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Designing IoT Experiences in the Age of Humanised Technology by Guido Woska, Chief Client Officer, Designit

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In today’s technology-driven world, the development of products and services is often mainly systems-centric, rather than human-centric. IoT is certainly no exception to that.
While the Internet of Things is all about smart, connected devices and services, the human factor is often overseen. In this presentation, Guido Woska from Designit will explore why we should apply human-centric design principles to create meaningful, valuable IoT experiences for consumers and how this will lead to more solid business for companies.

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Designing IoT Experiences in the Age of Humanised Technology by Guido Woska, Chief Client Officer, Designit

  1. 1. Smart IoT Conference London // March 2016 Designing IoT Experiences in the Age of Humanized Technology Guido Woska Global Chief Client Officer (CCO) Designit
  2. 2. Talking about Design.
  3. 3. A lot of IoT is just about technology.
  4. 4. The problem with ‚Smart IoT‘?
  5. 5. Very often, it is pretty stupid.
  6. 6. It is missing the human factor.
  7. 7. And it is missing Design.
  8. 8. Design?
  9. 9. Design is the human capacity to shape and make our environments in ways that satisfy our needs and give meaning to our lives. Prof. John Heskett 1937 — 2014 “
  10. 10. Why Design?
  11. 11. The world today is human-proof rather then human-shaped. Design must change that.
  12. 12. In the Age of Smart, we should use technology to change the stupid.
  13. 13. In the Age of Digital, we must empower people, rather than confuse them.
  14. 14. In the Age of IoT, we experience Reality through Technology.
  15. 15. The Role of Design in a Technology World.
  16. 16. Design is the Foundation. It is about Business Transformation - not decoration.
  17. 17. Design is more than Digital. There is no more boundary between physical and digital.
  18. 18. Digital may transform everything. But Design will make it human-shaped.
  19. 19. human-shaped world is where everything is designed around real human needs.
  20. 20. We want to make a human-shaped w rld
  21. 21. How to design human-shaped IoT Experiences?
  22. 22. Rules of Thumb
  23. 23. Push the limits. Push them really hard. We are here to challenge the ordinary.
 Push, play, do it with passion.
  24. 24. Design Experiences. Don’t build technology. IoT is not about tech. It is about humans, their needs, their desires. It is about
  25. 25. Make it simple. Radically simple. Technology must be the enabler of Experiences, never the Driver. Make it simple and people will love it.
  26. 26. Less is the new More. People do not necessarily want ‚more‘. They often want ‚less‘, but ‚better‘.
  27. 27. System-Centric. Human-Centric. Think humans first. And Technology later.
  28. 28. IoT’s biggest Problem?
  29. 29. It is not IoH.
  30. 30. When you create something new, don’t ignore Humans.
  31. 31. © 2014  Packaging
  32. 32. Never underestimate the value of Design.
  33. 33. Thanks.