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Engage Customer 2015 - Future of Customer Experience in 2020

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Mark Hillary presentation from Engage Customer conference in London on Nov 26, 2015

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Engage Customer 2015 - Future of Customer Experience in 2020

  1. 1. A 20:20 Vision for CX Mark Hillary – Carnaby - @markhillary Engage Customer Summit - November 2015
  2. 2. Looking Ahead • Just look back to 2010 to see how much can change in just 5 years • Arthur C Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
  3. 3. • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • Wearables • Internet of Things • Automation / Robots • Location Awareness Magic Driven by Technology
  4. 4. Hierarchy of change • What is specifically changing or requires focus in CX now? • How are organizations / enterprises changing? • How is society/customer changing? A Changing World
  5. 5. • How the customer journey is changing • Voice remains important • Omnichannel Changing CX
  6. 6. • World turned upside-down from channels defined by brands to customer demand • Customer expectation is of communication at many different stages in the journey and on many channels • Traditional journey was discover a product, take a look, buy, engage afterwards • Now we have social engagement, online ads, price comparison, reviews, blogs, videos… a customer going to buy a TV knows the spec, price, and competitor prices before ever walking into a store The Customer Journey
  7. 7. • The downfall of voice has been long predicted, but it is a secure channel, it allows problems to be resolved when a call is concluded • Therefore it will remain an important part of the mix, but it should be easier to access – click to call for example • Look at this Teleperformance (US) data for example… Voice
  8. 8. 8 CHANNELS PROVIDED BY COMPANIES & CONSUMER PREFERENCE | USA 2015 And in our analysis, companies offer the following channels… PROVIDED Source: WW Multichannel CX Survey (2015), Teleperformance CX Labs We asked the customer “if you could choose, which ...”) PREFERRED
  11. 11. • Driven originally by customer demand for multichannel service – customers will not accept that brands can receive communication on different channels, but they are not connected • Now seen as a way to create extra value from customers … Walmart customers spend $1,400 a year in stores, $200 online, but multichannel customers spend $2,500 • No longer just about survival, a great omnichannel strategy can now change the game – look at L’Oreal for a great example Omnichannel
  12. 12. • Forget revenue, profit, or cost reduction, the #1 executive focus is now the customer experience • Look at FinTech taking on the banks – apps entirely focused on making customers love the service • Ideally brands want to turn customers into fans – building relationships that last • Requires the creation of a Customer Experience Hub. Need to consider every touch point between customers and your brand and coordinate together. Marketing and Customer service are no longer separate functions Changing Organisations
  13. 13. • World’s largest taxi company owns no taxis (Uber) • Largest accommodation company owns no hotels (Airbnb) • Largest phone comms companies own no telco infrastructure (Whatsapp and Skype) • Largest retailer has no inventory (Alibaba) • Largest media owner creates no media (Facebook) • Largest movie provider owns no cinemas (Netflix) • Largest software vendors don’t write software (Apple and Google) Changing Organisations
  14. 14. In addition to CX and company structures, think for a moment how society itself has changed recently: • How we source and curate news • How we find a new partner • How we transfer money or seek loans • How we engage politically • How we get educated • How we find a new job In just the past decade, almost every human interaction has been changed in some way… Changing Society
  15. 15. If you work in CX… • You have a secure future • The customer relationship is becoming the key priority for most companies • Your importance to the executive team is becoming more important than ever • It’s easier to cross into many different areas of the business with CX being valued Summary – the good
  16. 16. • Change is faster than ever • Failure is not an option • Customers are in charge, not 3-year-plans from the boardroom • You need internal flexibility and better relationships with suppliers, not traditional multi-year outsourced deals with fixed KPIs • It’s exciting, but the CX team have their feet over the fire now – make or break time Summary – the bad
  17. 17. Summary - takeaways Focus on these three key areas: • How are your customers changing? Are they communicating differently? Be open to new behaviour and engage with them. • How can your company change to pull together all customer interactions into one coordinated team? Your own Customer Engagement Hub. • Create short-term goals based on how we know CX is immediately changing… omnichannel, channel shift, customer journey
  18. 18. mail@markhillary.com @markhillary markhillary.com Thank you – Get in touch