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Newsletter Daktari March - April

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Newsletter Daktari March - April

  1. 1. DAKTARI NewsletterMarch – April 2013
  2. 2. Animal News:New mongoose (s)Hello everyone,I’m the notorious Bandit!As you can see here, I’mtaking a nap, but thatdoesn’t make me lesscool. I also like to purrand love to dig upworms. I’m the coolestmongoose around hereHey, I’m Nikita also known as Dartanjan. And I liketo play with the volunteers and sometimes withBandit. However he thinks to much of himselfsometimes. Luckily the volunteers still treat me asa Princess.
  3. 3. Animal News:RodentsHi, I’m Kiki. I didn’t meet Zuzu as I camealong two weeks later. Michele looked afterme for the first few weeks and now I havelots of squirrel friends!Zuzu was only a few weeks old when we found him in one of ourbathrooms. We think he was abandoned by his mother as he wasprobably sick. He was injured as well and we think another squirrel hadbitten him. He was very sick and frightened. We fed him and kept himwarm but sadly after three days he died. Nature can be cruelsometimes but life must go on.Rest in Peace little Zuzu x x
  4. 4. Herbie Goes to the Vet!!As most of you know I came to live with atDaktari about six months ago. In MarchPeter Rogers our local vet came to visitme as I wasn’t very happy and got upsetwith lots of people. It was decided that itwas best for me to be castrated. Thechildren who were staying at Daktari atthe time joined Peter in the operation.Some of them didn’t realize there werespecial doctors for animals called Vets. Ithink they found the operation veryinteresting but a bit messy!!For a few days after the operation, I was alittle bit sore and wasn’t allowed to goswimming. Now I am much happier andnot aggressive at all. I am back walkingwith the dogs twice a day, swimming inthe dam and wallowing in the mud, whichis my favorite thing to do! I love it whenpeople visit me and I make them laugh!
  5. 5. Animal News:Some bigger RodentsHi I’m Yster!My real name is Ystervarken, which meansporcupine in Afrikaans! The people that had mebefore couldn’t keep me because I used to eat theirfurniture. I came to Daktari a couple of months agoand to start with had my own cage and box. But Ifound it too noisy so decided to make my ownburrow. My friends at Daktai feed me every nightbut sometimes Spikey (another porcupine) tries tochase me away. I have now learned to come earlierin the evening and get the food FIRST!!!
  6. 6. Animal News:A present for BoubaWoof, woof, as most of you knowme, I’m Bouba Michele’s favoritecompanion! But also GillianKenneally loves me so much thatshe sent me a sweater for ourcold brrrr winter. Thank youGilly, it really suits me.
  7. 7. Volunteer News:Bordering on love…Our lovely Claire met her knight inshining armour at the Mozambiqueborder. She took the wrong bus andended up there. But luckily for herthis story has a beautiful ending…Claire is moving to SA in June and shewill be part of the DAKTARI teamonce again. She is our new long termvolunteer. So Desmond, you bettertake care of our Claire!
  8. 8. Students feedbackDear Daktari. It is nice to be with you. To play with you games, tosing the song and to dance with you. We thank you for teachingus to be polite and to take care of the environment so we willremember about everything that you had been teach us. Sothank God to be with you. And we do love you and like you andyou make us happy. Thank you for taking us to Makalali and dogwalk. To taking care of us. To give us the love so please keep it up,you do a nice job. So God bless you. Thank you to be polite to us,you have a gorgeous place. And thank you to treat us the wayyou want to be treated. So thank you so very much, we alwayslove you. Have a nice day. Lucy ModibaPortia Mathebula:I love you for so many things,The people that fill the life we share,Your patience and your gentle heart,The goodness of the thing you do.Thank you for welcoming us and share love with us.
  9. 9. DAKTARI Fundraising ContestAnd the winner isBibi Van Griensven!! She won theDaktari Fundraising Contest with anamazing 2230 EUR. Thank you Bibifor doing such a great effort. Wehope you will enjoy your prizes The 2nd place goes to DanielleAustin, this was a really neck & neckrace. Thank you both for helpingDAKTARI!!This wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing support of Tshukudu Game Lodge,Sausage Tree Safari Camp and the amazing wildlife vet Peter Rogers!! Thank you for yourcollaboration 
  10. 10. A Special Thanks to ourDonors!• Hill’s donated a great amount of dog & catfood. Our animals at Daktari really appreciateit!• REXEL provided us with a laminator. Now wecan make our weekly certificates for ourchildren.• SiT made a cash donation.
  11. 11. Go Andreas!!!!Our amazingly handsome Andreas isdoing a veryyy long walk for Daktari.He started from his home(Gent, Belgium) and is at the momentin Bordeaux. He is half way toSantiago de Compostela, Spain.Please help him to achieve thisdream. More info on this link. Orfollow him on FacebookCamino4daktari!!
  12. 12. Children @ Daktari
  13. 13. Children @ Daktari
  14. 14. Life @ Daktari
  15. 15. Eco-Club NewsBy Risette De HaasAfter making a short movie about Daktari (see last newsletter) I had to make one aboutthe eco-clubs as well. With this short (3 min) movie I hope to give you an impression ofthe eco-clubs and it’s students. It is about what the students think and learn but in theirown words. There was no script; this is what they decided to tell me as I was holdingthe camera. I hope you enjoy watching this little glimpse of happiness from thestudents. http://youtu.be/Fn0yB9o2mFUI couldn’t make the eco-club lessons into a success without the assistance of ourgreat volunteers. Every week one of Daktari’s volunteers joins me to the meetings.They introduce themselves, so the students learn more about different people,different countries and different cultures. It is good for them to hear where thevolunteer comes from, what time zone they are in and what language they speak. Ilike it when volunteers tell a bit about their country and their personal lives, whatthey studied or going to study etc. This will open up their world. The student willask questions afterwards. It is a great experience for all. During the lessons thevolunteers assist me by walking around, guiding the students with their work. Iwouldn’t be able to do all of that by myself. So I want to say THANK YOU all!
  16. 16. Eco-Club NewsBy Risette De HaasI want to give you a little update on Grace andKutullo as well. Remember them? Grace is thestudent we managed to place at Southern CrossSchool. She is doing really well. She was strugglingwith her transport, every day from the village totown and back, it were long long days. Now wefound a family in Hoedspruit where she can stayduring the week, so she has more time forhomework and of course to have some free timeas well. She started to play in the school hockeyteam as well and she is enjoying sports for the firsttime in her life. She was struggling with Afrikaans,since she never was taught properly; luckily Spikevan Schalkwijk offered to give her afterschoollessons, to get her up to speed. Thank you so muchfor your effort and help.Kutullo is doing really well at the SA WildlifeCollege. He gives me regular updates on what hehas learned and what he is doing. He is currently inthe bush for a week of intensive training. He reallyenjoys it so much and learning every daysomething new
  17. 17. I would like to introduce one of our eco-clubmembers every newsletter, so you get to know afew of our great eco-club students. This week Iwould like to introduce Jabulani Lewele. He is amember since he started at Maahlamele HighSchool. He is 13 years old and in Grade 9. Hestarted out as a shy boy. Now he always comes upto the new volunteers and introduces himself. Heasks questions and wants to do his work perfectly.He absolutely LOVES to take pictures. He alwaysasks my camera at the end of the lessons andstarts to take better and better pictures. Once in awhile he is lucky and gets his hands on one of thevolunteers great camera’s (with permission ofcourse). Wauh the proud face is worth a million!Eco-Club NewsBy Risette De Haas
  18. 18. Get a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanetCard and help raise funds withoutcosting you a cent!!!Its FREE and every swipe counts!Daktari is now part of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme which helpsraise funds for schools, charities and environmental concerns across South Africa. It is theeasiest way to support us, without even costing you a cent... Apply for a free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card and nominate DAKTARI as yourbeneficiary. Present your card every time you purchase items from any of the participatingpartners (including Woolworths, Engen QuickShops, Kalahari.com, Waltons, Toys RUs, Reggie’s, Jack’s Paint and Altech Netstar outlets) throughout South Africa. The retail partner then donates up to 5% of your purchase to your chosen beneficiary.Every swipe counts! Click here to apply on-line for a card, or call 0860 100 445, or visit any Woolworths store.
  19. 19. Shiloweni still needsmore sponsors of R200per month,to fill his big appetite!Caline and her babyElfie, need a sponsorR300 each a month.Please check our website for all the animals. Thank YOU!Scotty our Africanhawk eagle needs asponsor for R200per month.Nikita & Bandit needa sponsor of R200each a month.Yster needs asponsor for R200per month.
  20. 20. Bank: First National Bank, Hoedspruit, SouthAfricaSwift number: FIRN ZA JJBranch Number: 270652Account Number: Cheque Account (Non-Profit)62044965129Name: Daktari Wildlife Orphanage, South AfricaEnvironmentalEducation for over300 underprivilegedchildrenTeach over 200 EcoClub kids in ruralvillagesBank: Sparkasse Münsterland-OstBankleitzahl: 40050150Konto-Nummer: 1350 88 888.Name: Spendensammelverein Münster e.V.Reference: DAKTARI-Südafrika – Busch-Schule &Wildwaisen - StationUK(TaxDeductiblein UK)US(TaxDeductiblein US)Stichting Daktari Bush School NederlandKvK 53826736ANBI StichtingING 5254438 te RosmalenClick on required GlobalGiving icon to donateHow to donate…
  21. 21. Thank you to all our friends, donors, sponsors and volunteers,we couldn’t do this without you!!Ian & Michele 13 years ago, still very much in love 