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17 de Jul de 2012

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Social Media statistics

  1. Social Media Statistics Middle East – North Africa Regional Facts
  2. Internet, Social Media & Arab World ◦ If the Arab region was one country, it would be the 3 rd most populous country, after China & India. ◦ 25% of the population in the MENA region owns a smart phone. ◦ 11% of people in MENA region watch videos online. ◦ The online advertising market in the MENA region is around $180 million, with 70 million of that being spent on Google AdWorks. ◦ UAE has the highest internet penetration among the MENA countries at 69%, with Jordan having 35% internet penetration. ◦ The most-visited website in the MENA region is Facebook, followed by Google, and then Youtube, which has 85% reach. ◦ The most-visited website in Jordan is Al Rai, followed by Koora, AlMadina, Khaberni then AlDustoor. ◦ 63% of MENA online audience is male, 37% are female
  3. Internet, Social Media & Arab World ◦ There are 8,991,800 Egyptians & 2,223,780 Jordanians on Facebook. ◦ Arab youth 15-29 years old dominate 70% of Arab users on Facebook. ◦ There are 650,000 Arab users on Twitter, generating 37 Million Tweets, 56 Tweets per person, and 14 tweets per second. ◦ An active Twitter user is someone who tweets at least once a month, and there are 16,886 Active twitter users in Jordan. while total users are around 65,000. ◦ Sample Twitter volumes in the region include Jordan at 630,000, the UAE at 3,900,000, and Kuwait at 11,100,000 tweets. ◦ Kuwait generates 1/3 of all Tweet volume in Arab countries. ◦ Arab women are 1/3 of Social Media users in MENA region.
  4. Social Media & Sharing Trends 22 million fb users •A total of 22 million+ users are Lebanon 3% Rest of MENA present on facebook in MENA 11% region. Egypt 27% Jordon •Over 2 million only in past 6 5% months Algeria 6% •+40,000 New facebook users join everyday Tunisia 9% •56% of them login at least, once KSA a day 16% UAE 10% •75% of the users login at least Morocco once a month 13%
  5. Facebook Stats The primary Language used to communicate on facebook during the civil movement in Egypt and Tunisia was:
  6. Facebook Stats The growth rate of Facebook users during the 2011 protests, as compared to the same time period in 2010 was:
  7. Facebook Stats Facebook user penetration in the Arab region, plus Iran, Israel and Turkey (Apr. 2011):
  8. Facebook Stats New Facebook users in the Arab region and globally (Jan. 5 - Apr. 5, 2011), as percentage of population:
  9. Facebook Stats New Facebook users in the Arab region (Jan. 5 -Apr. 5, 2011), in terms of numbers:
  10. Facebook Stats Facebook penetration rates in the GCC:
  11. Facebook Stats Gender breakdown of Facebook users in the Arab World:
  12. Facebook Stats Demographic Breakdown of Facebook Users in the Arab Region (April 2011):
  13. Facebook Stats Demographic Breakdown of Facebook Users in the Arab Region (April 2011):
  14. Twitter Usage in MENA Region ◦ The number of tweets had risen to 155 million a day, up from 55 million a day around the same time last year, with a 41% increase daily in the number of tweets. ◦ The first quarter of 2011 has also shown a 50% increase in monthly unique mobile signups and a 52% increase in Twitter account signups. ◦ Only 30-40 million of the 200 Twitter users are actually “active,” meaning that most information on Twitter is generated by a minority, while the majority use Twitter to consume news as more of a newsfeed than a microblog. ◦ The estimated number of active Twitter users in the Arab region at the end of March 2011 was 1,150,292. Multiplying by the ratio of total users to active users above (an average of 200 million/35 million = 5.7), we get a total Twitter population of 6,567,280.
  15. ◦ The estimated number of tweets generated in the Arab region in the first quarter of 2011 (Jan. 1 – March 30) by these “active users” was 22,750,000 tweets. The estimated number of daily tweets is 252,000 tweets per day, or 175 tweets a minute, or roughly three tweets a second. ◦ The estimated number of daily tweets per active user in the Arab region in Q1 of 2011 is 0.81 daily tweets. ◦ The most popular trending hashtags across the Arab region in the first quarter were #egypt (with 1.4 million mentions in the tweets generated during this period) #jan25 (with 1.2. million mentions), #libya (with 990,000 mentions), #bahrain (640,000 mentions), and #protest (620,000)
  16. Twitter Stats Number of active twitter users in the MENA region (Average number between Jan. 1 and March 30, 2011):
  17. Twitter Stats Twitter penetration in the MENA (Average between Jan. 1 and March 30, 2011):
  18. Twitter Stats Number of Tweets in the MENA region (Jan. 1 – March 30, 2011):
  19. Twitter Stats Volume of tweets in the Arab region:
  20. Twitter Stats Top Twitter trends in the MENA region Q1-2011 (number of mentions):
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