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Sales Enablement Framework

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Use this Sales Enablement Framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a sales enablement plan.

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Sales Enablement Framework

  1. 1. Sales Enablement Metrics Dashboard Business CaseTraining Course Buyer PersonasSolutions MatrixRoles Matrix Content For Sales Cycle Workshop Positioning Statement Sales Experience Quality Report Sales Playbook Template Sales & Marketing Alignment Tool Readiness Assessment Marketing Collateral Management Tool Sales Support Effectiveness Survey Sales Enablement Workshop Strategy Scorecard Budget Template Buying Process Stage Mapping Competitor Products Sales Reference CRM Solution Study CPQ Solution Study Maturity Model Content For Buying Process Workshop Competitive Analysis Dir.ofSalesEnablement JobDescription Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop Unique Selling Proposition Marketing Automation Solution Study EnablementKnowledge ManagementStudy Sales Communication Solution Study Sales Intelligence Solution Study Sales Training Plan Best Practices Report Sales Compensation Solution Report Leverage the framework below to quickly empower your organization’s sales enablement strategy. SALES ENABLEMENT PLAN Framework MEASURE6BUILD4 LAUNCH5 Click the buttons below to access all related training, tools, templates, and other resources. Benchmark Report 1 APPROVE PREPARE2 IMPLEMENT3