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To, Through, And For Partner Marketing

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Channel marketers are increasingly seeking to prove their contribution to partner revenue. At their disposal are three types of activities: “to-“, “through” and “for” channel marketing. While each offers distinct tactics and delivery options, all must work in unison to drive performance.

In this session you will learn why integration matters when delivering to-through-for channel marketing programs and why functions, processes and platforms need to be integrated to realize a measurable return on their channel marketing investment.

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To, Through, And For Partner Marketing

  1. 1. #B2BMX To-Through- & For- Partner Marketing Programs Taking an Integrated Approach Laz Gonzalez Chief Strategy Officer
  2. 2. #B2BMX § Challenges facing modern channel marketing leaders § What impact does having a non-integrated channel tech stack have on marketing? § What does it take to execute to-, through– and for- partner marketing? § Key takeaways Agenda
  3. 3. #B2BMX What keeps channel marketing leaders up at night? Revenue Contribution Partner Engagement Partner- Led Demand ROI and Visibility #B2BMX
  4. 4. Partner Relationship Management Channel Marketing and Management Configure, Price and Quote Learning Management Systems Channel Data Management Lead Distribution Management Channel Incentives Management CMM LMS CPQ PRM CDM LDM CIM #B2BMX Channel programs require unique software for key areas
  5. 5. #B2BMX Partner Tech Frankenstein System 5 Channel Data Management SSO System 4 Incentives ManagementSSO System 2 Learning Management SSO System 1 Partner Relationship Management (PRM) System 3 Channel Marketing & Management (CMM) SSOSSO System 3 Channel Marketing & Management (CMM) Partner management| Learning management| Demand creation
  6. 6. #B2BMX Channel Marketing: Typical program investments are misaligned 0-12 Months 12-24 Months 24+ Months Key ChannelProgram Priorities: Recruit and manage partners, make partners productive, shorten time torevenue PRM Platform Deal Registration Learning Management System CMM Platform Incentives Management Channel Data Management SCALE VISIBILITY ENABLE LEADS ENGAGE INSIGHT To-, Through, For- Channel Marketing Throughout!
  7. 7. #B2BMX To-Through-For: What are the baseline requirements? To-Partner Marketing Marketing communications, partner engagement, portal CTA’s, portal event calendar, activity stream messages, emails Through Partner Marketing Which partners? Which tactics? Avoid the “Spray & Pray” Approach For Partner Marketing Partner locator, lead distribution, reporting & analytics
  8. 8. #B2BMX#B2BMX To-Partner Marketing: Recruitment Channel Sales: We need PRM to manage partners! Channel Marketing: Don’t we need to recruit partners first?
  9. 9. Reaching to-partner recruitment goals Suppliers should target, attract and nurture partners based on profiles Track partners like “leads” throughout recruitment campaign Support “To-Partner” communications and advanced nurturing COMPONENTS SOLUTIONS PORTAL Key Features To-Partner Marketing Advanced Reporting Inbound/ Retargeting Advanced Nurturing
  10. 10. #B2BMX Email templates nurture partners to join Attract partners through compelling content Inbound banners at partner watering holes Awareness Thought Leadership Nurture Partner Recruitment: Treating Partners Like Leads
  11. 11. Partner portal is primary way to communicate Drives engagement through customizable interface One-stop for planning, campaigns & incentives Integrated dashboards provide reports across all partners
  12. 12. Portal examples
  13. 13. Portal examples Deep Dive: Portal Integration Zift Portal Examples Keys to Success: One centralized portal, with links to integrated marketing activities will drive both adoption and effectiveness
  14. 14. #B2BMX Easily update content Automated partner onboarding Multi-language support Customized partner experience CRM integration, SSO and API integrations Deal registration for effortless input Easy MDF management Partner portal activity industry average ~8-12% Nutanix activity rate 48% PORTAL ROI
  15. 15. #B2BMX Multiple acquisitions Replaced 8 partner portals and separate systems (some homegrown) In the first 15 hours: 400+ partner logins from 110+ partners across 50+ countries 20 new deals registered from 8 partners Make it easy for partner to do business with them Deal registration takes 5 minutes down from 20 minutes Mobile partner experience Structured data to drive channel performance PORTAL ROI
  16. 16. #B2BMX Through-Partner Marketing Partner led demand creation, marketing contribution, ROI
  17. 17. Through-partner marketing keys to success Develop both high- and low-touch programs for different partner types Leverage data to identify partner & target customer propensity Help Partners drive leads with net new & existing buyers Provide integrated marketing programs that leverage both inbound & outbound 1 2 3 4 VS
  18. 18. Common Elements in Best in Class Programs They are data-drivenMarketing enablement is a key component in each campaign They employ Concierge services to guide partners through each step They develop marketing plays not just tactics, partners can easily execute They track KPI’s and have learned which metrics matter most
  19. 19. #B2BMX Provide a seamless partner experience Marketing Planning1 Partner Data + Buyer Requirements Program Execution Partner Outreach Sales and Marketing Enablement 2 Concierge Services 3 Channel Engagement Demand Creation 4 Performance Measurement5 Scale + Grow
  20. 20. 20 Marketing Goals and Inputs Marketing Strategy Tactics Performance Marketing Pipeline Influenced 70%+ Sourced 15%-25% Data Driven Channel Marketing Awareness 30% Webcasts, advertising, content Case studies, reference accounts Demand Creation: 50% Multi-step, integrated programs Inbound/outbound calls to action Learning / Trial offers Enablement: 20% Events and content offers Marketing Priorities: Demand Creation Awareness, Customer Enablement Target: New Customer in Existing Market ASP/Sales Cycle: $100-125K / ~6 months Buying Process: Committee Purchase (6-10 people involved) Demand Type: New Paradigm 16% 53% 42% 23% 0% 30% 60% Inq./MQL MQL/SAL SAL/SQL SQL/Won 27% 14% 12% 12% 11% 8% 6% 5% 3% 3% 0% 20% 40% Attended a live… Attended a sales event Attended an industry… Dialogue with a… Conversation with a… Conversation with a… Dialogue with a… Participated in an… Used online chat… Attended a peer… IT director; security architects; network architects; voice architects; decision-makers who manage the network and are responsible for network security
  21. 21. #B2BMX SIRIUSDECISIONS BUYER’S JOURNEY Success happens where tactics align to buyer preferences Loosening of the Status Quo Committing to Change Exploring Possible Solutions Committing to a Solution ROI for Decision Vendor Selection SOLUTION • Issue framework content • Case study impact • Peer connections • Community marketing • Live events • Demos (in person/online) • Discussions with analysts • Analyst product reviews • Meetings with sales reps • Meetings with product specialists • Proof of concept • Executive briefings SELECTION • ROI calculator (competitive – “real costs”) • Referral program • Meetings with sales reps • Meetings with product specialists • Meetings with vendor executives • Pipeline nurturing program • Trials (in person/online) • Live events PREFERREDTACTICS EDUCATE • Social media syndication • Case studies • Analyst Reports • Industry trend programs • Persona marketing • Targeted messaging • Webcasts/Webinars • Conversations with peers • Demos (in person/online) • Banner Advertising • Keyword Search • Retargeting PRESCRIPTIVE MARKETING TACTICS BASED ON BUYER TYPE AND CAMPAIGN GOALS
  22. 22. #B2BMX For-Partner Marketing Helping customers connect with partners & attract opportunities WARNING: Adult Supervision Required!
  23. 23. For Partner Marketing – Partner Locators
  24. 24. #B2BMX Finding a partner is easy, or Is It?
  25. 25. #B2BMX Where to buy?
  26. 26. #B2BMX Information/ Thought Leadership Supplier Competitive Offers and Campaigns
  27. 27. #B2BMX Information/ Thought Leadership Nurture email campaign built around asset
  28. 28. #B2BMX Information/ Thought Leadership Nurture email campaign built around asset Customer enablement video
  29. 29. #B2BMX Information/ Thought Leadership Nurture email campaign built around asset Customer Enablement Video You may have just lost a customer!
  30. 30. #B2BMX § To-partner marketing is the least of the three models suppliers typically invest in § If partners can’t market for themselves offer them self service approaches, e.g. Zift Marketplace § If you provide a locator tool, also offer content partners can share when prospects find them § “For-partner” marketing offers unique opportunities to develop financial stimulus and competitive channel campaigns – be aggressive Key Takeaways
  31. 31. Thank You CONFIDENTIAL Internal Only @LazGonzalez @zift #B2BMX
  32. 32. #B2BMX • Palomino 1: A Game Plan For Influencer Marketing • Palomino 2: Creating ABM Success In An AI World • Palomino 3: 5 Trends To Redefine Your Webinar Marketing Program
  33. 33. #B2BMX Lunch Time! At The Princess Plaza