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Physical development of the intermediate Pupil module 21

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ED 1 module 21

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Physical development of the intermediate Pupil module 21

  1. 1. "The period of late childhood is the period of calm before the growth spurt of adolescence". -Anonymous
  2. 2.  On the average, girls are generally as much as two (2) years ahead of boys in terms of physical maturity.
  3. 3. Puberty begin early. Budding breast for girls – which is the initial sign of puberty for girls.
  4. 4. • Some girls may also start menstrual period as early as 8 and some as late 13
  5. 5. Many of the bodily structures like the liver, muscles, skeletons, kidneys and face follow a normal curve of development for both girls and boys.
  6. 6. Other structures like the brain, intestine and other organs and bodily systems mature at their own time, thus, affecting growth patterns.
  7. 7. Children gain an average of 7 pounds in weight , and average of 2 1/2 inch in head circumference (height) each year. Children at this stage have growth spurts (sudden boost in height and weight) which are usually accompanied by increase in appetite and food intake.
  8. 8. Increase in body fats also occurs in preparation for growth that occurs during adolescence. The body fats increase occurs earlier in girls and is greater in quantity.
  9. 9.  Girls appear to be chubby while boys tend to have more lean body mass per inch of height than girls.
  10. 10. Children may become concerned about their physical appearance. Girls, especially, may become more aware of their weight and decide to eat less. Boys may become aware of their stature and muscle size and strength. Appropriate activities must be designed so that will be guided into the right direction.
  11. 11. Engage themselves in worthwhile activities that; > promote healthy growth > give them a feeling of accomplishment > reduce the risk of certain disease This stage is also characterized by advance development of their fine and gross motor skills. Muscle strength and stamina increase as they are offered different physical activities.
  12. 12. •Children may also become interested in physical activities where they interact with their friends and family. •Activities which they can share with their parents. shows children that exercising can be fun.