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brief presentation

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brief presentation

  1. 1. Reputation issue An outdated public image that some young people think Girlguilding is a religious organisation that is just about baking and sewing. In 2012, a lack of volunteers stopped over 50,000 girls on the waiting list to join Girlguiding.we lost around £379,000 membership subscription
  2. 2. Communications strategy• Since the Century Celebrations in 2010… members media Reposition Girlguiding influencers Potential/existing volunteers
  3. 3. Competitor activity
  4. 4. Project with partnership programs Corporate partnership program A Related to personal Volunteer Corporateskills/business sense … Training partnership development scheme program B Corporate partnership program c
  5. 5. A wider picture Rebranding communications strategy Girlguiding Recruitment Campaign 2014 Training scheme (Partnership programs)
  6. 6. Timescale• 1st June 2013- 1st March 2014: seeking corporate partners• Late September 2014: Start partnership programs while Girlguiding Recruitment Campaign 2014
  7. 7. Benefits• £60,000 corporate support (fund/resources)• modernise our image• increase volunteers growth• increase girls membership subscriptionBudget• around £20,000, including agency fees