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The PHX Content Strategy Confab 2013 Recap

Cakes, lakes, and a whole lot of content strategy.

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The PHX Content Strategy Confab 2013 Recap

  2. #confabfeelings *content strategy is really people strategy
  3. Making the Case for Content Strategy Ahava Liebtag @ahaval
  4. Bring it, Ahava!
  5. Content is… Intimate Politically sensitive Requires definition and decision making Reveals to the world who we are F*ing scary!
  6. 6 approaches to take Demystify the beast Be honest Ask artful questions Be the guide, not the map Get buy-in with small wins Manage the good idea fairy Photo credit: Getty Images
  7. "Don’t ever walk in and tell them their baby is ugly" - Ahava Liebtag
  8. Instead, say things like: Tell me why... I’m wondering about... Help me understand...
  9. Experiencing Delightful Content Jared Spool @jmspool
  10. ‘Sup, JSpool!
  11. "Search is only for the site's content. e refund policy is not content." - A Client
  12. Everything is content. Content is what the user needs or wants right now.
  13. Relying on in-site search should always be your "Plan B." When you have good content, you have delighted the user. Looking for a good example? Chek out Montreal Gazette’s Fantasy Hockey.
  14. Delightful content design takes... User research Information architecture Interaction design Information design Editing and curation Design practice management Visual design Copywriting
  15. Content is at the center of all great user experiences. BUT delightful content is not free. ere has to be a business model to support it.
  16. Well, This IS Interesting: Content and the science of interest Melissa Rach @melissarach
  17. Tell ‘em, Melissa.
  18. Be curious. Because YOU have to be interested in something before you can make it interesting to others.
  19. Interest has several different purposes, most of all, it’s a human need Interest is about filling knowledge gaps and making connections Ongoing interest requires increasing complexity Sharing and storytelling take interest to the next level
  20. “Comprehension is the hinge between interest and confusion." - Paul J. Silvia Exploring the Psychology of Interest
  21. 5 things you can do Get yourself interested: know your stuff Focus on helping people: be a “content concierge” Find the information gaps and decide which to fill (goal oriented, action oriented, entertainment oriented) Make it easy: comprehension is the hinge between interest and confusion Talk, teach, listen, and learn: asking for feedback helps you tell more interesting stories
  22. Getting the User-Generated Content You Want Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella
  23. Vanessa, stop being so smart already.
  24. Getting quality user generated content is hard. When websites rely on user generated content, it can be a real challenge to get users to submit the caliber of content you need (think about ideal Yelp reviews, they're helpful, witty, well-written, provide supporting details, etc.). 
  25. We can help! As information designers, we can shape the content submission process to encourage higher quality user generated content by providing smart examples and establishing constraints. 
  26. How we can help... Shine a light on great examples and users Give users sample copy Provide illustrative or instructional inline help copy Create helpful resources, like tips and how-tos Develop safeguards (i.e. community dos & don'ts) Pre-determined choices to choose from like dropdown menu items, radio buttons, required fields, etc. 
  27. Bonus: Hiring Evaluation Test For those of you looking to hire content strategists in the near future, Rebekah has turned Vanessa’s awesome in-session exercise from Confab into a sweet little test for potential hires that measures a candidate’s: Creativity and flexibility Strategic thinking and empathy for users Ability to communicate their ideas with developers & designers Writing skills (including microcopy!) Basic user flow and UX sensibilities  If you want all the details, shoot a message to: rebekah.cancino@gmail.com
  28. Content Strategy for the Customer Journey Kevin Nichols @kpnichols
  29. Kevin’s about to get serious.
  30. To the customer, all content is company content. ey don’t care who it’s coming from within the company; they care about how it speaks to them.
  31. Omnichannel provides content at every customer channel and considers time, manner, and place. It includes physical, digital, in-store, and person to person interactions. Customers do not experience a brand in just one channel.
  32. Customer journeys are the engine behind personalization and the key to designing an omnichannel experience. ey provide opportunities to personalize and clarify which types of content are most effective for each segment of your audience.
  33. What the hell is customer journey? Harvard Business Review’s got you covered: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2010/11/ using_customer_journey_maps_to.html
  34. What startups can teach us about content strategy Stephanie Hay @steph_hay
  35. HAY! You know, as in Steph Hay.
  36. Writing before wireframing? Yes. Content drives everything we do. It is the structure. So starting with it just makes sense.
  38. e “You” Orientation Who the users are, and what they actually care about. TRUMPS e “We/Me” Orientation Who we are, and what we care about.
  39. Pay attention to them first Google Keyword Tool Google AdWords Google Analytics Prioritize your people Own what’s real
  40. Attention comes from trust Use plain language and meet the expectations you set
  41. All in all, it was a Confabulous time.
  42. more smart people to follow @halvorson @webmeadow @jcolman @sara_ann_marie @MrVilhauer @lucidplot @karenmcgrane @mbloomstein @ticjones @eaton

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Cakes, lakes, and a whole lot of content strategy.


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