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Journalism and development

  2. EMERGENCE  Development is a complex phenomenon  Each society should identify its development goals  Development Communication- The systematic use of communication for national development (Lent, 1979)  It is oriented towards development  Journalistic concept dealing with development through communication is termed as ‘Development Journalism'
  3. IMPORTANCE  Comm. act as a tool to motivate and persuade the people  Development programmes took shape in the early 1960s  Thus the origin of development journalism  It has been widely used in Third-World nations  Juan Mercado & Alan chalkleys’ efforts coined the term Development Journalism (DJ)  DJ was equated with economic reporting
  4. CREDIBILITY OF MEDIA  DJ is more than just presenting facts  it gives a critical analysis of various development projects  It should connect to the people and open reader's eyes  In essence, DJ endorses the principle of participatory development approach  By ensuring people's participation can shape the development projects  We assumed that journalism is able to influence the development process
  5. OBJECTIVE OF MEDIA  To critically examine the development projects  Evaluate the relevance of development projects  To differentiate between a planned scheme and its actual implementation
  6. ORIGIN AND GROWTH  During the second half of 20th Century, Third world countries are striving for development  These nations’ per capita income fall below of developed countries  Many academicians and policy makers were engaged in developing the third world  All those communication research and practices geared
  7. THE DOMINANT PARADIGM  During 1950 & 1960s the researchers formed the basis of Development Communication discourse  Daniel Lemer and Wilbur Schramm were instrumental in assessing the influence of mass media  They suggested that the urbanization would raise literacy rate  It increase the mass media exposure  That will lead to wider economic and political participation  Accessibility of mass media facilitates development of a nation
  8. INDIAN PRESS AND DEVELOPMENT JOURNALLISM  The concept was practiced by the Indian Press even before its existence  Hicky’s Gazette was dealing social, economic and cultural activities in 1780s  Raja Rammohan Roy efforts made the abolition of the practice of sati  During1860 and 1899, both the Anglo-Indian and language newspapers started to inculcate nationalism among people
  9. INDIAN PRESS AND DEVELOPMENT JOURNALLISM  During this period, prominent freedom fighters Surendranath Bannerjee, Bipin Chandra Pal, G. Subramania Aiyer, Motilal Ghosh, Narendranath Sen, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, and Naoroji were actively engaged with journalism  Mahatma Gandhi served people with help of Journalism  He believed that a newspaper is a social institution
  10. DEVELOPMENT REPORTING BY INDIAN NEWSPAPERS  The press has a vital role to play in development  By informing people on important development issues confronting the society  The Hindustan Times feature "Our Village Chhatera" was brought out in February in 1969  It was one of the best documented rural feature series in the Indian press  They covered extensively the rural scene in depth and in all its versatility
  11. DEVELOPMENT REPORTING BY INDIAN NEWSPAPERS  Malayalam Manorama and Mathrubhumi, were started farm features, allotting one page every week exclusively  The Hindu initiated rural reporting by appointing a special correspondent  It reported imported news about project also the attitude of government officials, farmers and businessmen  "For the Farmers Note-Book", was started reporting latest research findings
  12. DEVELOPMENT REPORTING BY INDIAN NEWSPAPERS  P. Sainath reported on rural India  He visited ten poorest districts of five states  He highlighted issues of extreme poverty in 84 reports in 18 months in Times of India  Health, rural education, forced displacement, survival strategies of the poor, usury and debt, water problem, etc.,  Later, his articles were reprinted as book, “Everybody Loves A Good Drought”
  13. DEVELOPMENT REPORTING BY INDIAN NEWSPAPERS  Punjabi Kheti and Haryana Kheti are have a committed group of readers such as farmers  Krishak Jagat, rural magazine from Bhopal since 1946  'Grassroots' is a monthly journal published by the PTI in Hindi, Tamil and English language  It give wide range of coverage on unemployment, agricultural, job schemes, success stories, etc
  14. PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPMENT REPORTING  1. Inadequate information and poor understanding  2. Absence of training in presentation of facts in an attractive format  3. Poor interest shown by newspapers  4. Lack of funds and support from the newspaper establishments.

Notas do Editor

  1. Gandhiji defined objectives of Journalism 1. To understand the popular feelings and give expression 2. Arouse the certain desirable sentiments 3. Fearlessly to expose the popular defects