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Being Great Client for IT Cluster, Riga

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Being Great Client for IT Cluster, Riga

  1. 1. Intensive training session for Estonia-Latvia project  ”ICT DCNet” (EU 34537) Demo Center participants, Latvian IT Cluster members and partners Day 1 // April 25, 2012 @ Rīga Business School, Skolas Str.11 Being great clientZigurds ZaķisBlogs (LV): http://zz.typepad.comTwitter: @zz_zigurds
  2. 2. Being great clientUnderstanding the process & your challengesChoosing the partnerBrief and briefingEvaluating and evolving workBeing a professional
  3. 3. Communication (Advertising) Agency Implementation partners Media Production Video Audio Photo Account Client Illustrations Planning Service Digital & Interactive(Strategic Planning) Print Special Production Creative Events Art Direction, Copy Writing, Desing, DTP, PR Illustrations, Video, Art Buying, Interactive, Multimedia etc Special Projects
  4. 4. How  do  agency  process  changes?FROM: Brief  &   Crea2ve Produc2on Launching briefing Process
  5. 5. How  do  agency  process  changes?TO: Improving   Produc2on  and   Launching,   Brief  &   Crea2ve and  evolving   suppliers   maintaining,   briefing Process ideas  and  system involvement closing
  6. 6. Dilemmas of choice External vs. Internal (in-house) Agency vs. Team vs. Individual Broad (full-service) vs. Specialized Established vs. EmergingResources/competences/capabilities in-house (vs. free-lance)
  7. 7. #3 Competences & Capabilities Strategic Ideas & Storytelling Art/Creative Direction Design Copywriting Production (A/V, print, digital) Interacive & Multimedia Media, Channels, Platforms
  8. 8. #2 People
  9. 9. #1 Portfolio
  10. 10. #1 Portfolio “It is not The Work. The Work. The Work.what you say that matters, it what you do” Darbi. Darbi. Darbi.
  11. 11. Building professional co-operation• Collaborative attitude: one ‘team’ not supplier• Emphaty• Mutual respect for expertise• Honesty and openness• Constructive debate not dictatorship• More carrot than stick• Healthy ambitions
  12. 12. Brief andBriefing
  13. 13. Creative Brief Creative Briefing
  14. 14. Brief for Creative Work Where are we now? Where do we want to be? What are specific business goals? Where the business will come from? What are we doing to get there?What is the role of marketing communication and/or creative work?
  15. 15. Brief for Creative Work Who are customers associated with growth? What is important to them? A: What do they do (think/feel/do) today?B: What do we want them to do (think/feel/do)? What are key touchpoints?
  16. 16. Good brief: “THE ESSENCE OF focused, single-minded A GREAT BRIEF IS SACRIFICE” “OUR JOB ISin as plain language as possible TO SIMPLIFY” BILL BERNBACH “BRIEF IS AN AD stands-out TO INFLUENCE THE CREATIVE TEAM”
  17. 17. Good brief“The brief should be brief”
  18. 18. Creative briefGet: (whom / target)Who: (think/feel/do this)To: (do think/feel/do this)By telling them : (proposition)
  19. 19. Good brief + Good briefing Informs and inspires Is distinctive and relevant Helps understand people we have to address Gives clear direction for creative work Creates sense of possibilities. Has an amibition. Challenges for great work Is well prepared
  20. 20. Evaluating and evlolving the Work
  21. 21. “Logic and over analysis can immobilise andsterilise an idea. It’s like love, the more you analyse it, the faster it disappears” Bill Bernbach
  22. 22. Source: IPA guide to junding creative ideas
  23. 23. Is the idea “on brief”? (NOT “I like/don’t like it”) Is it relevant to brief/brand/company? Is it distinctive? Will it be compelling to our customers? Is it focusing on customer benefit?How can we devleop it? How can we make it great?
  24. 24. Communication Professional Today
  25. 25. Communicationstechnologysociety uncertaintlyeconomy new rules is chaning:culture new competencescreative work opportunitiescommunication One of most interesting and challenging professions today
  26. 26. Communication specialist professional today Wang Chengyun/Xinhua/ZUMA Press http://blogs.wsj.com/photojournal/2010/02/25/pictures-of-the-day-356/
  27. 27. Society Storytelling Economy, business, marketing Culture,video, music, photo Media design Interactivity, multi-media Tools, platforms Customers
  28. 28. CommunicationArods* Work 9:00-17:59Ремесло > Career
  29. 29. Communications professional today Behavioral Economics Social Anthropology Design Thinking Service Design Designing Experiences Cultural Branding / Studies Transmedia Storytelling Social Media Management Content Management Account Planning etc1970 - 2000 2000-2012
  30. 30. http://youtu.be/Hz4hPbHIZ6Y 00:02:30 - 00:04:00
  31. 31. 10’000 hof systematic work
  32. 32. Theory Theoretical models. Multidisciplinary knowledge. Your own “world-model” Field Mastery Practice Applying everything Benchmark Cases Learning by doingResearch, analysis, discussions Skills Tools, platforms, techniques: efficiency
  33. 33. Communications professional:1) knows the role of communication2) focuses the work3) inspires!4) co-operates5) is open to experiments6) evaluate to evolve and develop ideas7) is defending good ideas + personal professional growth
  34. 34. Thanks! Blogs (LV): http://zz.typepad.com Twitter: @zz_zigurds
  35. 35. Intensive training session for Estonia-Latvia project  ”ICT DCNet” (EU 34537)Demo Center participants, Latvian IT Cluster members and partners Day 1 // April 25, 2012 @ Rīga Business School, Skolas Str.11