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Customer Driven Digital Transformation

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Customer Driven Digital Transformation

  1. 1. Customer Driven Digital Transformation @chudders
  2. 2. 88% of companies report they are undergoing digital transformation ALTIMETER GROUP @chudders
  3. 3. 84% of companies fail at transformation FORBES @chudders
  4. 4. @chudders A good understanding of your customer Best chances of transformation success =
  5. 5. cxpartners is an experience design consultancy that transforms the organisations it works with through a deep understanding of people. @chudders
  6. 6. @chudders
  7. 7. What is digital transformation? @chudders
  8. 8. @chudders It depends who you ask!
  9. 9. @chudders Digital transformation is profound change in business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience. BIZNOLOGY.COM
  10. 10. @chudders Digital transformation is not new
  11. 11. @chudders credit : amazon.com
  12. 12. @chudders eLearning
  13. 13. Why do companies fail to transform? @chudders
  14. 14. 70% of transformation programmes fail McKINSEY & COMPANY 84% of companies fail at transformation FORBES 2/3 of digital transformation 
 projects fail CONSULTANCY.UK 9/10 digital transformation projects will fail DIGITALJOURNAL.COM @chudders
  15. 15. Lack of strategy & direction @chudders
  16. 16. @chudders WHY HOW WHAT All the great inspirational leaders in the world think, act and communicate in exactly the same way, they communicate from the inside out… What is your why?! WHY : Your cause, purpose or belief ‘How great leaders inspire action’ - 34,726,228 views ‘The Golden Circle’ by Simon Sinek
  17. 17. Change fatigue @chudders
  18. 18. Cultural inertia 
 to change @chudders
  19. 19. Transformation treated as a short term project @chudders
  20. 20. @chudders How can your customers help shape your transformation?
  21. 21. @chudders The five domains of digital transformation COMPETITIONCUSTOMERS VALUE DATA INNOVATION Harness customer networks and reinvent the path to purchase in line with their real behaviours.
  22. 22. Customers have never been stronger influencers @chudders
  23. 23. @chudders Understand your customer Make useful things that actually solve their problems So you can Here’s a really complicated strategy
  24. 24. @chudders We believe that if we do X then Y will happen. So what is the minimum we need to do to find out? No one really knows what is going to happen. Hypothesis Learning Learning MVP/ experimental approach Requirements Requirement led approach Your customers can help you to experiment
  25. 25. @chudders 20,000 Additional site visitors per month 80% cases solved to date ¤1.8m compensation claims to date cxpartners have done wonderful work that has touched the core of the company HEAD OF UX
  26. 26. @chudders Here’s an idea …6 steps to customer driven digital transformation
  27. 27. @chudders WHY HOW WHAT 1. Decide on your mission and purpose
  28. 28. 2. Map out the user experience An experience map shows your customers’ experience with your company from end-to-end. It highlights pain points and opportunities for improvement. It compares your offering against your competitors. It provides a framework of customer insight from which to drive innovative and performance-enhancing change.
  29. 29. How ? Speak to people ! The only people who can help you to develop leading products and services are those who experience them.
  30. 30. @chudders Where is the journey broken for customers? What are people trying to do? How to people’s emotions change along the journey? Where are the competition beating us? Where are the key moments in the journey? 3. Identify the key problem areas to fix Where are our business processes broken?
  31. 31. BETA 1.0 2.0 Online photo management and sharing Share, organise and express yourself through photos A brand for visual expression and exploration NEW FEATURES Upload Store View Tag Share Contacts Interestingness Organiser Geo-tagging Order prints Blog integration Mobile app Events Travel groups Local Free accounts Premium accounts Printing Advertising Partnerships Licensing fees Granular Focus Clear Scope Can be spec’d In- flexible Wider Focus Can be story- boarded Loose Scope Some Flexibility Flexible High Level Broad Scope User needs can be described NOW NEXT FUTURE 4. Create roadmap to prioritise work & guide transformation With a clear view of customer needs, you can start to build a roadmap that helps to answer questions such as: What delivers value to customers, value to the business and fits with the technical and operational capability? How do you move services from ‘set the direction’ to ‘build capability’ to ‘deliver at scale’?
  32. 32. 5. Transform ‘little and often’ We believe that if we do X then Y will happen. So what is the minimum we need to do to find out? Hypothesis No one really knows what is going to happen. Learning via customer research Learning via customer research @chudders
  33. 33. 6. Adopt an experimental mindset and make stuff quickly! @chudders 41 2 3 Discover Alpha Beta Live Learn about user and business needs and understand constraints. Prototyping an early solution with a small group of users. Build a version of the service that can be tested with a wider group of users. Iterating on the live service based on further testing and data. Build the right thing Build the thing right
  34. 34. Thank you ! @chudders