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Advantech sspi vsat_day_2009

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Advantech - Aplicações VSAT em Sistemas Móveis

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Advantech sspi vsat_day_2009

  1. 1. CASE STUDY New Perspective for Oil and Gas Applications Claudio Frugis Sales & Marketing Director – Brazil Region Benefits of Mobile Broadband Networks SSPI – VSAT Day Rio de Janeiro
  2. 2. • Founded in 1988 • 100% Canadian Owned • Significant Acquisitions: • Signal Processors Limited (UK) – 2001 • ACT Wireless Inc. (USA) – 2001 • SpaceBridge Semiconductor Corp – 2005 • Allgon Microwave (Sweden) – 2005 • EMS – Satellite Networks – 2006 • UTTC – 2006 • Northern Radio – 2006 • 420 employees
  3. 3. AdvantechAMT no Brasil • Inicio das operações no Brasil em 1999 através da NEC • Completa 10 anos de atividade no Brasil em 2009 • Estabelece escritório comercial no Brasil em 2006 • Estabelece Centro de Reparo CERTIFICADO em 2007 Escritório da Advantech Brasil Av. Rouxinol, 55, 8ºandar, sala 813 – São Paulo
  4. 4. Alta Qualificação Profissional Tecnicos Treinado no Canadá Equipamentos de testes calibrados periodicamente Ferramentas de testes e diagnose AdvantechAMT no Brasil – Centro de Reparos
  5. 5. ENTERPRISE: Drive-up Data Where mobile data is your business, our vehicle- mounted ENTERPRISE range delivers! • 1.2M and 0.9M • Boom mounted RF • Designed for VSAT DVB-RCS • Light • Compact • Robust • Ku band (Tx=13,75 – 14,5 Ghz) • Linear Orthogonal Polarization • Gain in 14,25Ghz: - 1,2m = 43dBi - 0,9m = 40dBi
  6. 6. PIONEER: Drive-up & Broadcast If you are broadcasting in the city, the country or even the desert, our PIONEER systems can handle it all! • 1.2M or 1.5M • Designed for DSNG • Ku (13,75-14,5 Ghz) or C band (5,85-6,425Ghz) • Up to 125W 1:1 redundant Ku SSPBs • Linear Orthogonal Polarization • Gain in Tx • Ku band • Gain in 14,25Ghz: - 1,2m = 41,8dBi - 1,5m = 43dBi • C band • Gain in Mid band : - 1,2m = 35dBi - 1,5m = 37dBi
  7. 7. INTREPID: When You Need to Fly And when four-wheels is just not an option, the fly-away INTREPID can go just-about anywhere with you. • Complies with airline check-in baggage limits • Single-person assembly in 2 minutes
  8. 8. Maritime Terminals • No 'keyholes' for continuous zenith-horizon communications • Available with RF package of 4/8W BUC • Simple installation • Easy maintenance
  9. 9. • Up to 36 Mbps throughput inbound (receive to SIT) • Up to 4 Mbps throughput outbound (transmit from SIT) • DVB-S or S2 forward link operation • Support up to 2W Ku BUC without extra power supply • Typically offered in Ku as 1W/90cm or 2W/120cm • Support for PEP and VPN (optional) • DVB-S2 Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) Operation Professional/Enterprise Terminal Series 4000
  10. 10. • Connectivity: MESH or STAR (one simple hop) • UNICAST or MULTICAST • DVB-S or S2 forward link operation • UNI or BI-Directional • On-Demand or Permanent • QoS AmerHis Series 4000 • Project Collaboration: ESA (ARTES3) and Industry • Consortium: Alcatel Espacio Alcatel Space INDRA Advantech SatNet STM Hispasat
  11. 11. • Exceptional Flexibility • Remotely Upgradeable • 36 Mbps Sustained Throughput • Small Footprint • DVB-S/DVB-S2 Compliant • RJ45 10/100Base T Ethernet Interface • Received data available to any Host on the LAN • PID Filtering or Unlimited PIDs • Application Transparent ROT Series 4010
  12. 12. Enterprise Terminal Series 5000 • Incorporates features of Series 4000 with optional additional features as follows: • Mesh Operation • DVB-S2 Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) Operation • Up to 36 Mbps throughput inbound (receive to SIT) • Up to 8 Mbps throughput outbound (transmit from SIT) • DVB-S or –S2 forward link operation • Supports up to 4W Ku BUC without extra power supply • Typically offered in Ku as 2W/120cm or 4W/180cm • Interface to Transportable Terminals
  13. 13. Pay-as-You-GrowTM Solutions Micro DVB-SCPC hub Micro DVB-RCS hub Mini DVB-RCS hub Max DVB-RCS hub • Key system elements are modular & upgradeable • Pay for capacity & capability only as your network grows
  14. 14. Bandwidth Optimzer
  15. 15. PCMA PCMA = Paired Carrier Multiple Access It is a method for frequency re-use which allows different earth stations to use the same frequency, time slots, and/or CDMA code at the same time; Main benefits: it may effectively double the throughput of satellite system in terms of bits/sec/Hz, with minimal impact on the Eb/No required to achieve a desired BeR; Advantech PCMA-70
  16. 16. Broadband Mobility Overview • The evolution of fixed networks towards mobility is a natural extension of operational capability yielding: – Expanded coverage – Increased time of operation – Seamless communications – Profitable market • This has long been proven in terrestrial as well as some satellite networks, primarily for narrowband applications (Inmarsat) • Mobile broadband is an emerging networking capability that is here in proprietary form (Connexion) • The challenge is to make it as commercially successful as its narrowband predecessors
  17. 17. Broadband Mobility Overview • Aeronautical, maritime and terrestrial applications • Potential market for satcom: – Aeronautical: widebody and business jets – Maritime:cruise ships and yachts – Terrestrial: trains and perhaps buses • Automobiles probably better served by terrestrial 3G/4G networks (UMTS, UTRA, cdma2000, etc)
  18. 18. Broadband Mobility Overview System Architectures & Scenarios Gateway Transparent satellite Aircraft Aircraft Ship Train DVB-RCS (withspreading) Returnlink Terrestrial Network NOC NCCs Gateway DVB-S/S2 (withspreading) Forwardlink
  19. 19. Broadband Mobility Overview
  20. 20. CASE Saudi Aramco Company Saudi Arabia Broadband VSAT Services- New Perspective for Oil and Gas Applications The Oil and Gas Satellite Communications
  21. 21. Objective Explain why VSAT Satellite network is important to Oil & Gas operations Introduce VSAT open standard technology, DVB-RCS Highlight Oil & Gas industry as a potential market for VSAT Communications Highlight challenges facing DVB-RCS Technology
  22. 22. Onshore Rigs Oil & Gas Operations Offshore Rigs& Platforms Marine Vessels Oil Tankers LAN Internet Applications Data/Voice VideoSeismic Explorations Communication System are needed to: - Perform real time data monitoring & applications - Perform the daily operations and activities - Improve safety of personnel & assets Refineries & Bulk Plants
  23. 23. Satellite “Repeater in the Sky” Earth Coaxial or Fiber Optic Cable Microwave Repeaters 2-Way VSAT Satellite System Onshore Rigs LAN Internet Voice Data/ Video Independent from Terrestrials Independent from the environment Services without limitation of: Distance Geographic areas Locations Number of sites Fast deployment Cost-Effective
  24. 24. Open Standard IP based VSAT Technology: - Forward data link from gateway to remotes up to 80mb/s - Return data link from remotes to gateway 2 – 4 mb/s - Multi-vendor competitive environment - Proven Interoperability which leads to low cost equipment - Ease of adding new terminals to network &, Scalable Hub - DVB-RCS supports current and upcoming IP services Fading & Interference countermeasures - Higher availability of terminal connectivity - Optimized use of satellite bandwidth Why Use DVB-RCS? DVB-S2 Latest Platform Technology Advanced Coding Schemes - CCM – Constant Coding Modulation - VCM – Variable Coding Modulation - ACM – Adaptive Coding Modulation
  25. 25. Disaster Recovery VANS Deployed & ready for service within 15 minutes No technical intervention required Available in 76cm, 96cm or 1.2m with 1W, 2W or 4W Ku BUC
  26. 26. Maximizing Oil & Gas Operations and Performance Perform Drilling Online Geosteering real data analysis Perform Seismic Online Quality Check Introduced advanced drilling technologies: Batching Drilling Intelligent Well Intelligent Field Real Time Monitoring
  27. 27. What is Geosteering “the use of real-time geological and directional data to help guide or place a well” Why Geosteering Maximize reservoir contact Increase pin-point accuracy Optimize directional drilling Real-Time Drilling GeoSteering Horizontal Wells with Real Time Data Evaluation Update 3D Geological Model Well Planning
  28. 28. RIG Rig Server Service Company Computer INSITE OFFICE SERVER Real Time database Server Real Time Geosteering Applications Geosteering Hub VSAT Terminal VSAT Gateway Geological Interpretation applications Geological 3D modeling & model update Satellite 2 mb/s
  29. 29. Seismic Exploration
  30. 30. Seismic Rig eSQC Server INSITE OFFICE SERVER SQC database Server Online 3D-Seismic QC Applications DB VSAT Gateway Satellite Recorder Vehicle 2 mb/s VSAT Terminal 2 mb/s 3D-eSQC Center
  31. 31. Program Milestones Contract awarded in December 2006 Delivery and Gateway installation May 2007 Delivery of Remote Terminals June 2007 System handover August 2007 Two geograhically fully redundant hubs each supporting a ful transponder 300 SITs with 75 maritime SITs All milestone dates were achieved on time