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The Human+ Worker in Public Service | Accenture

  1. THEHUMAN +WORKERIN PUBLICSERVICE Enhance experiences for employees to exceed expectations for citizens.
  2. PEOPLEPICKUPWHERE DIGITALLEAVESOFF The public service workforce is undergoing exponential change. New technology and tools are integrating with workers’ own skill sets, empowering them to perform existing roles in new ways and meet the ever- evolving needs of citizens and businesses. Accenture’s Technology Vision 2019 calls this the human+ worker.
  3. UNLEASHING THEHUMAN +WORKER To fully realize the possibilities of the human+ worker, public service organizations must: Optimize the workforce mix Support lifelong learning Make the flow of knowledge fluid 01 02 03
  5. The right balance of people and technology can support the ever-evolving work activities and demands of an agency. OPTIMIZE THE WORKFORCE MIX01 New Talent Technology can help with recruiting the right people for the right roles, using smart technologies such as AI to support the hiring process. New Models Tools, such as AI, help workers to identify skills gaps within the organization and close them through continuous learning and up/reskilling. Within the next 3 years, 39% of public service leaders expect that over 60% of their workforce will move into new roles requiring substantial reskilling, due to the impact of technology. Accenture Technology Vision 2019
  6. Arming police with data CASESTUDY01 The West Midlands Police are using mobile solutions and AI to augment staff capability and provide better services to citizens. Officers: Minimize time spent in the office and maximize time fighting crime. Gain better insights and intelligence to prevent crime and support police investigations. Serve the public more effectively while saving costs and maintaining a strong presence on the street.
  8. Leaders invest in learning and reskilling strategies that prepare employees for changing roles. SUPPORTLIFELONG LEARNING02 65% of public service executives agree their employees are more digitally mature than their organization, resulting in a workforce “waiting” for the organization to catch up. Employees want to use the same technology they use in their daily lives to perform better in their roles and improve outcomes for citizens and businesses. If agencies don’t provide technology- based training and tools to do their jobs, employees may leave. Accenture Technology Vision 2019
  9. AVEnueS to outcomes CASESTUDY Accenture’s virtual reality training experience, AVEnueS, uses immersive storytelling and voice-based scenarios to help caseworkers: Gain skills to more effectively engage, observe, decide and interpret signs of safety and risk— learning that typically takes years. Experience high-stress situations in a safe setting, without risk. Increase learning retention by 45% to 60%. 02
  11. As human+ workers move roles with greater velocity, agencies must address increasingly distributed knowledge by: MAKETHEFLOWOF KNOWLEDGEFLUID03 Unleashing workers to make decisions, experiment and take initiative. Within the next four years, 74% of public service leaders envision their HR organization routinely using AI in training, reskilling and upskilling. Developing a governance structure that enables innovation. Promoting new behaviors with gamification and peer networks. Empowering workers with innovation toolboxes and coaches. Accenture Technology Vision 2019
  12. Better citizen outcomes through high-value work CASESTUDY The New Mexico Human Services Department is applying AI and RPA* to free caseworkers of low- end, repetitive tasks. Conversational AI chatbots: Log new issues in the ticketing system. Validate case data against scanned images. 03 Answer system questions and provide help. *robotic process automation
  13. TRULYHUMANGOVERNMENT FORBETTEROUTCOMES The speed at which new technologies will enter and change workforces is not slowing. Leaders that empower the human+ workforce will have more engaged and productive employees. Organizations can embrace this disruption to support workers with tools to meet citizens’ needs.
  14. NEXTSTEPS Public service leaders can embrace the human+ workforce starting today: 01 03 Strike the right balance of people and technology Train and reskill employees for changing roles Manage increasingly distributed knowledge 02 These changes will position the workforce for a successful future in the digital era.
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