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Verb to be

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Verb to be

  1. 1. Instituto SuperiorPedagogico Superior “Ciudad de San Gabriel” INGLES Lourdes Ruales Tercero “B” 2012-2013
  2. 2. Verb to beThe structures of the verb "to be" used to communicatevarious aspects can be very useful as "a person talk about"your name, nationality, profession and describes thecharacteristics of someone or something ExEmpla’sWe have to be carefulI wat to be a doctorWhat do be a doctorTo be or not to be
  3. 3. ALPHABETIt is a structured group of letters in a specific order accepted across the boardin the languageThis is a set composed of the spelling intended for language representation.In Spanish, this group takes its name from the first three letters that make itup: A, B, and C.The system adopted by the language or Spanish language is the Romanalphabet, which offers a writing structure that underlies worldwide sincecertain changes took advantage in most of the languages spoken in AMERICAA(ei)B (bi )C ciD diEiF efG zyiH eichI aiJ zyeiK keiL elM emN en
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