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Business analyst online v3

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This presentation provides a brief information about GIS & details out features and scope of Business Analyst Online which is a product by company called "esri". esri has done a great job making such software.

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Business analyst online v3

  1. 1. Business Analyst Online• Presented By-• Vineet Sansare• Paramita Saha• Jofy Baby
  2. 2. • Introduction• Company Background• About GIS• Scope of BAO by esri• Overview of BAO• Features of BAO• Pricing• Success Stories• DemonstrationVideoAgenda
  3. 3. Company BackgroundType PrivateIndustry Software (GeographicInformation Systems)Founded Redlands, California (1969)Headquarters Redlands, C.A., USAKey People Jack Dangermond(Founder/President)Products ArcGIS,ArcView,ArcGISServer, ArcMS, ArcSDE,ArcGIS Mobile, ArcPadRevenue More than $776 million/yearEmployee Base 2,700Website www.esri.com
  4. 4. What is GIS ?VisualizeManipulateAnalyzeDisplay Spatial Data to studythe world.
  5. 5. Location Data– How Many ?– What Kind ?– Where ?Scale of Data– Local to GlobalData Presentation -Charts, Graphs, Tables, or MapsData-Data- Data… We all ‘got data’
  6. 6. • Analyze trade areas, competition, supply and demand• Evaluate sites• Determine population within a specific drive-time or distance• Identify and segment customers• Reach your customers more effectively• Explore markets in the US and CanadaWeb-based solution that makes market analysis fast and easy.BAO is ESRI’s SaaS, which is a end-user application delivered as aservice, on-demand, in a cloud infrastructure.With BAO, you can:What is BAO ?
  7. 7. SubscriptionOptions StandardPlusStandard Basic IndividualSingleUser $3,995 @2,495 $995,$149Day PassPricesVary3-User Subscription Pack (Save 50%) $5,995 $3,795 $1,4955-User Subscription Pack (Save 60%) $7,995 $4,995 $1,99510-User Subscription Pack (Save 70%) $11,995 $7,495 $2,995
  8. 8. Existing retailersStudy RingsPotential retailersSuccess stories: Levi Strauss & Co.GIS and Web Services Help Manufacturer Find theBest Retailers
  9. 9. Research your marketAnalyze your market and identify opportunities.