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Employment in Education sector in Ireland

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Employment in Education sector in Ireland

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Employment in Education sector in Ireland

  1. 1. Employment in Ireland Impact on Education sector: Globalisation, New Technology Factors, Economic and Population Shifts
  2. 2. is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.
  3. 3. Communication technologies Information highway Wi-Fi access High speed Broadband Mobile computing devices
  4. 4.  Cloud based learning platforms  Video sharing websites  Open on-line courses  Digitised libraries and archives  New assessment tools
  5. 5.  Plagiarism  Copyright  Internet safety
  6. 6.  Economic Growth  Falling rates unemployment
  7. 7. Increase of 50% of population in Ireland over the past half century
  8. 8.  High quality education – investment for life  Over 5000 programmes recognised and quality assured  Dominant English language  Using new technologies  Expanded opportunities for learning and teaching  Creating jobs  Different cultures, languages and learning styles
  9. 9.  Lack of investment  Employees require skilled and educated workforce  Brain Drain  Business of higher education