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Internet of Things (#IoT) New Paradigm for Business


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Internet of Things (#IoT) New Paradigm for Business

  1. new york • los angeles • shanghai • paris
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  3. 3 @seb66 @lucychalmeton Sebastien Chalmeton CEO & Co-Founder Lucy Li Chalmeton Co-Founder new york los angeles ! ! ! ! shanghai paris
  4. 4 “The Internet of Things (IoT) is when milk carton tells you it’s running low and it’s time to buy milk.”
  5. 5 IoT connects the physical world to the Internet. SENSORS / DEVICES CONNECTIVITY / NETWORKS PEOPLE / PROCESSES + + The Internet of Things connects billions of sensors and devices such as every day consumer objects and industrial equipment onto networks. Networked inputs are then combined into bi-directional systems for better decision making, increased efficiency, new services, or environmental benefits. Increasing amounts of data produced by those sensors and connected devices are hence acquired, logged, and stored onto networks.
  6. The Internet of Things isn’t coming soon. It’s already here… 6
  7. 7 IoT is here. It’s real. It’s inevitable. “It’s just not very evenly distributed.” ! WILLIAM GIBSON
  8. 8 IoT starts to be more visible in our everyday lives. SMART THERMOSTATS ACTIVITY TRACKERS SMART LIGHTS CONNECTED SCALE
  9. 9 IoT is already more present than we think… Did you know that a car produced in 2014 has an average of… 60-100 built-in sensors?
  10. 10 “The whole sensor field is going to explode. It’s already exploding. It’s a little all over the place right now, but with the arc of time, it will become clearer I think.” ! Apple CEO, Tim Cook.
  11. Within 6 years, 57,000 new “things” will be added to the Internet every 11 1 second.
  12. billion devices will be part of the Internet of Things by 2020* ! 212 *Source: Samsung IFA 2014 / International Data Corporation (IDC), 2014 12
  15. 15 The sky’s the limit in terms of IoT applications. HOME CONSUMER HEALTH BODY CITIES INDUSTRY TRANSPORT MOBILITY BUILDINGS INFRASTRUCTURE Thermostats Lighting Remote control appliances Detection (intrusion / smoke) Energy / water monitoring Infotainment Pet feeding Patient care Patient surveillance Elderly monitoring Fall detection Remote diagnostic Equipment monitoring Hospital hygiene Bio wearables Food sensors Smart lighting Waste management Maintenance Surveillance Signage Utilities / Smart grid Emergency services Smart car Traffic routing Telematics Package monitoring Smart parking Insurance adjustments Supply chain Shipping Public transport Airlines Trains Heat, ventilation and air conditioning Security Smart lighting Transit Emergency alerts Structural integrity Occupancy Energy credits
  16. IDC predicts that IoT will generate nearly $9 trillion in annual sales by 2020. 16
  17. 17 IoT revenues predictions are staggering in every category. BANKING MANUFACTURING RETAIL HEALTH TRANSPORTATION UTILITIES GOVERNMENT OTHER 2014 $92 B $472 B $160 B $132 B $156 B $100 B $301 B $750 B 2018 $154 B $913 B $326 B $313 B $325 B $201 B $570 B $1.78 T Source: IDC - Internet of Things Spending Guide by Vertical Market, 2014
  18. 18 For businesses, IoT requires a mindset shift because they will create and capture value differently.
  19. The IoT value proposition: A driver of new product cycles (incremental revenue streams) Another leg of cost efficiencies (better productivity and cost savings) 19
  20. 20 With the Zepp training system, you can get instant feedback and measure your performance while you’re playing. The Zepp sensor tracks shot type, power, spin, and your total court time and active time. It reveals what you’re doing well, what you need to work on, and how to improve. IOT NEW PARADIGM CUSTOMER NEEDS 01 Address real-time and emergent needs in a predictive manner.
  21. 21 Nest is clearly committed to disrupt the home appliance market. With its first major software update, Nest Protect gets smarter by adding a new “Steam Check” feature which can halve the number of false alarms from the Protect. The smart smoke detector can now tell the difference between smoke and steam, detail carbon monoxide levels, and more. IOT NEW PARADIGM PRODUCT OFFERING 02 Smarten traditional products. Your products are no longer one-and-done, nor obsolete over time. New features are added on a regular basis thanks to over-the-air updates. Emphasize the synergy value of your products.
  22. 22 Proteus Digital Health is working to create a pill containing a tiny sensor than can communicate information about your medication-taking behaviors and how your body is responding. Once the data is in the cloud, doctors and other caregivers can monitor it. IOT NEW PARADIGM ROLE OF DATA 03 Respond to customer behavior more efficiently thanks to new analytics. Information convergence creates the experience for current products and enables services.
  23. 23 The Voyce sensor-packed collar measures your dog's step count and resting activity and compares it to the breed's averages. You can monitor the data in real-time via a phone app. The Voyce tracker costs $299 for the collar itself, with a $15 monthly subscription fee. IOT NEW PARADIGM PATH TO PROFIT 04 Enable recurring revenue, including value-added services, subscriptions, and apps, which can easily exceed the initial product purchase price.
  24. 24 IOT NEW PARADIGM CONTROL POINTS 05 “Lock in” customers with personalization and context gained through information gained over time, and network effects scale as more products join the platform.
  25. 25 In Europe, Coca-Cola Enterprises has been placing sensors on goods and in vending machines to help track inventory and help retailers offer discounts to customers participating in digital loyalty programs. IOT NEW PARADIGM CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT 06 Grow partnerships and understand how others in the ecosystem make money instead of just leveraging core competencies, existing resources and processes.
  26. 26 ! ! IOT NEW PARADIGM IoT will create new winners long before losers find out they’re losing. ! Adapt or die. ! What’s your strategy for the connected world?
  27. 27 IOT NEW PARADIGM IN A NUTSHELL While not evenly distributed yet, IoT is already here, rapidly connecting the physical world to the Internet. IoT is inevitable, affecting every industry, every company, every job, every person. IoT is going to be huge. 212 billion devices will be part of the Internet of Things by 2020. For businesses, IoT requires a mindset shift because it will create and capture value differently. IoT is both a driver of new product cycles and another leg of cost efficiencies. Products can address needs in a predictive manner, leveraging data and frequent updates. IoT enables incremental revenue, control points and opportunities for partnerships in the ecosystem. IoT will create new winners long before losers find out they’re losing.
  28. 28 Sources “Apple’s Tim Cook On Why The Nike+ FuelBand Works And Google Glass Doesn’t” Fast Company, 2013 ! “IFA 2014 Opening Keynote - Home of the Future” Samsung / IDC, Sept. 2014 ! “Internet of Things Spending Guide by Vertical Market” “IDC, 2014 ! “The Internet of Things: Making sense of the next mega-trend” Goldman Sachs, Sept. 2014 ! “How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models” Harvard Business Review, July 2014 new york • los angeles • shanghai • paris NEW BUSINESS INQUIRIES ! Mighty Things ! Seb Chalmeton, CEO seb@mightythings.co @seb66 ! Lucy Li Chalmeton, Chief Strategy Officer, Asia lucy@mightythings.co @lucychalmeton