FGV Brazil - Infographic

  1. 1. NETWORKS Founded in 1944 FGV is a world-renowned Think Tank and Higher Education Institution, based in Brazil. *According to the 2014 Global Go-To Think Tank Index Report, published by the University of Pennsylvania **According to the 2014 Global Employability University Ranking, published by The New York Times FGV has 8 schoolsthat offer a variety of Undergraduate, Graduateand Executive Education courses across Brazil. FGV has two institutesdedicated to producing research and executive education programs. FGV's divisions are responsible for FGV's strategic operations. DIREITO SP - São Paulo Law School IBRE - Brazilian Institute of Economics DICOM - Communications and Marketing Division f/FGVBrazil in/company/FGV-Brazil google.com/+FGV-Brazil FGVBrazil @FGVBrazil /FGV DPEI - Strategic Planning and Innovation Division DINT - International Affairs Division DAPP - Public Policy Analysis Division IBRE produces and publishes macroeconomic statistics and applied economics research. IDE - Institute for Educational Development IDE manages FGV's executive education courses, online courses and customized In Company courses. FGV's Applied Research Unit FGV Press FGV's Publishing Unit FGV Press publishes printed and digital works from various fields of knowledge, contributing to improved learning and education in Brazil. EAESP - São Paulo School of Business Administration EESP - São Paulo School of Economics CPDOC - School of Social Sciences DIREITO RIO - Rio de Janeiro Law School EBAPE - Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration EPGE - Brazilian School of Economics and Finance EMAp - School of Applied Mathematics FGV is comprised of: FGV's Schools FGV's Institutes FGV's Divisions FGV has over 200 Centers wich promote debates in diverse areas, such as Energy, Law, Economics and Business Cooperation. Follow FGV Brazilon your favorite social media network, to keep up-to-date with FGV's news! FGV's Centers FGV has 106 international partners in 29 countries. FGV on the social media networks Data as of December 2014 DIA - Academic Integration Division DO - Operations Division 1 20 110 Top Think Tank in Central and South America* One of the Top 110 higher education institutions in the world** 8 Schools 2 Institutes 1 1 Publishing Unit Divisions >200Centers Applied Research Unit CCA - Chamber of Arbitration and Conciliation CEM - Global Economics Center CCE - Business Cooperation Committee CEE - FGV Energy - Center for Energy Studies /fgvbrazil @fgvbrazilProduced by FGV`s Communications and Marketing Division - DICOM | 2015 | fgv.br/en www.fgv.br/en 7 One of the Top 20 Think Tanks in the world* FGV Projects 6 3 27 1 1 2 2 3 2 1 8 2 6 1 4 6 5 4 1 6 1 4 4 Singapore 1 Indonesia Holland 1 Denmark Austria USA Cape Verde Ecuador FGV's Applied Research Unit provides advice to Brazilian and international institutions on the practical application of research, bridging the gaps between formal knowledge and real-life problems. DEN - Business Studies Division Australia 1 Colombia 3 Mexico 2 Japan 1