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John Constable

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John Constable

  1. 1. JOHN CONSTABLE (1776-1837) WE SEE NOTHING TRULY UNTIL WE UNDERSTAND IT. Nadya Sankina, group 751
  2. 2. BIOGRAPHY  Was born on 11 June 1776 in East Bergholt in Suffolk  Entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1799  Married Maria Bicknell in 1816  „The Hay Wain‟ won a gold medal at the Salon in Paris in 1824,
  3. 3. ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT  Worked out his own technique of painting  Made preparatory sketches  Did a series of paintings devoted to the scenes on the river Stour Storm Clouds, 1798
  4. 4. THE HAY WAIN (1821)  The National Gallery, Lon don  An oil on canvas painting  Stendhal: “The mirror of nature”
  5. 5. MALVERN HALL IN WARWICKSHIRE (1809)  The Tate Gallery, London  The residence of of Henry Greswolde Lewis, friend of the painter  Recalls a long tradition of country house portraiture which goes back to the 17th century
  7. 7. THE “SKYING” PERIOD (1821-1822)
  8. 8. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! A Hayfield at East Bergholt, 1812