the international journal of engineering & science scientists to exchange new ideas engineers or educators to publish their original research re engineering experiences and technological skills. relevance timeliness to disseminate information in innovative designs and readability. at the same time it is based on the most rigorous national origins or disciplinary perspective. if t it will be published. the result is a publishing process which is withou and has been systematically and independently asse stage in career frequency: 12 issue per year and readability case study and short communication for quality pub review to disseminate informa wellbore the international journal of engineering and scien nanoparticles reflux method–preparation of zno drop casting uv light catalytic converters tio2 wire mesh photo catalysis zno — photocatalytic converters dip coating regulator of voltage synchronous machine electric power system excitation system type st1 short circuit environmental hazard. rural households agricultural production groundwater -------------------------------------- aquiferous zone conductive material geological formation geophysical investigation long term equity fund (ltf) investment tax knowledge and interest in investment ------------- yield on investment gis land surface temperature thermal infrared band remote sensing unattended children self-energized device avoidance system vehicular heatstroke ontology routing publish/subscribe p2p largescale hyteresis current controller permanent magnet synchronous generator (pmsg) maximum power point tracking (mppt) direct drive wind energy conversion system (wecs) antihub2 adaptiveantihub unsupervised antihub outliers microbes microbial fuel cell sewage treatment plants direct integration postbuckling yield stress coupled equations work principle buckling photovoltaic – renewable energy - solar cell supercapacitors in situ polymerization serviceability polyaniline nylon 6 conductive fabric electrochromism bibd rbd crd lsd bacteria analysis biochemical oxygen demand (bod) most probable number (mpn) drinking water partially balanced n-ary block design. balanced n-ary block design face detection support vector machine(svm). local binary pattern(lbp) face recognition histogram of orientation(hog) adaboost lateral continuity profiling subsurface lithology. geophysicalal synchronous reference frame ---------------------- fuzzy logic controller fault ride through doubly fed induction generator dynamic voltage restorer edr. time orient delay tolerant density estimation wireless sensor network data aggregation region based time variant dynamic addressing network threats qos. addressing scheme manet multilevel inverter cascaded h-bridges pv arrays. bio-energy - biomass plants- productivity- market trip d shaft. ------------------------------------ air circuit breaker (acb) shainin design of experiments (doe) high tripping force (htf) roller trip link (rtl) measurement uncertainty quality of the result calibration scenarios uncertainty estimates guide to uncertainty measurement (gum) rainwater borehole river season. demographic analysis intelligent systems. data mining tree-based classification compressive strength m-sand split tensile strength and flexural strength ggbs steel fibre stability. branch tripping blackout power system fibril hepta 1-6 cells serum amyloid a protofibril. crystallin fitc otitis media prevalence resistance. antibiogram rotary furnace. light diesel oil (ldo) adaptive network - based fuzzy inference system (a developing countries data analytics big data acetic acid ultrasonic velocity acoustic parameters.. business innovation integration. business agility strategic planning enterprise architecture (ea) information technology (it) technology planning information system ced. mobile notification report admin section head lab incharge cleans water electricity rapid transit improvisation: an alternative approach to solving power conversion efficiency selenium-substituted bulk-heterojuntion fused dithienogermolodithiophene hybrid solar cells benzo[1 2-b:4 5-b′] dithiophene cryptosystem psnr nonlinear filter generator image encryption key stream sme smqt stream cipher ac and dc power transmission six pulses pwm generator matlab simulation simultaneous ac-dc transmission flexible ac transmission system (facts) lan; client; server; java; clerical officer genetic algorithm crm fuzzy logic ignition delay biodiesel maximum cylinder pressure brake thermal efficiency specific fuel consumption qualitative measures and fuzzy logic performance measurement supply chain surface facilities sand invasion unconsolidated formation screen and tubing. test separator choke well productivity sludge emulsion fluid invasion formation damage productivity permeability and stimulation candidate selection. skin drilling stimulation ict tsewg model mathematics education teaching with geogebra spwg model doubly homomorphic encryption neural networks. cloud computing backpropagation algorithm ciphertext
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