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Empowered PhXX Women Business Owner Summit Slides

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Empowered PhXX Women Business Owner Summit Slides

  1. 1. Welcome Goals:
  2. 2. Agenda:
  3. 3. National Research
  4. 4. Between 2002 and 2012, the number of women- owned businesses in the U.S. increased at a rate of x 2 1/2 the national average.
  5. 5. The Value of Diversity • Women entrepreneurs tend to treat their employees better and give back to their communities (Criterion Institute, 2013) • Women entrepreneurs have higher levels of innovation than their male counterparts (Harvard Business Review, 2013). • More broadly, an increase in the number of women in business leadership positions is correlated with increased business returns and payout ratios. (Kaufmann, 2015)
  6. 6. Successful startups have 2x as many women in senior roles than unsuccessful companies. - Fortune, 2012
  7. 7. Gender is the most powerful determinant of how we experience the world.
  8. 8. Unconscious gender bias refers to the information, attitudes, and stereotypes that affect the way we process information subconsciously. Research has shown unconscious gender bias to affect access to capital, mentors, entrepreneurial programs and networks.
  9. 9. Arizona
  10. 10. 50 /50 in entrepreneurship in Arizona would add 91,000 more jobs and $105.2 billion to our state economy.
  11. 11. There is a growing body of research that showing DIVERSITY is a key factor in building strong entrepreneurial ecosystems. Many national rankings are incorporating diversity as a key factor.
  12. 12. Relative to other states Arizona is under-developing the fastest growing population of entrepreneurship in the country. Women
  13. 13. American Express Open State of Women Business Owners, 2016
  14. 14. Other states have acknowledged gender bias in business and have develop strategies to give everyone an equal opportunity: Already we are feeling the effects….
  15. 15. • Lauren STOP HERE
  16. 16. The Big Picture • Strengthen the local economy – 50/50 Entrepreneurship
  17. 17. Goal: Advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Phoenix for women to grow successful businesses through increased connection, communication and access to effective business building resources. Objective: Increase Phoenix women-owned businesses’ profitability and growth, leading to a 10% increase in jobs created by those businesses over the next three years. Thereby, establishing Phoenix as a national leader in the creation of successful women owned businesses. That 10% increase represents 91,000 additional jobs in PhXX in 3 Years
  18. 18. Initial Challenges • Overall: – Lack of research – Need for collaboration – Understand WBO growth cycle • Specific to Empowering WBOs: – Confidence – Capital – Certification
  19. 19. Procurement and Certification
  20. 20. Common Business Growth Stage Map for Resources
  21. 21. Our Solutions and Successes • Funded research • “The Pledge” • Growth cycle mapped • Facilitated meetings • Summits every 6 months • Roundtables every other month • Action initiatives • More to come . . .
  22. 22. Lisa Marie • What her participation has looked like. • Participating in the roundtables. • Taking the Collaboration Pledge • What she has gotten out of it…
  23. 23. Moving Forward
  24. 24. PhXX Idea Cafe
  25. 25. Round One Choose one person who be the anchor person to stay at the table after this round to summarize for the next group. Your job is to listen carefully :) Everyone is the recorder of ideas. Capture them all on the white sheet on the table. Include contact names or groups that might help with your idea (including your own!).
  26. 26. Round One
  27. 27. The voice of Entrepreneurs needs to be clarified and strengthened. Ideas I have to make this happen include…..
  28. 28. Round Two You are now a high performing group! Choose a new person who will stay at the table for Round 3. The anchor person will take take 3 min to summarize the ideas that were generated by the last group. Build upon the ideas of the previous group or add new ones! See if you can double what is on the sheet!
  29. 29. While the “voice actions” are important, identify additional ideas that would ensure actions address 50/50 representation of entrepreneurs in our community.
  30. 30. Round One
  31. 31. Round Three Choose a person who will report for your group. You are now in the think tank mode!! Ideas I have for any and all actions to ensure a strong economy and flourishing community. Go beyond Voice to all issues that might be addressed. Please make sure you provide suggestions for who, what, when, where if possible.
  32. 32. Round One
  33. 33. Report out: • 2 Actions for Voice • 3 Actions for 50/50% Voice • 2 Actions for other issues to consider.
  34. 34. Please go stand by one of the sheets that contains an idea you are passionate about, can see helping become a reality.
  35. 35. • Determine which issue on the sheet is the one you want to work on. You may break into smaller groups if there are multiple ideas. • Decide: who will be the first convener, share your contact information and decide on the first meeting data. Write out the information on the sheet provided.
  36. 36. What is next? Monthly Emails and Blogs #PhXX Roundtables: Summit Action Initiatives - Research

Notas do Editor

  • Do you capitalize races? “Most significant growth is in Black and Latina populations. (Don’t forget the s in populations). Change WOBs to WBOs in fourth circle. Also in this circle, you capitalize a lot of words, I think “Only” should be the only word capitalized
  • Do you capitalize races? “Most significant growth is in Black and Latina populations. (Don’t forget the s in populations). Change WOBs to WBOs in fourth circle. Also in this circle, you capitalize a lot of words, I think “Only” should be the only word capitalized
  • Not a “woman thing” but a Phoenix thing
    Everyone wins when we give women the support they need to succeed
    Women start businesses at 3x the rate of men
    Challenges with staying focused and creating tools that move things forward “no meetings for the sake of meetings”
    Breaking through the expectation of “another networking group”
    Developing a brand, language, mission statement and tone that was positive, unique and inclusive.
  • We had to learn to agree on challenges, supported by research and national models to help organize the are ideas and develop a common language. Challenge of having so many different people from different area (business owners, economic developers, non-profit leaderS)
  • Research has shown that women business are different! They have different values. They face common challenges but have to overcome them differently. We had to develop a common understanding of how these difference and strengthen our own understanding using a different model. It helps us give effective refferals to each other and articulate the difference between resources.