abortion sars coronavirus abortion dangers christology human nature of christ nature of christ 5.sanitation vs vaccination- vaccines did not save nutrional defeciencies and diseases vitamin a and measles 4.sanitation vs vaccination - infectious diseases breast-feeding and preventing infectious diseases vitamin a/d sleep 3.sanitation vs vaccination - nutrition measles nutrition vaccines infectious disease 1.sanitation vs vaccination- the history of infect inhuman conditions in the cities and diseases 2.sanitation vs vaccination -immigration sars covid sars-2 covid-19 sars-cov-2 19n-cov covid19 mers 17. the transgender movement- gender revolution an 13. transgender medicine - gender identity and sex 9. the lgbt movements health issues- higher rates the transgender agenda failed -anatomical and phys and philosophically misguided psychosocially unhelpful to children 27. same-sex marriage & same-sex parenting -biolog 13. transgender medicine- gender identity and sex bisexual or transgendered ? lesbian 12. the gay genes -are persons born gay disorder of sex development (dsd).key hermaphrodites intersexed 11. are there only two sexes ?- ambiguous genitali 15. the transgender agenda failed- differences in drug abuse and marijuana usage 10. the lgbt movement health issues- higher incide 8. the lgbt movement health issues - the dangers o 7. the lgbt movement health issues - oral sex dang domestic violence and stds 5. the lgbt movement- samesex relationships fideli 4. the lgbt movement - gender neutral clothing -pa 3.the lgbt movement- feminism and homosexuality in noah and sodom and gomorrah 2.the lgbt movement - homosexuality in the bible- greek and rome homosexuality 1.the lgbt movement - homosexuality impact on sex effects of an abortion abortion complications aristotle and abortion when does life begins incarnation revelation 13 daniel 7 the antichrist 666 mark of the beast ellen g. white baker letter
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