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TKT Young Learners Session 2

Second of five TKT YL sessions

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TKT Young Learners Session 2

  1. 1. Session 2 Tutor: Silvia Rovegno
  2. 2. • Children as language learners • Learning strategies • Communication strategies • Cognitive strategies • Lesson planning • Exam practice tasks
  3. 3. • What makes children different from other language learners? • What classroom activities cater for that? • Discuss in pairs, the statements from YL teachers about the activities they do in the classroom to adjust to children´s learning style
  4. 4. • Task: Match the teachers´ comments with the strips describing the activities
  5. 5. A strategy involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions.
  6. 6. “specific actions taken by the learner to make learning easier, faster, more enjoyable, more self-directed, more effective, and more transferrable to new situations" (R. Oxford, 1990)
  7. 7. Cognitive strategies are one type of learning strategy that learners use in order to learn more successfully. All of these strategies involve deliberate manipulation of language to improve learning.
  8. 8. Concept Mapping Dump and Clump Visualization Making Associations Chunking Questioning Scanning Underlining Accessing Cues Using Mnemonics Sounding out words Self-checking and Monitoring.
  9. 9. Match the strategy with the appropriate example
  10. 10. Match the headings provided with the sample from a TKT YL session
  11. 11. • Bring a material/activity that you find useful and have used in several courses. • Explain the rationale behind its use (try using what we have discussed so far to describe this point)