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Traditional mural vs non traditional mural

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Traditional mural vs non traditional mural

  1. 1. Traditional MuralMural is the piece of artwork painted on anylarge permanent surface, usually walls orceilings. The significance of Murals is that theycould bring art in to the centre of public.Kerala, the south Indian state popularly knownas "Gods own country" has its own uniqueculture in mural-art. Keralas mural painting iscompletely different from other murals in itslook and feel. According to critics Kerala holdssecond place in having the largest collection ofarchaeological mural sites.Keralas traditional style mural-art-form usingvegetable colours and natural pigmentsdepicts mythology and legends. Through therelationship between main gestures of thepicture, they usually describe some theatricsscenes
  2. 2. Name of the artist: MichelangeloName of the mural: Just back: all eyes toheaven in the Sistine chapel.Where it has been made: In the SistineChapel ceiling.NoN TradiTioNal mural Graffiti is the name for images or letteringscratched, scrawled, painted or marked in anymanner on property. Graffiti is any type ofpublic markings that may appear in the forms
  3. 3. of simple written words to elaborate wallpaintings.Graffiti has existed since ancient times, withexamples dating back to Ancient Greece andthe Roman Empire.In modern times, spray paint, normal paint andmarkers have become the most commonlyused materials.In most countries, defacing property withgraffiti without the property owners consent isconsidered vandalism, which is punishable bylaw. Sometimes graffiti is employed tocommunicate social and political messages. Tosome, it is an art form worthy of display ingalleries and exhibitions; to others it is merelyvandalism. Graffiti has since evolved into a popculture existence often related to undergroundhip hop music and b-boying creating a lifestylethat remains hidden from the general public.
  4. 4. Name of the artist: Fernando CastroPachecoName of the mural: mural of SalvadorAlvaradoWhere it has been made: GovernmentPalace, Merida, Mexico • Ifyou compare these two images you can easily see the dif ferent of a traditional and a nontraditional mural because in the first picture which is the traditional mural got dif ferent technique than the 2 mural. And the colour they used is very dif ferent and very mature than the the 2 nd mural. The 2 nd mural which is the nontraditional mural shows lots of proper shapes on it but in the 1 st
  5. 5. mural it doesn’t show that. So I thinkthey are dif ferent to each other andit ’s easy to find out the dif ferentbetween traditional murals and nontraditional murals…