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RGS Explore Education Panel 2014

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Presentation for Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Explore Conference 2014 Education Panel - thoughts on expedition-based education programmes, with case study on the Catlin Frozen Oceans programme.

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RGS Explore Education Panel 2014

  1. 1. bringing the world to the classroom
  2. 2. The Team
  3. 3. The Story Photos – Videos – Blogs The Structure Lesson plans – Activity Sheets – Teachers’ Notes Interaction Social media – Talks - Skype Producing an expedition education programme
  4. 4. • Over 100,000+ visitors since autumn 2011 launch • Over 250,000 page views Online oceans learning portal (oceans.digitalexplorer.com)
  5. 5. • 50 lesson plans for Geography and Science • 60 additional activity and fact sheets • Used in over 2,000 UK schools and schools internationally Classroom resources
  6. 6. • Media zone platform • Brings the resources to life with 35 videos and 200 photos from the expeditions • Designed for teacher use and independent learning Multimedia platform (media.digitalexplorer.com)
  7. 7. • Live Skypes from the Arctic to 50 schools across 3 continents • Social media reach of 750,000+ • Using existing resources for pre- / post- Skype learning #FrozenOceansLive
  8. 8. • 5 oceans teacher academies • Learning directly from world-class scientists • Improving the teaching of marine science in schools • Encouraging practical, hands-on learning in the outdoors Teacher academies
  9. 9. • Posters and direct mailing • Teacher training and cascade workshops • Content partners • Existing teacher networks Distribution…
  10. 10. 89% of those using the resources agree that it has enhanced their pupils’ understanding of oceans topics and has improved engagement; 63% say it has enhanced pupil attainment; 83% of teachers found that the programme made it easy for them to teach and 89% found that it enhanced their teaching Finalist at the UK national Education Resource Awards 2012, for Best Secondary Resource with ICT Impact… Winner of the Geographical Association Publishers Silver Award, 2013 BETT Awards Finalist, Best Secondary Content, 2013
  11. 11. The Frozen Oceans resources are being very well received by all secondary teachers who have visited RSGS HQ… this is one of the best secondary programmes I have come across in 25 years of teaching! Joyce Gilbert, Royal Scottish Geographical Society I have started the Frozen Oceans scheme of work with my Year Nine classes this week and it has been great! The students are really excited about the rest of the term and looking forward to learning more! Rose-Marie Roberts, Rochester College “ “ Many thanks for a fantastic experience. I was impressed with the training course and the way it was presented with such infectious enthusiasm that the delegates all left felling fired-up to teach about the oceans. John Scottow, AQA Chair of Examiners for Chemistry & Environmental Science “ Impact…
  12. 12. Impact… Research Councils UK – Case Study Public engagement for research impact
  13. 13. Stay in touch… Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop @de_updates / @jamie_bd facebook.com/digitalexplorer digitalexplorer.com