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PARAKH 2.0 | Catch '22 - The Number Quiz | 14 August 2022

  2. You have to submit the GForm within 90 seconds after the last question is closed. There will be no rerun of questions. This is an under 25 quiz. 22 questions in the quiz. Each question carries 10 points. No negatives. In case of multiple parts to the question, points will be divided equally unless specified. You have to type in your answers in the GForm only. Questions 4, 9, 13, 17, 21 are star-marked. They will be used to resolve ties. Any unfair means would lead to immediate disqualification. A camera icon on the top left indicates that an image follows the question slide. RULES
  3. SOLVE in 15 Secs !! QUES
  4. An initial competition with its orange counterpart led X’s founder to switch flavors. The original formulation contained lithium citrate, which was used in various patent medicines at the times for improving moods. Lithium being used in X has been proposed as a theory for why X has its name. Though the founder never explained the name, he did promote X as having effects on mood. Because it debuted at the time of the stock market crash of 1929 and the onset of the Great Depression, this was a selling point. The number of ingredients used, the number of letters in its name, the amount of it sold are some of the other theories why X is named such. Identify X. QUES
  5. 7UP ANS
  6. The famous manga series <redacted> talks about a mysterious comic book that narrates the near future in an enthusiastic way with childishly written texts punctuating the comic-book. However, the fans noticed a very strange and scary coincidence, when certain illustrations in that comic actually predicted an event that happened in real life over a decade after its release. In the mystery comic, a mercenary wearing a shirt with X written on it looks at his watch and sees that it is 10:30 am. The mercenary is depicted in the following panel dead after being pierced on a pole from a considerable height, with a vicious-looking plane passing by below him. All of this is eerily similar to what actually occurred. Identify what was written on the mercenary’s shirt - X, or what real life event does it relate to. QUES
  7. The 9/11 Attacks (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) ANS
  8. X is a hit comical Indian Bollywood movie with a metaphorical title. On the sole basis of the literal meaning of the title one can easily misinterpret it to be a movie related to cricket. The plot of X is summed up as follow: A father wants to place his gloomy 75-year-old son in an old age home. The father believed that his son's pessimistic outlook might be a barrier to him breaking a certain world record. The father offered his son two options: either go to an old age home, from where he would bring him back in 16 years, or finish some specific chores he had set up in the following six months. The son selected the second choice, and the narrative continues. After the father passed away, a recording of him was broadcast in which he predicted that after another 43 years, a member of his family, his son, will break the record. Which film and world record is being talked about? QUES
  9. 102 Not Out Oldest Living Person ANS
  10. A series noted for its characteristic opening style and notable discontinuity within the timeline of the show and its real life production, takes over the world by storm with the recurrent celebration of X. Intuitively thought of as a clever application of a literary device on X’s original expression, it was first used as a commematory remark over Independence Day celebrations. The series soon gained traction and the first real use of the expression Y was seen a year later, although for a completely different reason, for congratulations on the assuming of the office by the country’s first female Prime Minister, rather than marking of X. Y continued to be used in the internal production team sporadically but fell into disuse until the revival of the series in the 20th century. Y soon became very popular and was used frequently in a very famous sitcom, where the protagonists are obsessed with the series. In recent times, X is considered a world phenomenon with Y being the studio’s trademark. Identify Y. QUES
  11. Y - May the 4th be with you (X is Star Wars Day) ANS
  12. Originally the number X was written in alphabets as the greek and the hebrew language did not have symbols to represent numbers. It was in its english translation that we saw the number X in its present form. Contrary to popular beliefs the mention of X has been seen as a code or a riddle based on numerological reasons also called word calculus/gematria/isopsephy suggesting protests towards their evil emperor named “Nero Caesar” which when translated to Hebrew and added to X. Funnily a video by the youtube channel ‘Numberphile’ explaining the history of X is exactly X seconds long depicting the common and scary occurrence of X. Identify X. QUES
  13. 666 (The Devil’s Number) ANS
  14. Amidst the sheer confusion and chaos during the historical confrontation, development of a classified committee took place for the research of novel methods to gain an upper hand. The development took place at a location, after which it was named, under the guidance of a science academic. The events of which, later came to define the plot of many movies of the modern day and still continues to be one of the most infamous events of the history. The efforts of the committee culminated half a decade later during the dry run, which was code named X. It is quite ironic as to how the event was named, considering what it achieved against what its doctrine preaches. The completion of X had achieved something that the mankind had never achieved before, giving rise to a legendary phrase. Identify X. QUES
  15. X - Trinity Nuclear Test (The Manhattan Project) ANS
  16. Following the evoking of an age old customs tax, one of the most popular brands of the modern day world, threatened to go out of business. The tax law was invoked in view of the rising losses of the association of indigenous companies selling the same product in the nation. In order to prevent their company from going bankrupt, they bootlegged their own product and came up with another company named X. X mass-released their products at a cheap price to bypass the customs tax so that the original company could prevent themselves from losing excessive revenue in the tax. The new line of products had a distinctive style among all their products having parallels with the logo of the original company, which gave X its name. This distinctive style was very similar to one of their biggest competitors at the time who was part of the alliance. The style has been passed down throughout the generations and still continues to be one of the trademarks of the rival company. Following a gruelling contest among the companies involved, X fell into disuse. Recently one of the products of X was auctioned for a whopping amount of about $100,000. The original company rose to popularity and is known for endorsing the biggest sports clubs of the modern time. Identify X and the original company. QUES
  17. X - The One Line Original company - Nike (The rival company was Adidas, which has 3 lines on all its shoes as its trademark) ANS
  18. Just before the release of the final season of a popular fantasy series, a youtube video reached millions of views, featuring the main antagonists of the show. The video was a parody of a famous rock song which is known for its riff. The song consists of the repetition of a certain set of beats throughout the song, and has become sort of an anthem in recent times. The video drew parallels with the original lyrics of the song and the world-building of the show. It showcased the feelings and emotions from the antagonists’ POV. After an underwhelming conclusion to the series, many comments mocked about the parody having a better character development than the show itself. Identify the parody song and the antagonist group. QUES
  19. Seven Kingdom Army (Based on Seven Nation Army) The White Walkers from GoT ANS
  20. Since its inception, X has been responsible for the selection of 23 groups for a specific purpose. Each of the selected groups are characterised by a unique codename, subject to the conditions and aftermath of previous experiments of X. Y was the pioneer among the selected groups, and was assigned to a task that had been never achieved by mankind before, within a stipulated deadline of a decade. It was named taking its origins from Roman mythology, to signify the connection between two realms and a recurrent number in human history, believed to have mystic powers and bearer of good fortune. All the members of Y eventually completed their missions with a certain pattern common between the naming of a specific component, deriving its roots from Y. The detailed events of the formation and working of Y was recently retold in a series adaptation by a famous animation studio, of a previously released film and novel in the 20th century. The protagonist of the series, is very well known, with eidetic memory and quick wit being his strong suit in another TV show. Identify the group Y. QUES
  21. Y - The Mercury 7 (First astronaut group selected by X - NASA) ANS
  22. A few years back, in his famous TV show, Conan invited a famous martial artist. After fooling around for some time, Conan goes on to recreate a very special move developed by a legendary martial artist. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, the close proximity and torque applied, makes the technique several times more powerful than your regular strike. A variation of the move was shown in a 2-volume martial arts movie directed by a world famous director. The technique is now used by professionals as an exercise. Identify the technique shown in the thumbnail. QUES
  23. The One Inch Punch ANS
  24. Recently the company X partnered with a mobile game as part of an April Fool’s joke. The collaboration was made based upon the similarities between their mascots and for their common passive aggressive behaviour. X has been known for making prank videos and giving funny notifications to remind users to practice more. In 2020, building upon the new feature introduced in the previous year’s video, showed the two mascots taking to the streets and pestering users to quit procrastinating. While the mascot from the game helped X in the making of the video using an aggressive approach it is known for to persuade its users, X’s mascot would feature in the popular game to provide a limited edition custom spell. Identify X and the game. QUES
  25. X - Duolingo The game is Angry Birds ANS
  26. One of the most prolific theories in the field of modern mathematics found its origin while solving the mundane problems of a certain city. The problem piqued the interest of a legendary mathematician who lived in the vicinity of the city. The mathematician was obsessed with the problem due to the lack of a concrete structure/mathematical field which catered to such problems. Interestingly enough, it was concluded that the problem didn’t have a solution, which subsequently led to the development of a new field of mathematics. Sometime in the future, the Soviets bombed two bridges in the city, which coincidentally made the problem solvable. Identify the original problem and what field was developed out of it. QUES
  27. The Seven Bridges of Königsberg Graph Theory ANS
  28. “One of the most important sites in <redacted> national history” - This statement was quoted following one of the most elaborate hunt of a historical missing persons case. The site is a very common place, used in daily life. The site was found 5 centuries later, in the early 2010s, in the vicinity of the original place of rest, as reported by contemporaries of the figure then. The tale of the person X was narrated by one of the greatest writers of all time in the form of a play with the same name. It depicts a tragedy, where X resorts to killing of his kin for the temporary access to the throne, only to be killed shortly afterwards in a battle that signalled the end of his dynasty and marked the closing of an epoch. The story of X was retold in various forms - a movie at the end of the 20th century, a song in a children’s TV show and finally as a musical. Till date, X’s killing of a couple of children is widely regarded as the biggest mystery of the nation. Identify the historical figure X. QUES
  29. X - King Richard III ANS
  30. X first began serialization back in 1997 and since then it has been collected into over 90 volumes, and has been a critical and commercial success worldwide. When the live action series of X was confirmed for Netflix, fans began to rally to see if they can push the streaming service in the direction of hiring Y especially because a majority of characters in X play a certain role for which Y is famous and due to recent events he is not allowed to play this famous character in films. Fans started to find similarities between Y and a character of X with the title of <redacted> King which led to the petition to cast Y. Identify the famous Guinness World Record holding series X and Y who you might have Heard about in the news recently. QUES
  31. X - One Piece Y - Johnny Depp ANS
  32. China's claim to the region shown, which stretches for around 1200 miles, has sparked hostilities with the neighbouring countries. Before it was known as the X line, it went by a different name. This name was altered when China lost control of Taiwan and the Communist Party permitted the North Vietnamese government to construct a radar station. Identify X. QUES Earlier Now
  33. X - The Nine Dash Line ANS
  34. Once, during the Pandavas’ stay in vanaprastha, Arjuna encountered a strange composite being, which was a combination of nine different animals. Arjuna was mesmerised but felt equally frightened and unsettled to look at this complicated life form. He raised his bow deciding to shoot at it but changed his decision upon the epiphany that it was Mahavishnu himself. It is quite interesting how a being that is a composition of nine different species is considered to be divine but not a monster, which is very much in contrast to its greek counterparts. To quote from Iliad, the seven headed snake (Hydra) and the creature which is a composite of lion, goat and snake (Chimera) are considered to be of immoral make. They were clearly monsters meant to be destroyed. Thus as history unfolded, Bellerophon killing the Chimera and Hercules slaying the Hydra are the ideal greek hero figurines, who bring order and make the world less complicated. This is very much in contrast to the idea of the anonymous voice enlightening Arjuna about the mind which has the ability handle differences, and thus not to harm the creature, but to submit to it, because it, alike you, is divine. The two are very different worldviews. Identify the Creature. QUES
  35. Navagunjara ANS
  36. At the start of the 20th century, one of the board members of a well known national alliance in America, set up his own food product and named it by combining the two constituents of a chemical compound. 4 years later, the alliance ripped off the original product and came up with X. A fierce rivalry followed for the rest of the century, which ended with the eventual victory of X due to better advertising and industrial connections. In order to set the two apart, the alliance revamped their design for X in the 1950s. Even though any relation between the design and religious iconography was denied by the designer’s son, his roots as a Catholic and his father’s as a Freemason indicate otherwise. The characteristic design contains a certain number of rings with an equal number of emblems etched below it, indicative of one of the most wealthy and popular military orders, while the number suggestive of their formation. In recent times, X’s consumers are broadly classified into two groups - “Breakers” and “Twisters”, and has grown to become the largest brand in its market. Identify X and the “controversial” detail in its design. QUES
  37. X - Oreo 12 Cross pattée - Emblem of the Templar Knights ANS
  38. QUES The following random word triplets represent the nomenclature of the system followed by a company X. The name of the company is in the form of a rhetorical question which is self-descriptive as to why the nomenclature system is structured that way. The words assigned by the system involves breaking of a large structure into numerous smaller squares of predefined size. The triplets uniquely identify each of these squares which vastly simplifies a well-established number based identification system. Identify X and what the list of words represent. LIST ///straddled.sprayer.sponsors ///referred.grilled.folktales ///molars.feathering.trouble ///spellers.stump.halving ///callers.cried.wing ///bitters.bunny.milky ///sorrows.zigs.relocated
  39. X - what3words The given list shows the 3-word locations of the “7 Wonders of the World” as followed by the system. ANS
  40. Originally a folk song, X is recited in modern days as a nursery rhyme. The lyrics of the song were changed slightly so as to sever the links to its underlying dark tale. The original song had themes related to religious superiority and clashes with monarchy. It follows the execution of a certain number of upper clergymen by burning them on a pyre, due to their covert plan of assassinating the Queen. The affliction in the rhyme is just an allusion to the unfaltering faith of the clergymen in their religion, with the animals being the men themselves. The Queen infamous for her atrocious acts was given the nickname of <redacted>. The nickname is very popular in recent times due to its connection with a paranormal practice, often played as a prank amongst school kids to boast about one’s courage. The practice involves chanting an incantation a specific number of times in presence of reflective surface to summon the spirit called by the given nickname. It is also the name of a very popular cocktail. Identify the nursery rhyme X. QUES
  41. X - Three Blind Mice (Bloody Mary) ANS
  42. The following image shows a commemorative coin in celebration of a famous author’s 75th death anniversary. The author has been widely regarded to hold an equivalent position in science fiction as to Shakespeare in literature, often calling him one of the progenitors of the genre. Following the release of the coin by the government, the fans were furious since the depiction of the items from the author’s novels were wildly inaccurate. Despite the suggestive name of the machine, one of the main reasons for their outrage was the fact that the coin had made a mistake in one particular detail. Identify the detail QUES
  43. Tripod with 4 legs ANS
  44. The movie X is a story of a marriage and life gone wrong based on one initial choice. Taking inspiration from a famous italian poem the movie explores the themes of Treachery, Fraud, Greed, Violence, Anger etc represented by Y in its own ways. The poem itself explains the path taken by one individual through Y where in each level he learns of the stories of the individual people as well as how his sins match up to these levels. The deeper he traveled the more he realised the complexity and depth of the sin, and it’s longer lasting toll on humanity. Originally envisioned to be a horror film the director eventually wrote it as a heist film with elusive diagrams explaining the complicated plot (image on next slide). Identify X and Y. QUES
  45. X - Inception Y - Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell ANS
  46. What is this the recipe of? QUES
  47. Apple Pi ANS
  48. The quiz was conducted by Quiz Club, IIT Patna under its Quizzing Festival HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE QUIZ