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Make life better ppp-25 feb 2014

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The Secrets to Make Life Better
The Secrets to Make Life Better
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Make life better ppp-25 feb 2014

  1. 1. Dr.Kamaljit Singh M.D. PhD (Alternative Medicines) Former Chief Consultant Sultanate of Oman Former Physio Punjab Cricket Association
  2. 2. All living beings in the world except man live healthy till they die
  3. 3. …. because they follow the Nature’s Way
  4. 4. Change Illness Consciousness to Wellness Consciousness
  5. 5. There are three “T” that make us sick 1.T - Timings 2. T - Toxicity 3. T – Tension ( Process of Negative Thoughts). Our Body Never Get Sick
  6. 6. Toxicity-Air Pollution
  7. 7. Self-Pollution-Smoking
  8. 8. Self-Pollution-Water Pollution
  9. 9. Self-Pollution-Water Pollution
  10. 10.  MILK Self-Pollution-Food Pollution
  11. 11. Self-Pollution-DRUGS/MEDICINES
  12. 12. Self-Pollution-FOOD POLLUTION
  13. 13. Self-Pollution-FOOD POLLUTION
  14. 14. Self-Pollution-STRESS F/F R & R
  15. 15. Self-Pollution-PARASITES
  16. 16. Toxic Damage Control Always be a few steps ahead of the deadly process of pollution and decay.
  17. 17. Every disease begins at cellular level, with cells becoming • acid • toxic & • polluted
  18. 18. Human bodies are Alkaline by design, but Acid-Generating by function pH 0 14 AlkalineAcid 7
  19. 19. Toxic waste pollutes the Blood and Tissues of the Human Body
  20. 20. Our bodies cannot fight disease if our body pH is not properly balanced
  21. 21.  Normal blood pH range 7.35~7.45  Blood pH moves too much below 6.8 or above 7.8, cells stop functioning and the patient dies. Body Blood pH
  22. 22. Diet Rich in Acids, Emotional Stress, Toxic Overload ACIDOSIS
  23. 23. If you have a Health problem, most likely you have ACIDOSIS
  24. 24. Damage caused by Acidosis Decreases the body ability to repair damaged cells and detoxify heavy metal Accelerates Free-Radical Damage and Premature Aging
  25. 25. Abdominal Obesity Glucose Intolerance/Insulin Resistance Hypertension Atherogenic dyslipidemia Pro-inflammatory/Prothrombotic state Diabetes CVD
  26. 26. Damages caused by Acidosis Blockages in the carotid arteries – Causes stroke, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease etc
  27. 27. Self-Pollution-Metabolism
  28. 28. Two Sources of Cholesterol About 20% from foodAbout 80% made by our body
  29. 29. Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes FOOD Saturated Fat< 7% Cholesterol<200 mg/day Soluble fiber 10-25 g/day Plant Sterol 2 g/day WEIGHT EXERCISE
  30. 30. Damages caused by Acidosis
  31. 31. Causes Weight Gain and Obesity Damages caused by Acidosis
  32. 32. Causes Diabetes Damages caused by Acidosis
  33. 33. High Uric Acid causes Gout problem Damages caused by Acidosis
  34. 34. Causes Arthritis and Osteoporosis Damages caused by Acidosis
  35. 35. Promotes Germs, Pathogens, Harmful cells It slow the delivery of oxygen into the cell. Damages caused by Acidosis
  36. 36. Breast Cancer Ovarian Cancer Stomach Cancer Two main factors leading to CANCER are Acidosis and lack of Oxygen.
  37. 37. Who is responsible? YOU!!! You pollute!! You Clean Up!
  38. 38. Step 1 Hydrate Your Body Drink water 2 ~ 3 liter daily * Drink 2 big glasses of warm water upon awakening. approx. (500ml) * Every 30 minutes, drink 2-3 gulps * Thirst is not always a reliable gauge for dehydrating conditions
  39. 39. About Water  Our bodies are made up of 72% water, Old Ages are 60%, Children are 80%.  Your urine should be colorless or slightly yellow  Thirst is not always a reliable gauge for dehydrating conditions.
  40. 40. How Water helps  Help prevent constipation and enhances digestion  Lubricate joints and tendons  Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells  Lessen the burden on kidneys and liver  Being fully hydrate is a prerequisite to weight loss
  41. 41. The general "rule of thumb" 20%~30% 70~80% acid foods alkaline foods Step 2 Food Management
  42. 42. Beer Wine Alcohol , All Carbonated Soft Drinks Coffee Drinks Ginger Tea Herbal Tea Lemon Water Most Acid Acid Least Acid Food Type Least Alkaline Alkaline Most Alkaline
  43. 43. Strong Acid Acid Least Acid Prep Type Least Alkaline Alkaline Strong Alkaline Fried Foods, Processed Food Smoked, BBQ, Canned Frozen Cooking Boiled Food Steamed Food Raw Food  Avoid the "strongly acid" foods.
  44. 44. Chemical, Preservatives Colorants, Additives Semi Processed Additives Cayenne peer Cinnamon Curry Miso Cider Apple  Avoid the "strongly acid" foods. Strong Acid Acid Least Acid Prep Type Least Alkaline Alkaline Strong Alkaline
  45. 45. Rancid Food Avoid Strongly Acid Foods Toxic Food
  46. 46. BBQ Food Avoid Strongly Acid Foods
  47. 47. Peanuts, Walnuts Avoid Strongly Acid Foods Peanut Butter
  48. 48. Junk Food Avoid Strongly Acid Foods
  49. 49. Highly Processed Food Avoid Strongly Acid Foods
  50. 50. Pork Avoid Strongly Acid Foods Beef Shell Fish
  51. 51. Margerine Avoid Strongly Acid Foods CheeseButter Ice Cream
  52. 52. Alkaline Foods
  53. 53. Fruits & Veggie 5 colors a day
  54. 54. This can happen to us too!
  55. 55. Practice Acid & Alkaline Balance
  56. 56. “90% of all disease and discomfort is directly or indirectly related to an unclean colon” Royal Academy of Physicians of Great Britain Problems : Constipation, poor digestive health, compromised immune system. Proper elimination of harmful toxins and waste doesn’t allows your body to fully absorb and utilize the nutrients from foods and supplements.
  57. 57. NATURE’S Tea Unique blend of 9 soothing herbs Senna Leaf, Buckthorn Bark, Peppermint Leaf, Stevia Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf, Orange Peel, Rugose Rose Hip, Marshmallow Root, Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, English Chamomile Flower Detoxify & cleanses the intestinal & urinary systems Removes unpleasant body odor Enhances bowel transit Eliminates constipation Reduces cholesterol Improves urinary transit Manages weight No Reduces risk of colon cancer
  58. 58. World of Wellness Based on Faith & Love
  59. 59.  Physical Wellness  Intellectual Wellness  Emotional Wellness  Spiritual Wellness  Social Wellness  Cultural Wellness  Environmental Wellness  Financial (Money) Wellness
  60. 60. 20th Century Industrial Revolution 1980 (Personal Computer) Revolution 1990 Internet Revolution
  61. 61. 2010 Wellness Revolution Wellness Revolution Will Attract All People
  62. 62. Everyone wants To:- Live a Happy Life Live Healthy life Stay Young Look Beautiful & Handsome
  63. 63. “YES” is the answer to Everyone To Stay Healthy We Recommend… a few Commandments Is it possible???
  64. 64. Meditate & Exercise Eat Moderate Manage your water intake
  65. 65. Care for Mother Earth Live GratitudeEat 3 hours before sleep Manage your StressVibrate Love
  66. 66. Wellness Habits for Healthy Living Have Regular bowel clearance Eat Fruits before Food Avoid walking after eating Swing your Hands while Brisk Walk Have Fruits first As Breakfast Drink Water 30 min before & One Hour after Foods
  67. 67. Wish you all A Happy & Healthy Lifestyle
  68. 68. Acupressure & Magnetic therapy are the most precious gifts to mankind from the creator Himself
  69. 69. Diagnosis: - Instant and proper diagnosis- medical check up without any tests. Cure : - Cure of all types of diseases including that of cancer/brain problems. Prevention: - Prevention of all types of diseases includes heart problem, paralysis and even cancer.
  70. 70. The stimulation points removes blockage by relaxing muscles, and allowing blood to flow more freely. It can also free an emotional block by releasing accumulated tension
  71. 71. Although they may seem magical in their capacity to heal, magnets are not magic
  72. 72. Magnet Therapy assists the body to regain its self healing balance.
  73. 73. Lack of magnetism may cause stress, mental disorders, headaches, arthritis, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, allergies, insomnia, inflammation, bowel disorders and many other degenerative diseases afflicting people today
  74. 74. What is Magnetic Energy? Magnetic Energy, once an ancient mystery, is now recognized as the strongest natural force in the universe
  75. 75. Our Earth is a huge magnet and all life developed under the influence of the earth’s magnetic field
  76. 76. Magnetic Energy permeates everything in our universe, from the vast reaches of outer space to each microscopic cell in our body
  77. 77. Bio-Magnetism – The Science Today, we are at an exciting junction in the evolution of health care as bio-magnetic therapy is fast becoming one of the most promising new therapeutic interventions.
  78. 78. Bio-Magnetic Therapy as Medicine  Information: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified the application of magnetic fields to humans as "not essentially harmful.“  Highlight from Investigational Device Exemptions Manual HHS Publication FDA 96-4159: Magnets are class I medical devices because “reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness can be obtained” without applying “special controls.” This status allows for research to move forward.  Investigation of magnets as medical devices is monitored by the Institute Review Board of the Bio-Magnetic Therapy Association which follows FDA Guidelines.  The World Health Organization published findings that state static magnetic fields are safe to humans up to 20,000 gauss.
  79. 79. Our Body Needs Magnetic Energy! Each cell has a positive & a negative field in the DNA. Cell division is a process responsible for keeping the body healthy & rejuvenated. The force which activates the formation and division of cells is magnetic energy The proper function and interaction of all organs and systems in the body depend on the constant presence of adequate magnetic energy. Magnetism is essential for the body’s electromagnetic activity and plays a major role in healthYour Body Is An Electro-Magnetic System
  80. 80. In this world, we need 4 essentials for healthy life Water Oxygen Food Exercise Magnetic Field
  81. 81. Helps:  Arthritis  Headache  Shoulder ache  Reduce joint pain  Reduce discomfort  Reduce waste products from the blood (i.e. Lactic Acid, calcium, cholesterol and fat deposit)  Weight loss  Concentration  Regenerate the damage cells and increase metabolism Bio-Magnetic Therapy
  82. 82. The Benefits of Magnet Therapy Improved Circulation Magnet Therapy can increase blood flow through the capillaries by as much as 400%! Resulting in: 1. Improved oxygenation of the body. 2. Faster, more efficient elimination of toxins. 3. Helps to lower/stabilize blood pressure. 4. Helps prevent arterial sclerosis, high cholesterol, stroke and other circulatory problems. “Magnetic energy has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles.” .
  83. 83. The Benefits of Magnet Therapy Optimum Energy - A constant, sufficient supply of Magnetic Energy is essential for re energizing the cells. Magnet Therapy, of the required strength and penetration, ensures that vital magnetic energy is available to the body – resulting in: 1. Increased energy. 2. Optimum body strength. 3. Increased stamina. 4. Sense of well-being We now stand on the verge of a great new age in magnetic science and its applications – a tool that has been provided by Mother Nature herself
  84. 84. The Benefits of Magnet Therapy- Rejuvenating Deep Sleep Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad can be extremely beneficial in improving the quality of our sleep. 1.We need a deep and restful sleep to re-balance and re-energize our bodies 2.Our pineal gland, the master controller of production, needs magnetic energy to produce this hormone in sufficient quantity to put us into a deep stage of sleep 3.We fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. 4.We wake up rested and re-balanced.
  85. 85. The Benefits of Magnet Therapy-Relief From Stress & Anxiety Magnet Therapy helps to keep our body in polarity balance, preventing the symptoms of stress and anxiety. 1. As we perform our daily tasks, we buildup positive energy which in turn can make us feel stressed and uptight. 2. Magnet Therapy, using negative or bi-polar magnets, ensures a continual, adequate supply of magnetic energy. 3. Our body draws from this supplemental magnetic energy source the polarity it needs to achieve balance. 4. We feel more relaxed and able to cope with the stress of everyday life.