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Marketing Evolution - where are you?

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Where are you in the marketing evolution? Are you more traditional in your sales and marketing or have you evolved your business to be centred around your ideal customers?

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Marketing Evolution - where are you?

  1. 1. Marketing Evolution where are you? Product Centric Lead Centric Customer Centric Traditional • Make the website pretty • Product centric • Push advertising • Cold calling • Measure views and visits • Send out emails • One dimension marketing Lead Gen • Deliver leads to sales • Little sales alignment • Little automation Demand Gen • Gets leads in you sales funnel • Sales Ready Leads • Lead Scoring • Alignment to sales process • Marketing Automation • Measure conversion to Revenue Customer Centric Marketing • Customer Centric – ideal customer needs at the center of your business • Personal interactions take priority • Listening via social and survey feedback touch points • Helpful • Engagement in customers mediums • Mapping the customer journey • Integrating offline and online touch points • Measure Long term Customer Value • Benchmark Employee satisfaction • Inbound personal 1:1 marketing