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TDC2016POA | Trilha Cloud Computing - Microsoft Azure ? From Zero To Hero!

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Microsoft Azure ? From Zero To Hero!

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TDC2016POA | Trilha Cloud Computing - Microsoft Azure ? From Zero To Hero!

  1. 1. @rfelipesilva @mvbitt
  2. 2. RDS Windows Azure Dev Ops SQL
  3. 3. global datacenter San Antonio, TX Approx 477K sq ft, 27MW, uses recycled water for cooling Chicago, IL 707,000 square feet with critical power of 60 MW, uses water side economization, containers Dublin, Ireland Approx 570K sq ft, up to 27MW, uses outside air for cooling. Green Energy
  4. 4. Remote Desktop Web Access Remote Desktop Gateway Remote Desktop Licensing Remote Desktop Session Host Componentes de arquitetura Server Manager SQL Database Remote Desktop Connection Broker Remote Desktop Virtualization Host
  5. 5. Criando um ambiente RDS no Azure
  6. 6. Developer Tools • Team Projects (Team Foundation Server projects) • Version control – TFVC / Git • Process template - Scrum/Agile/CMMI
  7. 7. Developer Tools • DevTest Labs • Resources Management • Templates for Dev environments • (Win/Linux/BizTalk/Free BSD/MsDynamics/etc.)
  8. 8. MARCUS VINÍCIUS BITTENCOURT • MVP Data Plataform • PASS Regional Mentor – Cordenador Grupos de Usuários Brasil • Chapter Leader do Grupo de usuários SQL Server RS • Idealizador do programa [Além do SQL] e do canal do youtube SQL8K • @mvbitt • iSQLServer.wordpress.com • youtube.com/sql8k www.sqlserverRS.com.br
  9. 9. Options: SQL Server on physical machines SQL Server in on-premises VM (private cloud) SQL Server in Azure VM (public cloud) Azure SQL Database (public cloud) SQL Server, Azure VMs, Azure SQL DB Shared Lower Cost Dedicated Higher Cost Higher Administration Lower Administration Off Premises Hybrid Cloud Physical SQL Server Physical Machines(raw Iron)SQL Virtual SQL Server Private Cloud Virtualized Machines + Appliances Infrastructure as a service SQL Server in Azure VM Virtualized machinesSQL Platform as a service Software as a services Azure SQL Database Virtualized Databases SQL On Premises
  10. 10. Stretch database architecture How it works Creates a secure linked server definition in the on-premises SQL Server Linked server definition has the remote endpoint as the target Provisions remote resources and begins to migrate eligible data, if migration is enabled Queries against tables run against both the local database and the remote endpoint Remote Endpoint Remote Data Azure InternetBoundary Local Database Local Data Eligible Data
  11. 11. Capability Stretch large operational tables from on-premises to Azure with the ability to query Benefits BI integration for on-premises and cloud Cold/closed data Orders In-memory OLTP table Hot/active data Order history Stretched table Trickle data movement and remote query processing On-premises Azure Stretch SQL Server into Azure Securely stretch cold tables to Azure with remote query processing
  12. 12. Consistent Tools Consistency across: On-premises, Private Cloud, Public Cloud SQL Server local, VM, Azure SQL Database Scalability, availability, security, identity, backup and restore, and replication Plethora of data sources Reporting, integration, processing, and analytics All of this support Cloud
  13. 13. Method 1 Method 2 Method 3 Target DB Azure SQL Database SQL Server SSMS 2. Import 1. DeployOR .bacpac 1. Export Source DB Target DB Azure SQL Database SQL Server SQL Azure Migration Wizard 2. Execute 1. Generate T-SQL Source DB Target DB Azure SQL Database SQL Server SSMS 6. Export/ Import or Deploy SQL Azure Migrati on Wizard 4. Copy Copy DB Source DB 5. Publish 1. Import Visual Studio Database Project 2. Transform 3. Edit, Build & Test *.sql 4. Publish (schema only) Migrate a compatible database using SSMS Migrate a near-compatible database using SAMW Update the database schema offline using Visual Studio and SAMW, and then deploy it with SSMS Migration methodologies
  14. 14. Managed backup Granular control of the backup schedule; Local staging support for faster recovery and resilient to transient network issues; Support for system databases; Support simple recovery mode. Backup to Azure block blobs Cost savings on storage; Significantly improved restore performance; and More granular control over Azure storage. Azure Storage snapshot backup Fastest method for creating backups and running restores Uses SQL Server db files on Azure Blob Storage Enhanced backup to Azure
  15. 15. Criando um ambiente SQL DB no Azure
  16. 16. Get started. http://WindowsAzure.com
  17. 17. @ Inc Rafael@RafaelFelipe.com Rafael_Felipe@Dell.com Obrigado! @ Inc Luiz_miranda@Dell.com