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Dry eye

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Dry Eye Presentation For Medical Students made by a Doctor Also helpfull for mbbs students

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Dry eye

  1. 1. Dry Eye
  2. 2. Dry Eye Occurs when Inadequate tear production Inadequate function Results in Unstable Tear Film and Ocular Surface Disorder.
  3. 3. Tear Production Secreted by the lacrimal glands Spreads over the ocular surface Drained the lacrimal canaliculi into the nasolacrimal duct
  4. 4. Tear Film  Lipid Layer (meibomian glands)  Aqueous Layer (lacrimal gland)  Mucus Layer (goblet cells)
  5. 5. Functions Anterior corneal surface smooth & regular for refraction Prevents the drying of cornea & maintain the transparency of cornea Supply oxygen Medium for removal of debris & noxious irritants Lubricates the cornea eye lid interface
  6. 6. KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA Aqueous tear production is insufficient to maintain normal tear film
  7. 7. Causes Pure KCS Lacrimal Glands alone are involved Primary Sjogren syndrome KCS associated with dry mouth
  8. 8. Secondary Sjogren syndrome oTrauma oInfection oInflammation oHypersensitivity oAutoimmune oTumours
  9. 9. Clinical Features Irritation Burning FB sensation Mucus discharge Blurring of vision Pain
  10. 10. Work Up History Examination Decrease marginal tear strip Mucus strands & debris in the Conjuctiva Punctate epithelial erosion corneal filaments
  11. 11. Investigations Tear Film breakup time Rose bengal staing Shimmer test
  12. 12. Treatment  Tear substitutes  Mucolytic agents  Topical retinoides
  13. 13. “I did then what I knew how to do.Now that I know better I do better”