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The Secret Weapon for Sales Recruiting

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Brad Wilkins, named the #1 Recruiter in the U.S. by TheLadders.com, is a sought after speaker in the talent and human resources world, and an expert at finding and building high performing sales teams. In the last decade, Brad has reviewed tens of thousands of job applicants and successfully placed hundreds of high performers in a broad range of roles.

To put it bluntly, if you’re looking to build a high performance sales team, Brad’s the guy who can find the right talent.How does he do it?

Brad has a secret weapon - RoundPegg.

Join Brad Wilkins and RoundPegg’s VP of Sales, David Lyon for “The Secret Weapon for Sales Recruiting” where you’ll learn firsthand how to:

- Quickly identify promising candidates when your inbox is slammed with resumes
- Cut through candidates’ sales pitches and uncover top sales talent
- Use a candidate’s values profile to ask the right interview questions
- Onboard new sales hires so they can ramp-up and produce revenue faster

All this and other tips and tricks that Brad uses to hire and retain top sales talent.

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The Secret Weapon for Sales Recruiting

  1. 1. The Secret Weapon for Sales Recruiting: How the #1 Recruiter in the U.S. Builds High Performing Sales Teams
  2. 2. David Lyon VP Sales & Customer Success, RoundPegg
  3. 3. Brad Wilkins Director, Talent Management and HR Services Adcap Network Systems
  4. 4. Brad Wilkins ¡ Ranked #1 Corporate Recruiter in USA for 2013 by TheLadders.com ¡ Featured speaker for LinkedIn, TheLadders.com, Workforce Live, TLNT, ALI, The Conference Board, GSMI and The Talent Management Alliance
  5. 5. Brad Wilkins Director, Talent Management and HR Services Adcap Network Systems
  6. 6. Takeaways ¡ How culture fit = better sales teams ¡ How to cut through applicant overload ¡ Making the right hires using culture data ¡ Onboarding & managing with culture data
  7. 7. Why is hiring salespeople so hard? ?
  8. 8. Hiring Salespeople isn’t Easy ¡ Good sales people are hard to find and only 6% are considered elite ¡ Little formal education for those who aspire to a career in professional sales ¡ Sales is complex and evolves rapidly ¡ Best interviewers aren’t always the best candidates ¡ What makes a salesperson successful in one environment rarely translates over Challenges
  9. 9. Failure is Expensive ¡ Hard costs = 50% of annual comp ¡ Soft costs = 25% of annual comp ¡ Opportunity cost = X% Turnover & Bad Fits
  10. 10. Is there a secret weapon for hiring? ?
  11. 11. Culture Fit & Values ¡ 89% of reason individuals fail in a position is culture based, not skills ¡ 70% of sales reps leave because of poor fit with their managers ¡ Better culture fit in sales positions increases revenue by 35% ¡ Good fits are 27% less likely to turn over The Secret Weapon
  12. 12. Adcap & RoundPegg How Adcap Network Systems started using RoundPegg
  13. 13. It Started with Culture ¡ 10-year-old organization ¡ Culture was important but undefined ¡ Needed to define & quantify culture ¡ Once defined it could be improved and maintained Adcap Network Systems
  14. 14. RoundPegg Culture Baseline ¡ Shows most important values vs least ¡ Highlights conflict values ¡ Broken down into teams, departments, entire company
  15. 15. Ah-Hah Hiring Moment Adcap’s annual entry level sales position
  16. 16. The Sales Hiring Challenge ¡ Top company to work for in Atlanta ¡ No experience required ¡ Can come from any background ¡ Anyone can find and apply Entry Level Sales
  17. 17. The Sales Hiring Challenge ¡ 750 – 1,500 resumes received ¡ Most applicants have similar skills (none) ¡ Most industry background irrelevant ¡ Now what? Result
  18. 18. Key Questions for Hiring Entry Level ¡ Do they have the right personality? ¡ Do they fit in with the sales culture? ¡ Do they fit with the hiring manager? ¡ How can you efficiently screen applicants? Key Questions
  19. 19. RoundPegg Culture Survey ¡ Quick 5 – 10 min survey ¡ 9 most & least important ¡ Applicant sees their culture data as well
  20. 20. RoundPegg’s HirePegg Tools ¡ Shows a list applicants & culture fit scores ¡ Easy to understand archetypes
  21. 21. RoundPegg’s HirePegg Tools ¡ Sort by culture fit ¡ Concentrate on best-fit candidates
  22. 22. Making Culture Fit Tangible ¡ Easily identify areas of fit & friction ¡ Fit with company, team and manager ¡ Fit at micro level is more important than global culture fit
  23. 23. Candidates Own Their Profile ¡ Instant feedback ¡ Candidate gets login and culture type info ¡ Printable “Cube Guides”
  24. 24. RoundPegg for Interviewing ¡ Culture guide with insight into values & communication ¡ Behavioral interview questions ¡ Cheat sheet for less skilled for hiring managers
  25. 25. Hiring with Culture Data ¡ 15% more profitable over the first 12- months, 24% more profitable over 18- months ¡ 27% less likely to voluntarily leave within 12-months ¡ 20% more likely to be top performers Business Outcomes
  26. 26. Culture in Onboarding Using RoundPegg to onboard new sales hires
  27. 27. Traditional Onboarding ¡ Paperwork ¡ Brief introductions to teammates ¡ Mildly awkward lunch ¡ 3 - 6 months of learning how management & employees operate The Average Experience
  28. 28. Onboarding With Culture Data ¡ Give the keys to working with teammates early ¡ Highlight how team can work best with new hire ¡ Discuss areas of possible frustration
  29. 29. Onboarding with Culture Data ¡ 15% faster to onboarding time (defined as having a positive profit/cost ratio; measured within sales departments) ¡ Higher rate of inclusion for new reps ¡ Reps better equipped to work together ¡ Reduced turnover costs Business Outcomes
  30. 30. Culture in Management Using RoundPegg to manager strong sales teams
  31. 31. Creating Desired Interactions ¡ “Politics” arise from assuming others will behave as we would ¡ Behaviors driven by value systems ¡ Managers not comfortable talking about feelings/ values
  32. 32. TeamPegg for Managing Reps ¡ Guides and comparisons available to managers ¡ See the dynamic, potential challenges and compliments ¡ Easily understood supportive actions
  33. 33. Managing with Culture Data ¡ Less employee conflict ¡ Conflicts resolved faster ¡ Conflicts turned to compliments ¡ More time working, less time politicking Business Outcomes
  34. 34. Takeaways ¡ How culture fit = better sales teams ¡ Culture cuts through applicant overload ¡ Culture helps you make the right hires ¡ Onboarding & managing with culture data builds strong sales teams
  35. 35. Questions Please chat them in now ?
  36. 36. Brad Wilkins, Adcap Network Systems – bwilkins@adcapnet.com David Lyon, RoundPegg – david@roundpegg.com