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Results Only Work Environment - Keynote

  1. Cali Ressler Jody Thompson Twitter: @caliressler Twitter: @jodyROWE
  2. Make ROWE the Status Quo
  3. Industries • Education • Utilities • Financial Services • Manufacturing • Advertising • Healthcare • Information Technology • Government
  4. Today we will: Talk about the results-only culture of work as a basis for contemporary reward structures Outline the things about work that are outdated and undermine productivity and motivation. Review the amazing results that organizations are experiencing after adopting a Results-Only Work Environment.
  5. HEY! What about • Administrative Assistants? • Receptionists? • Assembly line workers? • Newscasters? • Government workers? • Bricklayers? Surely you don’t mean EVERONE!
  6. Are there some jobs ROWE wouldn’t work for? Are there some jobs that shouldn’t focus on results?
  7. ACCOUNTABILITY No results? No Job. It’s that simple.
  8. What is the WORK? That’s the question.
  9. About the work Not about the work • Client satisfaction • Showing up • Meeting deadlines • Unproductive meetings • Clear about results • Counting hours • Measurement • Looking busy
  10. + =
  12. THE FLEXIBILITY TRAP It’s LIMITED It’s Not Fair It’s Career Suicide
  13. If the time clock wasn’t driving your work, what would be driving your work? 9
  14. • If you don’t schedule break times, everyone will take too many breaks or all break at the same time • Without a time clock, nobody would show up to work • Without a time clock, some people would scam the system • Tracking time helps us understand capacity • The best relationships are built face to face • Rules are important; they keep people in line • People who are at work are working
  15. Boy those smokers get a lot of breaks!
  16. Can’t your spouse stay home when your kid is sick??
  17. How did Bob get a promotion? He’s never even here!
  18. Characteristics of The Culture of Work in America  Physical workplace  Managed flexibility  Management-controlled  Time-focused  Policy driven  Lots of meetings  Lots of ‘drive-by’ interruptions  Full of presenteeism  Expensive amenities  Judgment/labels
  19. The Language of Work  Can I leave early?  How many vacation days do I get?  Can I telework?  We need more staff to do this  I’m not using my cell phone for business unless you pay for it.  I’m done at 5. And I don’t put in any time on weekends.  What perks do I get?  Where’s Bob? We started 10 minutes ago!  I put in at least 50 hours last week
  20. Characteristics of a Results-Only Work Environment  Nimble, efficient Adult Workforce  No schedules/time clocks  100% accountability  Measurement job #1  Deadlines are met  Results, not face-time  Performance driven  No judgment/labels  No outdated policies/rules from last century
  21. Language of Results-Only Work Environment  How can we be more effective?  Let’s get clear on how to measure our results  We’ve got that covered  How can I help?  What do you need?  Is everyone clear about the outcome?
  22. Policy (rules) versus Performance • POLICY: When you’re working off-site, I’ll need to see a log of activities you are completing each hour during an 8 hour period. The log of activities needs to be submitted at the end of each day that you are working offsite. • PERFORMANCE: Conquering the backlog of applications will ensure the citizens of XYZ County (our customer) that require these services are living in a safe and healthy manner (outcome). Therefore, we are going to process applications wherever makes the most sense to get them completed at the time service is required (result). We will measure call volume, application process time, and window wait time (measures) to make sure we effectively and efficiently meet our outcome.
  23. Manage the work, not the people.
  24. Case Studies
  25. Organizations Trained by CultureRx Experience:  Improved productivity  Expanded individual and team capacity  Enhanced customer satisfaction  Maximum creativity  Attraction and retention of the best talent  Improved engagement and morale  More efficient use of space/reduction of space
  26. Human Services and Public Health Department – 2700 employees • Stress levels decreased by 24%. • 11% of the employees increased their exercise, the group had an 8% overall health score improvement • Reduction in sick time usage of 8%. • Biz Results Example: Central imaging productivity increase 33%.
  27. Fairview Health Services IT Department = 360 employees  50% decrease in overtime hours  3.6% decrease in the average number of trips made by employees during rush hour  50% decrease in paper usage  87% of managers report they are more productive at work, reporting a 27% gain in productivity  67% of individual contributors said they are more productive at work, reporting a 35% gain in productivity
  28. Outlet, which had its highest sales and earnings performance ever post-ROWE training, continues to overachieve. Then Gap brand, which had been in a slump for most of 10 years - first 6 months of the 2012 fiscal year (post 2011 ROWE training) has had the best performance in a decade. Gap Inc. Direct (on line, Athleta, and Piperlime) already had nearly a decade of non-stop breakthrough performance, and has continued after their ROWE training BR, has had the best business in the past year, post- ROWE training, that it has seen in at least 5 years.
  29. “Today, based on the strength of all of our North America businesses (all of which are a ROWE except Old Navy), we reached a 12-year-high stock price of $35.99. While I would never try to argue that ROWE is singularly responsible for this performance, there is no doubt in my mind that it is a significant contributing factor.” Eric Severson, SVP Gap Outlet Division
  30. JLBuchanan 35 Employees (and growing) Top-line growth 23% 80%
  31. It’s up to ALL OF US: Do we want to be part of a 20th Century workPLACE or a 21st Century workFORCE?
  32. Next-Generation R&R 21st Century Culture • Given on an ongoing basis • Not bound by time clock • Recognition by anyone • Accountability at all levels • Clear differentiation between • Crystal clear focus on recognition, rewards, and measurable results their relative value • Communication is fluid and • Platforms make recognition focused; technology is a tool process easy and accessible • Aligned with an altruistic • Aligned with values, outcome that matters performance, or special • Opportunistic; succeed based initiatives on real results, not perception • Individuals select their own • Teaming and collaboration rewards uncluttered by nasty judgment • Advanced analytics
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  34. Results, not face time  Promoting better communication  The customer  Proactive planning within and between departments  Eliminating non-value add and redundant activities  Being more productive, efficient, and nimble  Everyone using common sense- we’re adults!  Accountability at all levels  Competence, not complacence  Creating a workforce, not a workplace