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Sparks: Innovation in Action

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Uncover the innovations in products and services that are fueling industry growth.

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Sparks: Innovation in Action

  2. 2. Uncover the innovations in products and services that are fueling industry growth, from the robots able to pick crops like humans, to the AI helping reduce carbon emissions. 2
  3. 3. Action in uncertainty is survival, innovation is revival and growth Eric Schaeffer, Senior Managing Director, Global Industrial Sector Lead, Accenture 3
  4. 4. Sumitomo Electric protects power lines In a world first, Sumitomo Electric Industries and TEPCO Power Grid have adapted existing underground power transmission lines to create a remote monitoring system. Power grid companies typically inspect underground transmission lines manually for faults. Sumitomo Electric has now developed a novel method for rapid, remote detection that works by mounting a network of sensors on existing transmission cables. The sensors use the metallic shielding layer on those cables (in place to suppress electromagnetic waves) to transmit data above ground and to the cloud. TEPCO has been using the new system since July to monitor equipment temperature on its power lines. By removing the need for new communication lines, the method saves significantly on time and cost. 4 Read full article
  5. 5. Emerson’s AI helps reduce emissions Technology and engineering company Emerson is collaborating with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas (MHPS) on a new digital transformation initiative. The two companies have worked together on automation technologies for more than a decade, but will now turn their focus to driving efficiencies that will help reduce maintenance costs and carbon emissions in MHPS’s power generation and storage solutions. Technologies that will be key in the transformation include pattern recognition, digital twin and AI-driven predictive maintenance. The centrepiece of the collaboration will be a complete simulation for the Intermountain Power Plant in Utah, which is due to be transformed from a coal-fired power station to a natural-gas plant. "The simulation solution will seamlessly receive data and operate in parallel with the plant's integrated control systems and other enterprise platforms to support commissioning and training," said Marco Sanchez, vice president of intelligent solutions at MHPS. Read full article 5
  6. 6. Hitachi to acquire wireless sensing expert Perpetuum Hitachi is set to acquire wireless sensing pioneer Perpetuum through its UK arm, Hitachi Rail. Hitachi plans to use the novel technology to help in the remote detection of railway vehicle faults using a network of self-powered sensors that transmit data wirelessly. The sensors gather data on vehicle vibrations and monitor wheels, motors and more, before AI is used to deliver precise, real time analysis of their functionality. The aim is to create a predictive maintenance system that prevents parts damage or even vehicle accidents from happening at all. 6 Read full article
  7. 7. XCMG ships $8.6m in livestream sales orders Chinese construction machinery manufacturer XCMG has delivered the first order from its livestream sales event, held in July. The 60 million-yuan (US$8.6 million) order included mobile cranes and a customized crane for customers in the Middle East. XCMG's International Customer Festival event, the third of its kind, attracted 200,000 Chinese viewers and 335,000 overseas viewers via social media platforms, leading to total sales in excess of 200 million yuan (US$28.74 million). More than 30 equipment products and six construction solutions - including environmental sanitation and earthmoving - were demonstrated live from the XCMG Fire-fighting Safety Equipment Company factory shop. The company also sold 18 aerial work platforms through a special second-hand portion of the livestream. 7 Read full article
  8. 8. Root AI’s robot picks fruit like a human The Boston-based robotics startup has revealed new capabilities for its Virgo crop picking robot, along with a new seed round of $7.2 million in funding. Virgo was already able to pluck tomatoes straight from the vine, but new footage shows the robot harvesting cucumbers and strawberries in a field. The robot uses intelligent motion sensing to navigate crops, and AI sensor technology to analyze the position and ripeness of a fruit or vegetable to help it decide whether or not to pick it. CEO Josh Lessing says the robot’s capabilities go beyond computer vision technology, enabling it to “move with authority, the same way people look at an object that they want to pick, the mind needs to create a plan”. "We're building artificial intelligence algorithms that understand how to do a task, but as it works, learns how to do it better, and then shares those learnings across a fleet of systems," adds Lessing. 8 Read full article
  9. 9. Ford launches driverless valet parking Ford has joined with Detroit real estate firm Bedrock and automotive technology company Bosch to launch a pilot project for automated valet parking. Connected Ford Escape cars will use Bosch infrastructure sensors to park themselves inside Bedrock’s Assembly Garage, demonstrating how space can be used more efficiently when autonomous technologies take charge. Ford estimates the technology could free up 20 percent more vehicle space in parking garages. Drivers could drop cars off at a designated area, then use a smartphone app to park the car, send it for a car wash, or request its return. 9 Read full article
  10. 10. Veoneer + Qualcomm collaborate on car tech Swedish company Veoneer is set to work with Qualcomm Technologies to develop its driver assistance systems. Veoneer and Qualcomm will collaborate on an integrated platform that will be available through Tier 1 automotive suppliers and OEMs, for vehicles ready for production in 2024. The experts in vision systems, radar and software for driver-assistance systems ended a previous agreement with Zenuity software and Volvo Cars in April. The Qualcomm news was therefore welcomed by investors, with shares up 16.1% at the time of the announcement. 10 Read full article
  11. 11. Hyundai + Aptiv launch $4 billion joint venture Hyundai and Aptiv have announced the launch of an autonomous driving joint venture, with each firm having an equal role and share. The initiative will be based in Boston and focus on the design and development of commercial- grade driverless technologies, using Aptiv’s own intellectual property. The project aims to deliver on both SAE Level 4 requirements, when a vehicle can drive itself under limited conditions, and Level 5, when it can drive under any conditions. System testing will begin in 2021, with an autonomous platform launched by 2022 for fleet operators, ‘robotaxi’ providers and carmakers. Hyundai companies will contribute $1.6 billion in cash and a further $400 million in resources ranging from R&D to intellectual property. 11 Read full article
  12. 12. Disclaimer: This document makes reference to names, marks, and domains/websites owned by third parties. All such names, marks, and domains/websites are the property of their respective owners. No sponsorship, endorsement or approval of this content by the owners of such materials is intended, expressed or implied. Copyright © 2020 Accenture all rights reserved. Accenture, its logo, and new applied now are trademarks of Accenture. 1. Sumitomo Electric protects power lines https://global-sei.com/company/press/2020/08/prs086.html 2. Emerson’s AI helps reduce emissions https://www.emerson.com/en-us/news/automation/20-08-mhps-power-collaboration 3. Hitachi to acquire wireless sensing expert Perpetuum https://www.hitachi.com/New/cnews/month/2020/08/200811.html 4. XCMG ships $8.6m in livestream sales orders https://www.xcmg.com/en-ap/news/news-detail-618628.htm 5. Root AI’s robot picks fruit like a human https://www.techrepublic.com/article/future-of-farming-ai-enabled-harvest-robot-flexes-new-dexterity- skills/#ftag=RSS56d97e7 6. Ford launches driverless valet parking https://www.bosch-presse.de/pressportal/de/en/ford-bedrock-and-bosch-are-exploring-highly-automated-vehicle- technology-in-detroit-to-help-make-parking-easier-217984.html 7. Veoneer + Qualcomm collaborate on car tech https://www.autonews.com/suppliers/veoneer-teams-qualcomm-driver-software 8. Hyundai + Aptiv launch $4 billion joint venture https://www.aptiv.com/newsroom/article/aptiv-and-hyundai-motor-group-to-form-autonomous-driving-joint-venture References