ep ppts degree of comparison articles nouns number nouns gender adjective spoken english skills and body language reading & comprehension cma nouns positive attitude and outlook framing sentences and vocabulary rai university gsi business maths basics of digital electronics straight line matrices online learning online education group theory mathematical logic boolean algebra matrices and determinants set theory complex number microscopy introduction to plant pathology differentiation trigonometry business communication corporate communication motivation e-learning ahmedabad bba ii cma weaving fundamnetal non woven fabric cell staining disease control in livestock quaternary structure tertiary structure secondary structure primary structure agricultural development programmes hrm application of boolean algebra lattices algebra graph theory television and its impact on the mass media & education unit 1 sequential cicuit number system digital electronics renewable and non renewable energy resources air plollution water pollution ecology and ecosystem noise pollutioon energy flow in ecosystem environment ecology and ecosystem coordinate geometry successive differentiation staining techniques sterilization nomenclature microscopy and staining introduction to biotechnology viscosity ecosystem homologous and heterologous definite integration point introduction to bioinformatics cultivation practices of pineapple cultivation practices of citrus determinant viruses irrigation limit function introduction and basics of soft skills business vocabulary i presentation skills i egyptian period elements of design controlling performance appraisal selection recruitment hr planning communication social responsibilities and ethics organizing organizational structure planning gujarat bba colleges in gujarat biomedical engineering computer engineering it engineering mba institute printing comparison between weaving & knitting global environmental issues trend forecasting public relation in fashion fashion leader fashion designer fashion show linkage map transformation transduction conjugation mitochondria chloroplast organelles cancer mitosis meiosis cell cycle regulation diffusion osmosis phagocytosis pinocytosis phenotype genotype mendel monohybrid dihybid photosynthetic microorganisms atp synthase photosynthetic pigments autotrophs aerobic bacterial respiration anaerobic bacterial respiration active transport passive transport cell membrane endospore germination sporulation fashion clothing fashion as communication factor influencing fashion tlc chromatography sds page page agarose gel electrophoresis centrifuge centrifugation ir spectroscopy uv spectroscopy visible spectroscopy autoclave filteration hot air oven staining & microscopy gram staining preserving microbes vector integration vector differentiation multiple integration material beta gamma function material curve tracing microbes causing disease pathogen classification and morphology culture media & culture methods microbial growth growth curve prokaryotic cell eukaryotic cell taxonomy and classification microbiology basics bba ii ph meter buffer properties of water style interpretation ph lambert's law beer's law colorimeter standard measurement dark field microscopy bright field microscopy introduction of pattern making draping method of taking measurement nematodes control nematodes life cycle nematodes morphology types of nematodes above ground symptom below ground symptoms pattern making process thread count loom & types of loom pattern making term fashion movement types of knitting & knitting machine weaving & types of weaving unit 2 ac circuit analysis unit 5 illumination & safety and protection unit 4 transformer & electrical wiring unit 3 electroststic & magnetism unit 1 dc circuit analysis cell structure cell theory cellular components m s g2 cell cycle g1 techniques in microbiology soil plant water relationship methods of irrigation water management soil and plant nutrient quality of irrigation water soil fertility evaluation method and scheduling of nutrient source reproductive system in livestock enzymes activation energy amino acid introduction to livestock production milk production system in livestock carbohydrate women development programmes women development programmes introduction to agricultural extension biotechnology dna structure double helix watson and crick biofertilizer soil microorganisms soil profile polymerase chain reaction biopesticides pcr amplification cloning rdt barcoding dna barcoding fingerprinting dna profiling elements of biotechnology correlation frequaency distribution solution of simultaneous linear equations solution of non-linear equations solution of system of linear equations using matri raw operations of matrix basics of matrix human resource accounting human resource audit indusrial disputes trade union industrial relations collective bargaining grievance procedure incentives and employee benefits compensation administration job evaluation managing careers training and development placement orientation job analysis relation and ordering lattices and boolean algebra picard’s method and forth-order runge- kutta met simpson’s one third and three-eight rules & prob numerical integration—trapezoidal method & it’ newton’s forward interpolation & it’s problems finite differences newton’s backward interpolation & it’s problem newton’s divided difference formula for unequal stirling's interpolation formula & problems based lagrange’s divided difference formula for unequa difference tables rate of convergence of bisection method newton-raphson method rate of convergence of newton-raphson method regula-falsi method rate of convergence of regula-falsi method zeroes of transcendental and polynomial equation u cauchy’s residue theorem(without proof) taylor’s series and laurent’s series problem based on cauchy’s integral theorem & cau definition of the complex line integral evaluation of real integrals find the residue of the function residue cauchy’s integral formula for derivatives of ana problem based on complex line integral singularities cauchy’s integral theorem(without proof) expansion of function in power series conformal mapping and its applications analytic function harmonic functions determination of analytic function whose real or i properties of analytic functions (orthogonal syste v can be determined (2) when v is given c-r equation in polar form complex algebra application of complex variable some standard conformal transformations: (1) trans laplace equation theorem on c-r equation(without proof) c-r equations define conformal mapping u can be determined (3) by milne-thompson method a functions of a complex variable traditional costume of jammu & kashmir traditional costume of gujarat traditional costme of punjab traditional costume of rajasthan traditional costume of himachal pradesh greek roman history of french fashion 1980's fashion 1940's fashion 1960's fashion 1930 fashion classification of yarn properties of fiber introduction to textile & textile industry classification fiber importance of eod & pod colors mendal's genetics building blocks of life the cell theory cells classification cell cycle & cell division(new) theories of origin of life classification of organism who's watching the internet technological evolution in media public service broadcasting media economics - olympics and television media distribution marconi hertz and radio invention of the tv set gutenberg's movable type and the print revolution emergence of penny press and the concept of ads to the satellite tv and cable explosion the nationalist press in india public relations and media narrowcasting media software - from yellow journalism to advocac media as a commodity evolution of media laws through the years emergency and the defining moment for the indian p media and literacy the printed word and the creation of alternative i permutations and combinations relations and functions ideographic symbols to syllabic symbols origins of the newspaper media & social change freedom & restraints definition of media public opinion peasant movement judicial activism indian judiciary nature of political parties major national regional parties electrol system election reforms election commision effect of fragmentation of political parties indian govt. politics bachelor of journalism & mass communication communal ism problems & trends center state relationship working of parliamentary system women in panchaytraj urban bodies the state executive separatism panchayat raj act 1992 panchayat government making functions of parliament federalism -theory and practice in india development of the local government struggle for independence press and indian national movement indian national movement indian constitution ideological basis of indian constitution and india directive principles fundamental rights and duties contribution of national leaders constitution as an instrum ent of social change attenment of independence role of media media regulation and censorship censorship & right to information the modern indian media the indian nationalistic writing rise of internet journalism radio & television in india media in the post-colonial era the convergence and mass media in the 21st century radio journalism print media american senario print journalism mass communication in ancient india internet as a mass media development of films the early years the rise of democracy the media catalyst the great revolution the first stirrings the early communication renaissance and rebirth of the art path towards convergence role of media in science & technology media & violence media & women media & social issue media & children environmental journalism traditional media theories of mass communication media in contemporary india mass audience effect of mass media communication development communication models types of communication process of communication mass communication group communication dimension of communication communication & features of communication cm logic families counters & registers combitional logic circuit unit 4 unit 3 unit 2 combitional circuit staffing introduction to management departmentalization directing and leadership concepts of management mba introduction to management mbai itm global environmental problems circle bba i business maths real no bba sem i businss maths dilopma basics of electrical eng unit 5 diploma basics of electrical eng unit 4 diploma basics of electrical engineering unit 3 diploma basics of electrical eng unit 2 diploma basics of electrical eng unit 1 b.tech semester i-unit-v_eigen values and eigen ve partial differentiation application of partial differentiation indefinite integration preservation culturing & isolating bactria protozoa algae fungi microbial growth and nutrition microbiology origin of life nutritional requirements ligands and chelates molecular formular and empirical formula alkene and alkynes alkane ionic equilibrium in aqueous solution nuclear chemistry dna and rna gene genetic engineering p h meter and colorimeter surface tension and osmosis adsorption p h and buffer water metabolism and bioenegetics nutritional biochemistry hormones biomolecules foundation of biochemistry biogeochemical cycles ecology environment gene prediction sequence alignment algorithm + blast database integration cultivation practices of aonla cultivation practices of apple cultivation practices of phalsa cultivation practices of ber cultivation practices of strawberry growth regulators and nursery method of pruning cultivation practices of papaya cultivation practices of mango cultivation practices of guava cultivation practices of loquat cultivation practices of grape cultivation practices of jackfruit method of plant propagation and planning orchard intro of horticulture women in agriculture dry land and fsa soil group balance sheet physiography introduction of agriculture method of application of fungicides nematodes principles of management viroids and bacteriphages prokaryotes signs and identification of disease population genetics vectors mendelian genetics mutation introduction to genetics indian rainfall and atmosphere agricultural meteorology organic farming crop rotation introduction to agronomy foswce soil erosion agri.foswce agri foswce binomial_theorem geometric_progression arithmetic_progression quadratic_equation loci of point and projection of point and line projection of planes solid and development of surfaces ortographic projection isometric basics of engineering graphics dimensioning engineering curves scale use of drawing tools forces and its effects concept of moment & friction centre of gravity & moment of inertia simple machines surveying fashion in roman fashion in 20th century textile fiber & yarn classification good manners & habits principle of design color thewory nouns_number nouns_gender adjectives presentation skills business vocabulary soft skills - hard skills training socialization leadership directing departmentation types of organizational structure decision making planning premises basics of management traditional training student hand book set sleep schedule be realistic stay organized while doing job with education earn mba degree while working utilizing the information gained through education education refers to the theoretical part of skills skills have a major impact on each individuals lif university in india university in gujarat rai university ahmedabad university in ahmedabad rai university gujarat enhancing academic life exploring career opportunities build new friendships india sports social cultural clubs at rai university academic diploma in biotechnology diploma in electrical & electronic engineering diploma courses computer science and engineering diploma in civil engineering diploma in information technology software engineering school of engineering and applied sciences seas world class facilities for student engineering in ahmedabad earn your degree less expensive focused learning online courses earn college degrees msc in maths online degree online learning hub education summit rai university online learnijng masters diploma certificate pg diploma bachalors
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