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Hands-on Vocational Learning in Computer Networking

Slides for the IEEE Frontiers in Education 2018 conference.

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Hands-on Vocational Learning in Computer Networking

  1. 1. Dr. Alexander Mikroyannidis The Open University, UK Hands-on Vocational Learning in Computer Networking
  2. 2. The Open Networking Lab Key objectives: – (i) to develop and pilot world-leading, industry- based simulation software for the practical learning of computer networking on any internet-connected platform; – (ii) to address the significant technical skills gap in industry by providing high quality online experiential learning resources for teaching computer networking to novice learners; – (iii) to provide and promote lifelong learning resources in a key industry area, in order to help more people into skilled employment, thus addressing the significant technical skills gap in the industry.
  3. 3. PT Anywhere PT Anywhere offers a network simulation environment via a web interface that can be accessed from any web browser or as a widget inside an interactive eBook. PT Anywhere is based on the Packet Tracer network simulator for Windows and Linux developed by the Cisco Networking Academy.
  4. 4. PT Anywhere PT Anywhere is available as a widget that can be embedded inside an online course, a Learning Management System (like Moodle or Sakai), or an interactive eBook (like Apple’s iBooks).
  5. 5. Interactive learning resources Facilitating the development of introductory practical networking skills without using hardware, through the provision of PT Anywhere integrated into learning resources and activities.
  6. 6. Next steps Currently piloting and evaluating our learning resources with vocational education providers within the UK Cisco Networking Academy. In the next phase of the project, our learning resources will be rolled out through the Open University’s award-winning OpenLearn open education platform.
  7. 7. onl.kmi.open.ac.uk