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How LinkedIn is Transforming Businesses

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A visual story of how LinkedIn is transforming how companies hire, market and sell. Learn more below -

Talent Solutions: http://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions
Marketing Solutions: http://marketing.linkedin.com/
Sales Solutions: http://sales.linkedin.com/

Download the LinkedIn for Business Playbook: http://lnkd.in/LinkedInForBusinessPlaybook

Designed by Brett Wallace of Why is LinkedIn So Cool? fame: http://www.slideshare.net/brettalexwallace/why-is-linkedin-so-cool-16101604

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How LinkedIn is Transforming Businesses

  1. 1. has the world
  2. 2. As a result, the way the world has changed
  3. 3. We rely on our networks more than ever
  4. 4. to make better, more informed decisions
  5. 5. Recruitinggreat talent
  6. 6. Marketing in a world full of noise
  7. 7. Nobody likes a Cold Call
  8. 8. These challenges are becoming harderover time
  9. 9. enter
  10. 10. enter Linked
  11. 11. We believe these challenges are vs. different
  12. 12. Each requires us to identify the right person
  13. 13. Engagethem with content
  14. 14. and, motivate them to
  15. 15. Relationships Matter
  16. 16. updating their profiles
  17. 17. sharing insightssharing insights
  18. 18. following thought leaders
  19. 19. Billions of Connections
  20. 20. All of this activity
  21. 21. This data can be used to the way companies
  22. 22. This is what Linked does better than anyone else
  23. 23. Target the right person with the right job Find and Attract the world’s best talent
  24. 24. Target the right person with the right job
  25. 25. your employer brand and culture
  26. 26. Build trust with your target audience at scale
  27. 27. Sharemeaningful content
  28. 28. Find and engage buyers
  29. 29. only Linked
  30. 30. ;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;