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chain collaboration cmo challenges role of the cmo cmo research role of cmo new cmo marketing officer cmo survey cmo role chief marketing officer business process modernization business process digital modernization digital shift strategies for product development connected product development intelligent product roadmap workplace culture diversity in the workplace innovation in the workplace cyber security in the industrial internet of thing industrial equipment cyber resilience cyber security in industrial equipment ai healthcare survey ai in healthcare federal employees and ai federal agencies ai workforce skills ai skills for federal workers trends in federal workforce federal workers government ai federal workforce federal workforce ai survey ai and federal workforce federal employees federal government workforce ai trends government workforce trends federal workforce trends ai workforce collaboration ai workforce ai skills federal jobs and ai arfrs interbank offered rates detroit 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centric consumer behavior business opportunity marketing strategy commercial life sciences government service trends singapore public sector singapore public service trash the rulebook corporate learning learning opportunities learning on the job industrie minière digitale usine numérique usine digitale transformer les opérations industrielles head of finance cfo responsibilities finance director finance officer controller cfo research un'indagine pubblico un’indagine cittadini settore pubblico amont aval ressources energie petrole et gaz citizen pulse survey technical debt exponential it legacy technology pillars of readiness research life sciences cloud cloud-based informatics platform pensions customers pensions journey pensions design pensions systems pensions agencies public service research citizen research citizen insights connectivity alibaba ling shou tong obaa overseas bankers association of australia hydrocarbons smart products indsutry x.0 ai-embedded products ai in product 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longevity imagination economy techno-politics digitalen verwaltung digital business consulting centralized networks open access network vulnerabilities network challenges cyber vulnerabilities health security nonprofit personalization digital donations digital nonprofit power of analytics u.s. cities health companies patient platform life sciences patient solutions intelligent patient services patient solutions innovation framework government executives government employees des organismes de service public accenture en france gouvernement numerique les services publics chemical industry research digital chemical plant digital plant operations therapeutic treatment survey therapeutic treatment pharma industry pharma product launch pharmaceutical drug launch pharmaceutical product launch rotterdam citizen demands public sector uk uk communities uk councils uk cities user-centric human-centric pension design user centered design pensions physician ama disruptive business model global business model digital taxpayers digital taxpayer research digital tax agent digital tax agency japan corporate agility chro employee experience strategy healthcare talent shortage healthcare provider talent strategy healthcare provider workforce of the future healthcare provider future workforce healthcare workforce augmentation healthcare talent strategy healthcare future workforce ai iq ai platforms asia oil and gas digital transformation upstream oil and gas digital technologies in oil and gas channel partner insurer employee experience insurer leadership strategy insurer talent strategy insurer workforce of the future insurer future workforce insurance employee experience insurance leadership strategy insurance future workforce psd2 chief digital officer digital delivery parcel organization postal organization transofrmation networked collaboration reguatory compliance pension agencies retirement security pension security pension administration secure pensions secure retirement 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provider comms accenture technology vision 2016 pharmaceutical future workforce pharmaceutical workforce of the future population health medical science liaison medical affairs msl pharmaceutical medical affairs communications companies online learning supply chain academy learning academy workforce skills transformation. redefining competitiveness digital innovation utilities grid grid batteries aml risk assessment value creation legacy applications sales funnel sales enablement program sales productivity csos distracted selling healthcare talent management change healthcare provider healthcare ceo healthcare leadership strategy digital trendsetters connected digital experiences banking customer experience mindsets segmentation money mindsets zero based budgeting organizational behavior digital video digital video transformation digital video disruption fashion manufacturing volatility customers operational flexibility biotechnology front office plm liveworx mergers and acquisitions 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consumer industries economic capital management (ecm) solvency ii multi-channel interactions digital customers cdo datenqualitätsmanagement geschäftsprozesse datensicherheit datenarchitektur datagovernance businesses digital compliance digital regulation harvard university human services summit emergent leadership harvard summit accenture human services third-party risk management financial services compliance leadership from invention to impact invention to impact public sector summit cost management just in time marketing market change innovators digital shoring networked innovation shared services security trends 2016 digital trends 2016 predictable disruption technology platforms workforce management future of the workforce workforce trends mobile workforce liquid workforce millennial workforce ai trends artificial intelligence research artificial intelligence trends ai research emerging tech emerging technology (ies) platform strategy (ies) cloud for business technology strategy 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must know risk management in financial services risk compliance consumer goods companies connected consumers adobe marketing cloud cloud marketing women's day women's research #listenlearnlead international women's day inclusion and diversity 2015 risk minds insurance conference finance and risk services drivers of change in the insurance industry oil production oil exploration leadership strategy improved financial performance structural reform new ecosystem 2015 trends 2015 tech trends hybrid cloud solution intelligent business cloud jose villar managing collateral james hopkins bart coppens michael griffiths diane nolan catherine gutierrez compensation repurposed investments banks redesigning owen jelf christopher hook wei min chin decommissioning process simplifying complexity wagner simao business ownership daniel price operations fabio rodacki federated centralized vas papadopoulos chris brodersen omar santissi new products executing expansion burak zatiturk new segments new 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