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Gale's Charleston Session - Marketing Academic Library Resources

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From our session at the Charleston Conference, 7 November 2013, hosted by Nader Qaimari, SVP, Marketing & Sales for Gale, part of Cengage Learning, and Carol Anne Germain, Information Literacy Librarian, University of Albany.

Participants will learn outcomes of an academic library survey conducted July, 2013. Suggestions for academic institutions and an overview of free resources and materials available from Gale dedicated to your library's success are covered.

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Gale's Charleston Session - Marketing Academic Library Resources

  1. 1. MARKETING ACADEMIC LIBRARY RESOURCES The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Nader Qaimari SVP, Marketing & Sales Gale Cengage Learning Carol Anne Germain Information Literacy Librarian University of Albany
  3. 3. NEARLY LIBRARIANS CAN’T BE WRONG made possible by
  4. 4. 274 267 245 158 111 109 101 92 88 75 74 made possible by
  5. 5. The Right mix made possible by
  6. 6. made possible by
  7. 7. eBooks collecting virtual dust? made possible by
  8. 8. Expensive subscriptions going unused? made possible by
  9. 9. Do students brag about NOT using the library? made possible by
  10. 10. Are you observing low counts for online resources? made possible by
  11. 11. made possible by
  12. 12. 1 Buy-in from Library staff Get the word out to patrons 3 Collaborate with faculty, administration and campus units made possible by
  13. 13. made possible by
  14. 14. Overview Point person Mission Environmental scan Target audience(s) Define current services and resources Goals/objectives Short-term Marketing Plan Long-term Marketing Plan Design promotional strategies Budget Calendar Develop assessment tools Review Progress made possible by
  15. 15. Point Person probably made possible by
  16. 16. Department Secretaries Deans and Chairs Support Services Faculty Students made possible by
  17. 17. Target Audience(s) First Year Experience Classes Subject-Specific Courses Graduate Students Researchers Athletes made possible by
  18. 18. Goals SHORT-TERM Specific Databases LONG-TERM Multi-year curriculum made possible by
  19. 19. Design promotional strategies One Shot Sessions Course Development Embedded Librarian Social Media Options Assignments made possible by
  20. 20. Assessment Tools QUESTIONS: Are students using the materials in assignments? Are your eResource statistics increasing? TIPS: Survey faculty about the use of electronic materials in papers. Conduct campus research to determine use and effectiveness. made possible by
  21. 21. if your plan is working you will results made possible by
  22. 22. REVISIT REEVALUATE DECIDE CHOOSE the marketing plan what you’ve done what to continue new strategies made possible by
  23. 23. KEEP CALM AND made possible by
  24. 24. PRESS RELEASES SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS EFFECTIVE ADS For You Curriculum alignment And more... made possible by
  25. 25. made possible by
  26. 26. iowaaea
  27. 27. made possible by
  28. 28. made possible by
  29. 29. DEPOSIT ACCESS OWN made possible by
  30. 30. Take the risk out OF PURCHASING made possible by
  31. 31. Learn More About providing all Gale titles on GVRL made possible by
  32. 32. made possible by